The Real Dragon Chapter 6070

The Charlie wade at the moment was his own lifesaver.

So, he hurriedly begged Charlie wade, “Sir, please show me a clear path, as long as I can get through the calamity in front of me, I am willing to take out 100 million US dollars as a reward!”

Charlie wade said disdainfully, “Come on, you can save your life thanks to me, don’t say drinking red wine and eating steak at the next meal, it is still unknown whether you can live to that time, all these, do you still fantasise in your heart that you can regain your Sanchez family? Don’t forget, you’ve been sentenced to life in prison by the Americans and you’ll never get out of here.”

Gustavo helplessly asked, “Then …… what should I do now ……”

Charlie wade said indifferently, “Follow me, I’ll cover you in the future, go and tell the prison guards that from today onwards, move to my cell and live with me, I’ll protect your safety.”

Gustavo didn’t know why Charlie wade was willing to help himself even though he knew that there was no hope for him to turn over, thinking about it, he couldn’t help but wonder in his heart, “Could it be that this person is a f*ggot? It must be this …… otherwise why is he helping me, why is he willing to cover me? And let me move to his cell to live with him ……”

“But …… But what does he see in me? After all, I’m an old man ……”

At this time, Charlie wade saw that Gustavo did not say anything for a long time, then coldly said, “I warn you, I’m not helping you for nothing, I help you, you have to listen to my command in everything, what I let you do, you have to do, otherwise I will directly tell my great nephew, your death, I don’t care, do you hear me?!”

Gustavo shuddered in fear, and hurriedly said, “I …… I get it I get it ……”

Saying that, he forced down the humiliation in his heart, walked to Charlie wade, lowered his head and choked, “In the future, I’ll do whatever you ask me to do, I’m only asking that you cover me and don’t let me be killed by other people ……”

Charlie wade nodded with satisfaction, but deliberately said with a cold face, “Whether I want to cover you or not, depends on whether you listen to me or not.”

Gustavo hurriedly said, “I’ll listen, I’ll definitely listen!”

Saying that, he took the initiative to put his hand towards Charlie wade’s trouser pocket.

Charlie wade also thought that this guy is what good things want to use to bribe himself, did not expect him to turn his trouser pockets out, and then coyly turned out of the trouser pockets in the hands, looking at Charlie wade pitifully, the expression of humiliation unbearable and curtly meet.

Charlie wade immediately understood the intentions of this guy, this f*cking is not the American drama “Prison Break” inside the terrier?

Does this old guy still think that he has intentions towards him?

Charlie wade, who felt a wave of nausea, directly raised his hand and slapped him a few metres away, cursing and saying: ”You’re f*cking sick, aren’t you? Do I look like a f*g to you? If I’m any more f*cking disgusted, I’ll just let my great nephew straighten you out!”

Gustavo was hit in the face for the first time in his life, and his face instantly swelled up.

Although his first thought was to be angry, so angry that he couldn’t wait to change into an AK47 out of thin air, and then hit a barrage of bullets all over Charlie wade.

However, the next second he suddenly had a feeling of relief and a sense of celebration after the robbery.

It seemed that Joseph’s uncle, who had suddenly appeared out of nowhere, wasn’t trying to plot against him, and he finally didn’t have to endure the humiliation anymore.

Soon, that kind of celebration will completely suppress the previous anger, his face also for the first time showed a smile, only this smile seems very flattering.

With a fawning face, he looked at Charlie wade and said with a smile, “I’m sorry Mr Wade, I misunderstood, don’t be angry, don’t be angry, don’t worry, from today onwards, I’ll do whatever you ask me to do!”