The Real Dragon Chapter 6029

When Charlie wade and Chen Zhaozhong left the roast goose shop together, Chen Zhaozhong glanced back at the humble facade and sighed softly, “From now on, my father’s roast goose craft is considered lost.”

Charlie wade smiled and asked him, “Uncle Zhong, will you question, or oppose my decision today in your heart?”

Chen Zhaozhong was silent for a moment and said seriously, “Young Master, Kaoli Purt is an orphan I adopted, not a pet I tamed, from the day I adopted him, I never wanted to do any planning for his life, he learnt how to make roast goose from me and it wasn’t my intention to do so, but he was displaced in his childhood, he didn’t have much time to read and didn’t have the heart to do so, and an illegal immigrant’s status doomed him to have difficulties in getting out of Chinatown. get out of Chinatown, that’s why I taught him how to make roast goose, so that he could at least have a skill to make a living.”

Speaking of this, Chen Zhaozhong added: “As for him to choose the young master to give him too much opportunity, I’m afraid that he does not have enough experience and can not grasp.”

Charlie wade said seriously, “Uncle Zhong might as well look at this issue with a different mindset.”

Chen Zhao Zhong respectfully said, “Young Master, please speak.”

Charlie wade said, “Before you and I came, Kaoli Purt had already been targeted by them, and had already received a beating, today they came to the door, Kaoli Purt categorically could not take three thousand US dollars, so if we had not come, what would have been the outcome for Kaoli Purt now? If we hadn’t come, what would have happened to Kaoli Purt now? Thinking about it in a better way, he would have at least received a more serious beating, and given the ruthlessness of those gang members, Kaoli Purt would have been left with lifelong after-effects, with a minor disability and a serious paralysis, and that’s just the better outcome;”

After a pause, Charlie wade added: “Thinking about the bad, this gang has already started a killing spree in Chinatown, and killed more than one or two, in case they want to take Kaoli Purt to make an example of him today, or if Kaoli Purt’s resistance is too fierce today, once they pull out their guns, Kaoli Purt will definitely die today.”

“So, a minor injury is a serious injury, a serious death, in this case, Kaoli Purt already has nothing to lose, from today onwards, everything he has is earned;”

“Moreover, when Kaoli Purt was going to shoot to finish off those punks, he was really moved to kill, facing an enemy who oppresses him to be able to move to kill means that there is still blood, taking this path must be better for him than not.”

Chen Zhao Zhong nodded slightly in approval, then asked, “By the way young master, why didn’t you let Kaoli Purt shoot and kill those people again later?”

Charlie wade said, “He must inevitably have to kill people in the future, but it shouldn’t be now, killing so many people right off the bat, it’s easy to become brutal and bloodthirsty, so it’s better to let him adapt slowly on his own.”

Saying that, Charlie wade asked Chen Zhaozhong, “Uncle Zhong didn’t rest all night, do you want to go to the hotel first to make up for it?”

“No.” Chen Zhaozhong quickly waved his hand and said, “I accompanied young master to be busy with business, wait until the business is done, let’s go to Queens now, find a place to have a cup of coffee, I guess Peter’s antique shop should be open.”

“Good.” Charlie wade nodded, “Then let’s go directly to Queens.”


New York, Queens.

Queens is a large area, not as busy as Manhattan, but the centre is considered a smaller version of Manhattan.

Moreover, Queens is densely populated with immigrants of all ethnicities, so it is relatively lively, with the famous Flushing being the neighbourhood where Chinese people and Chinese vendors gather.

Peter Zhou’s antique shop, opened in the centre of Queens, although the shop is not big, but the location is really no choice.