The Real Dragon Chapter 6049

Charlie wade’s request, if placed in the past, would definitely make these people think that it was a pie in the sky.

However, after a few people had experienced Charlie wade’s methods, as well as the majority witnessing Charlie wade’s coldness, these people felt in their hearts that Charlie wade’s request was not excessive at all.

Therefore, each and every one of them nodded their heads as if they were pounding garlic, fearing that if they were one step late in stating their position, they would be caught by Charlie wade again.

Charlie wade saw that they all nodded their heads in agreement, and with a slight smile, he spoke, “Since you all have no opinions, then we will start implementing it from now on, right now this cell is dirty and smelly, so all of you together will first have a big clean up, make sure to clean it up immaculately, otherwise, all of you will be punished together.”

The crowd of people didn’t dare to say much and hurriedly began an unprecedented sweep.

In order to make Charlie wade satisfied as soon as possible, all those who can still move, are immediately involved in it, they will not be changed for a long time bedding all thrown into the bathroom, leaving a few people specifically responsible for cleaning, the rest of the people, a brain began to desperately clean the hygiene of each place.

They knew that if Charlie wade was half dissatisfied with the hygiene, they would not be able to avoid a physical pain.

Moreover, the flesh and skin pain that Charlie wade gave was really bitter!

Even Dean, all dragging his broken body, used a towel to wipe Charlie wade’s bed over and over again, especially the footprints that he stepped on earlier, but even more so, he wiped it with all his heart so that not a single mark remained.

At this moment, Charlie wade looked at the miserable Dean, and opened his mouth to ask, “Dean, I have a question for you, you must answer truthfully, if you dare to play with me, I will make you suffer a hundred times more than what you are suffering now, do you hear me?”

Dean trembled and quickly said, “Please tell me sir, as long as it’s something I know, I will definitely not hide anything!”

Charlie wade nodded and opened his mouth to ask, “Have you ever heard of a Chinese inmate named Peter Zhou in Brooklyn Prison?”

“Peter Zhou?” Dean shook his head and said, “Never heard of this person.”

Charlie wade asked rhetorically, “Think about it carefully, can’t you recall any of your memories about this person’s name at all?”

Dean said with a terrified face, “Sir, I really didn’t lie, I’ve never heard of this person’s name you mentioned ……”

Charlie wade could see that Dean wasn’t lying, and he didn’t have the luxury of being able to inquire about Peter Zhou from Dean.

After all, he was someone who had been targeted by a core member of the Rothschild family, and even if he was sent to this prison, he would definitely not make a scene.

Thus, Charlie wade remembered the informant Lucas that the policeman had mentioned to him, so he opened his mouth and asked, “Then have you ever heard of a Brazilian named Lucas?”

Dean quickly nodded and said, “Lucas I know, that kid is very resourceful, he is well informed in Brooklyn Prison, he has a nickname, Brooklyn Prison Jack of all Trades, he is in cell number fifteen, not far from here.”

Charlie wade added: “You now introduce me to the situation of the inmates inside Brooklyn Prison, especially the situation of these gang forces inside.”

Dean thought for a moment and spoke, “Sir, there are a total of two prison districts in Brooklyn Prison, the one we’re in now is the first prison district, and each of these districts has a boss, and this boss is the one who is truly able to deter the entire district.”

Saying that, Dean added: “The first prison district we are in, the boss is the famous Mexican drug lord Gustavo Sanchez, this person is very powerful, it is said that before he was arrested by the US police, he was worth more than 10 billion US dollars, however, he was sentenced to life imprisonment and no parole, and his family members are currently inheriting his empire of selling drug bays in Mexico, and after he was in prison , one after another, sent a group of diehards to the prison, these people in the prison to protect her, and to help him sit in the position of the boss of the prison district, with this group of drug dealers, the first prison district in the whole of the United States became the highest mortality rate of the prison district.”

Charlie wade continued to ask him, “What about the second prison district?”