The Real Dragon Chapter 6047

  The group of people hurriedly did as they were told, but at this moment, there was a kid who turned ninety degrees in the opposite direction.

  Charlie wade had some impression of this kid, after he had come in, he had risen up with a lot of gusto, he should be one of Dean’s juniors.

  Thus, Charlie wade immediately pointed at him and questioned, ”What’s wrong with you? Deliberately going against me?”

  The man was so scared that he desperately shook his head and cried, “I’m sorry sir …… I …… I’ve always been a little left and right since I was a kid …… “

  ”Left and right indistinguishable?” Charlie wade smiled faintly, “It’s alright, I can help you.”

  After saying that, Charlie wade grabbed his right hand, and with a slight force from his thumb, he completely broke his right wrist like breaking a pencil with one hand!

  The man cried and wailed in pain, but Charlie wade said to him with a cold face, “Remember, this is the f*cking right! I’m sure you’ll never be unable to distinguish between right and left in your life.”

  A crowd of people were so scared that their scalps went numb, when they heard Charlie wade shout again, “Turn left!”

  The crowd hurriedly turned back, fearing to do it wrong, and the guy who had just broken his right wrist was able to distinguish between left and right this time, and didn’t make any more mistakes.

  Charlie wade nodded with satisfaction, pointed to a man on the far left, and spoke, “Come on, starting with you, introduce yourself what’s your name, where you’re from, what offence you’ve committed, how long you’ve been in, and how much time you have left in your sentence.”

  The man hurriedly said, “Sir …… me …… My name is Nguyen Minh, Vietnamese, I’ve been in here for a year for robbery, and I have six years left on my sentence …… “

  Charlie wade nodded, “Good, next!”

  ”Sir …… my name is Hank, American, came in for half a year for fraud, three years left to serve …… “

  One by one, a group of people began to introduce themselves.

  Soon, it was the turn of the brown-skinned man who had just introduced himself, and he said with an attentive face, “Hello sir my name is Haji, an Indian-American, who came in for two and a half years because of ra*pe and still has twelve and a half years left in his sentence ……”

  Charlie wade pointed to the two people on the left and right sides of Haji, and opened his mouth, “You two, give me one person to slap him ten times!”

  Haji’s face instantly changed, and he said offhandedly, “Sir …… why are you slapping me ……”

  Charlie wade coldly said, “Any criminal of a sexual nature should be beaten.”

  After saying that, he looked at the two men and shouted angrily, “Why don’t you do it yet? If you don’t do it again, I’ll let the people around you two, slap each of you a hundred times! If you don’t hit hard enough, I’ll also have someone else slap the two of you a hundred times each.”

  Once the two of them heard these words, how could they care about their usual friendship with Haji.

  Now was the time to fly apart in a big trouble, no one dared to offend Charlie wade, the fatal star, so no matter what he commanded, they all mindlessly did as they were told in order to protect themselves.

  So, these two exchanged a look, and with one left and one right, they slapped ten slaps towards Haji’s face.

  Haji was soon slapped with his cheeks high and swollen, and his entire face swelled into a pig’s head.

  His tears kept dripping down onto the ground, and he had ten thousand grievances and anger in his heart, but he didn’t dare to show it at this moment.

  Seeing Haji being whipped into a pig’s head, the most nervous person was John Lawrence, he knew that Haji was going to be beaten, so he would definitely not be able to escape.

  Soon, it was John Lawrence’s turn to introduce himself, and he said with fear and trepidation, “Sir …… I …… my name is John …… John. Lawrence …… I …… I …… I …… I was sentenced to life in prison for …… for sexual *assault and forcible *rape …… without parole ……”

  No sooner had John Lawrence finished speaking than a young man beside him asked offhandedly, “Sir, how many times should I slap him?”

  Charlie wade waved his hand, “One hundred.”

  After saying that, he added, “One hundred per day!”