The Real Dragon Chapter 6057

  When Joseph passed by Gustavo and his men, he suddenly stopped and looked at Gustavo’s table, frowning as he asked, “Gustavo, is the Romanee Conti good?”

  Gustavo looked up at Joseph, grunted, and said, “What? Don’t they sell Romanee Conti in New York? This kind of wine isn’t expensive, it’s only 50,000 US dollars, you wouldn’t have never drunk it, right?”

  Joseph wasn’t angry either, but took a step and walked directly towards him.

  Seeing this, Gustavo’s men immediately stood up and blocked in front of Joseph, and one of them said in a cold voice: “Don’t come any closer, or else, beware that I’ll be impolite to you!”

  Joseph looked at him and sneered, “Little brother, this is not Mexico, this is New York, the New York of the United States of America, how dare you be so f*cking arrogant in New York, do you really think that Mexican drug dealers can run the world?”

  That person is an outlaw, let him kill a dozen people in one breath he never blinked, now being ridiculed, naturally full of anger, almost immediately rage, pointing at Joseph said, “I’m going to kill you this Yankee!”

  Joseph disdainfully said: “I know you have killed people, and killed a lot, but it is useless ah boy, I said, this is New York, not you Mexicans wanton place! If you’re ruthless, you can only be arrogant within Mexico, when you get here, won’t you still have to be a dog for Gustavo in prison?”

  The man gritted his teeth and said, “Humiliating us Mexicans, aren’t you afraid of dying in my hands one day?”

  Joseph said disdainfully, “You don’t give a f*ck! Do you believe that as long as I say one word, from tonight onwards, all the gangsters in New York will hunt down your Mexican drug dealers on the streets of New York? Your boss has a lot of men, can he bring thousands of them to kill in New York?”

  The man couldn’t bear it anymore, his clenched fist was about to slam into Joseph almost immediately.

  At that moment, Gustavo suddenly spoke up and chided, “Alberto, shut your mouth!”

  The Mexican man known as Alberto had to hold back the anger in his heart.

  Seeing that he stopped talking, Joseph snorted disdainfully, stepped in front of Gustavo, picked up his bottle of Romanee Conti that was still half left, and said to Gustavo, “I’ll take the wine and taste it, and the next time you have this kind of good stuff, remember to leave a bottle for me.”

  Gustavo was not angry and smiled, “My bad, next time I’ll prepare a few bottles for you.”

  After saying that, he asked Joseph, “Do you need a wine awakener and wine glasses?”

  Joseph gulped a few mouthfuls directly into the bottle, then burped and said with a smile, “Use any wine glasses, that’s not my style.”

  With that, he actually reached out and pinched more than half of the remaining top sirloin steak from Gustavo’s steak plate and exaggeratedly put it in his mouth and took a big bite, chewing while cursing, “F*ck, why don’t we have this kind of steak to eat? Next time this f*cking happens, I can see us staging a riot in the prison to protest about it!”

  Gustavo smiled and said, “Joseph, if you want a steak just let me know and I’ll arrange it for you, why make such a big deal out of it.”

  Joseph nodded and pointed at Gustavo and said, “You’re still on the ball.”

  After saying that, he waved his hand and said lazily, “Let’s go, don’t forget what you said, prepare a few bottles of such good wine for me, I want it tomorrow.”

  Gustavo watched Joseph walk away and went to another area to sit down, his expression gradually falling into a haze.