The Real Dragon Chapter 6076

Bruce Weinstein couldn’t help but laugh and said, “Mr Wade, I can understand the first three not being enough, but what does this fourth one mean, does anyone else feel that they are not soft enough? As a real man, who would think they are too hard?”

Charlie wade smiled and said, “This you don’t understand Mr Warden, it’s terrible for a man not to be hard, but it’s even more terrible for him to be too hard, there are some very special things that you haven’t encountered, and when you do, you will know how much of a pain in the arse I’m talking about this situation is.”

Bruce Weinstein only felt at this moment that Charlie wade should be the kind of barefoot doctor who specialised in fooling people, he fancied himself as a highly educated person and an elite class, it was impossible for him to have any interest in this kind of pseudo-scientific stuff.

So, he smiled and said perfunctorily, “Then I can only hope that I will never come across such a bizarre situation, or else I will have to trouble Mr Wade to come and treat me.”

Charlie wade also nodded his head smilingly and said, “Yes, I also hope that you will never come across it, but if you really are unfortunate enough to come across it, then I’m afraid that I’m the only one who can cure it.”

Gustavo saw that both of them were chatting about the issue of the male’s ability in that area, so he raised his eyebrows and said to Bruce Weinstein, “By the way Bruce, these two beauties I arranged for you tonight are both very beautiful Latin American stunners, both of them are above 5.8 feet tall, and when you look at them, apart from their legs they are just boobs, they are perfect! I hope my arrangement tonight won’t disappoint you!”

Bruce Weinstein was also obviously able to tell that he was very excited, and could not hide his excitement as he said, “Mr Gustavo is really too polite, the beauty that even you have praised is definitely a first-class super beauty, so how could I possibly be disappointed? Maybe this will be the happiest night of my life.”

The two men who regarded their women as if they were their own smiled at each other, and it was all in the air.

Charlie wade at this time, however, quietly ferried an aura into Bruce Weinstein’s body, which was not meant to wash his brain, nor to give him any psychological hints, nor to make him impotent.

On the contrary, this aura of Charlie wade’s would give him an exceedingly powerful boost when he was doing that kind of thing.

If a man’s ability in that area was compared to pedalling a bicycle, even if he was more capable, it was impossible to pedal a bicycle with the power of a motorbike.

Even sometimes can not pedal, but also sneak on two pills, that feeling is like a professional rider in the race, to their own bikes quietly stuffed a miniature electric motor to cheat like, effective, but not much.

But this aura of Charlie wade was equivalent to giving Bruce Weinstein’s bike a direct fit of an aero engine with a thrust of dozens of tonnes.

Normally, if you pedal your bike and can’t pedal, the big deal is that you just swing and don’t pedal, it’s embarrassing but it won’t kill you;

But once the bike is pushed to the extreme speed by the huge thrust, and can not stop, then although it is not shameful, but it will really die.

The reason why Charlie wade didn’t give Bruce Weinstein a psychological hint, let him take himself to his office, or even take himself to the underground space below his office, is because Bruce Weinstein is a member of the Rothschild family, and his office is the only entrance and exit of the underground space, very sensitive, even Gustavo is such a big figure, have not entered his office. If he gave him a psychological hint, let him directly bring himself to his office, then it will certainly trigger the surprise of others.

The last thing Charlie wade wanted was to draw attention to himself, especially from the Rothschild family.

Therefore, in Charlie wade’s opinion, the best way is to first let this Bruce Weinstein, a real man, produce a great deal of unspeakable secrets, so that he, in a desperate situation, take the initiative to think of a way, as low-profile as possible, to meet with himself and ask for help.

That way, Bruce Weinstein himself will do all the evasive work in advance, and when he meets with him again, he will not have any risk of being noticed by others.

Since Bruce Weinstein was going to pedal this bike tonight, as soon as he pedalled the first foot to go, he would be pressing the start button for the aero-engine he had left for him.

At that point, he’ll be desperate and will surely come back begging for himself.