The Real Dragon Chapter 6095

Hearing this, Charlie wade understood the beginning and end of Zhou Japheth’s imprisonment in Brooklyn Prison.

  He couldn’t help but sigh, “I was originally surprised that with the strength of the Rothschild family, if you really stole from them, there was absolutely no need for them to go through the legal channels to solve the problem, but it turned out to be that you took the initiative to call the police and surrender yourself.”

  ”That’s right.” Zhou Japheth nodded his head and said helplessly, “In the United States, although the influence of the Rothschild family can override the law, the premise is that it must not trigger the anger of the people, I am stealing their things right, but since I took the initiative to turn myself in, this matter is bound to go through the judicial process;”

  ”In this case, even if they are, it is impossible to arrest me directly, I am at least some famous antique dealer, know many people in high society, if they arrested me and abused the lynching, once the news leaked out, the face of the American police will be lost all over the place;”

  ”So, the Rothschild family people can only settle for the second best, let the court lock me up here, and they don’t dare to kill me even if they tortured me again, because I was only sentenced to fifteen years in prison, and fifteen years later when I didn’t walk out of this prison, the Rothschild family couldn’t give the public an explanation.”

  Charlie wade firmly said, “Uncle Zhou, I will take you out of here today, as for the Rothschild family, I will go and talk to them myself.”

  ”Never!” Zhou Japheth said offhandedly, “Young Master, I am a prisoner in Brooklyn Prison because of theft, if you take me away today, not only will the Rothschild family not let up, but they will definitely take my family;”

  ”More importantly, once I’m gone, I’ll be a fugitive!”

  ”Although that four-square treasure building originally belonged to China, it is also true that I stole it from the Rothschild family, and the American court sentenced me to prison, I willingly and plead guilty to the law, but I absolutely cannot carry the name of a fugitive again.”

  Charlie wade said with some concern, “Uncle Zhou, if the Rothschild family can’t get the Four Directions Treasure Block, they are definitely not going to give up, and if you still have more than ten years of imprisonment left, then these ten years will definitely be very tough.”

  ”Never mind.” Zhou Japheth smiled faintly and said seriously, “I have already considered the consequences when I did this;”

  ”Since this matter has already come to light, the Rothschild Family definitely won’t and wouldn’t dare to kill me directly, what they want now is to get back that Four Square Treasure Block;”

  ”Therefore, the best solution now is to let the Four Square Treasure Block return to China, once the Four Square Treasure Block is returned to its original owner, even if the Rothschild family is more shameless, they would never dare to ask for the cultural relics that originally belonged to China, when the Rothschild family realised that the Four Square Treasure Block would never return to their hands, they would not think of making an article out of me again. ;”

  ”After I honestly serve my sentence, even if the Rothschild family continues to make things difficult for me, they won’t dare to really do anything to me;”

  ”What’s more, by that time, even if they killed me, it would be meaningless, killing me wouldn’t even be possible for them to regain the Four Directions Treasure Block.”

  Saying that, Zhou Japheth looked towards Charlie wade and pleaded, “Young master, I just said that I have one thing to ask for, and that is to beg you to help bring the Four Directions Treasure Block back to Huaxia, this is the national weapon of Huaxia’s ancestors, and it deserves to be returned to the homeland to do its part for the Jiangshan community.”