The Real Dragon Chapter 6068

A sudden voice from outside the crowd caused everyone to subconsciously look back.

Whether it was Joseph or Gustavo, they didn’t expect anyone to intervene at this time.

As he was wondering, Charlie wade had already separated the peripheral crowd and stepped in front of Gustavo and Joseph.

Those juniors who were pushed away didn’t want to understand how they were pushed to the sides by this tall and skinny kid, and didn’t wait to react, the person had already walked past them.

Joseph saw that Charlie wade was an unfamiliar oriental face, he immediately pointed at Charlie wade in annoyance and questioned, “What the f*ck are you? Looking for death, right?”

Saying that, he didn’t want to waste time on Charlie wade, and immediately rebuked two of his men around him, “Pull this kid out and beat him to death!”

Upon hearing this, the two men immediately rubbed their fists and approached Charlie wade.

In their opinion, Charlie wade’s body is tall and thin, it seems to be the kind of people who never exercise, while both of them are all bigger than the mouth of a bowl of muscle men, teach Charlie wade is easy as a palm.

Two people quickly came to the front of Charlie wade, a person stretched out a hand, was ready to catch Charlie wade dragged out, but did not expect, Charlie wade suddenly difficult, fierce shot, actually will be two people stretched out the arm death grip.

Both of their expressions were shocked, no one saw how Charlie wade made a move, but their own hands were indeed grabbed by Charlie wade.

Just when the two people were surprised, Charlie wade’s hands violently twisted inwards, twisting the two people’s arms instantly into a deformation, a crackling sound like a firecracker came, the two people also because of the arm’s huge twisting force, directly in the original place tumbled for half a week, their heads directly hit each other, and instantly both their heads were broken and blood flowed.

At this time, the most tragic or their arms, have not known how many cut-offs broken into.

With the two men sitting on the ground wailing, a crowd of people had been completely shocked by Charlie wade.

They simply could not imagine how Charlie wade could easily twist two muscular men weighing more than two hundred pounds and flip them in the air, this kind of strength, even the strongest Hercules in the whole of the United States would not be able to do it!

Joseph also looked dumbfounded.

He did not expect, his side of the two most powerful men, but in an instant into the waste, he is mixed for many years of gangs, seen all kinds of injuries, their two little brother was twisted arm has turned more than one circle, this degree of misery, even if the full treatment, full rehabilitation, I’m afraid that in the future can not afford to hold a mobile phone, basically equal to the absence of an arm, the strength of this is simply too strong to be unthinkable. This kind of strength is simply unbelievably strong.

Some nervous Joseph subconsciously asked Charlie wade: “What exactly are you? What do you want to do? No matter how capable you are, you may not be able to beat thirty to fifty of us, right?”

Charlie wade laughed, looked at Joseph in a serious manner, and said seriously, “You’re really a b*tch who forgets a lot, I’m your Uncle Wade ah you forget?”

Joseph did not expect Charlie wade to open his mouth and call himself a bitch, looking not as old as himself, but also said he was his uncle, he was suddenly furious and yelled to the several minions around him, “Get together! Finish him off!”

Although a few juniors were nervous in their hearts, but after all, they had weapons in their hands, coupled with a large number of people, they thought that their chances of winning were not small, so their expressions chilled and they turned around and were about to launch an attack towards Charlie wade.

Charlie wade made a blocking gesture at this time, and said to Joseph with a serious face: ”Did you kid forget? Your father and I are forgetful ah friends, usually always call him elder brother, since I am a brother with your father, then don’t you have to call me uncle?”