The Real Dragon Chapter 6101

Zhou Japheth nodded and said with great understanding, “I understand your feelings, but too many ties will only become your heart’s demons and nightmares, not to mention, even if you let me reminisce about that year again, it would be an unbearable weight for me, so I also ask for young master’s forgiveness …… “

Charlie wade pursed his lips for a long time and gently nodded.

Seeing that he no longer insisted, Zhou Japheth digressed and said, “By the way young master, the Four Directions Treasure Block, was also hidden in the same place by me, after you leave here, you must take it out as soon as possible and bring it back to Huaxia as soon as possible.”

Charlie wade nodded and asked him, “Uncle Zhou, where was that Four Directions Treasure Block hidden by you?”

Zhou Japheth laughed, “The Four Directions Treasure Block, is hidden outside the gate of the Zhou Family’s estate in New Jersey near New York.”

Said Zhou Japheth added: “Outside the door of my family’s manor, there is a pair of very majestic stone lions, within the base of the male lion, there is a secret compartment where the Four Square Treasure Block is hidden, and the way to open the secret compartment isn’t too difficult, you only need to use a small crane or a forklift truck to directly lift the body of the male lion, the base will be opened, and the secret compartment will be in it.”

Charlie wade asked in surprise, “Such an important thing has been kept at your doorstep?”

“Right.” Zhou Japheth smiled, “The Rothschild family has long searched all of our Zhou family’s properties, all of the shops, and all of the venues with connections countless times, in my family’s manor, the walls, the ceiling, and the underground combined, there are a total of sixteen hidden compartments, and they have long since turned it upside down with the most professional equipment, but they couldn’t have dreamt of the fact that the thing is actually right in front of the doorway of the in the stone lion.”

Said Zhou Japheth added: “By the way, the Jade Pot Spring Vase containing the Nine Xuan Heavenly Scriptures, before twenty years have also been hidden there, without any changes, the United States would have been sparsely populated, as long as it is not in the centre of the city, the size of the family residence are not small, the Chinese manor doorway to set up two stone lions is also very common, only to be hidden here in order to maximize the guarantee of safety, otherwise no matter where I hide to where, the process of action will leave traces, as long as they track a little, sooner or later can find, but if this thing has never left my house, then they can not catch any clues;”

“Moreover, my house is located in the middle of nowhere, the manor is also at the end of a small road, there is no surveillance at the entrance, and there are no outsiders, the whole process can be absolutely confidential, to them, this thing is just like evaporating on earth, and the stone is new for a long time, not to mention twenty years, even if two hundred years won’t give it any effect, it can always stand there, and keep guarding the secrets inside. secrets.”

When Charlie wade heard this, his heart couldn’t help but marvel, to be able to put such an important thing at the undefended gate, it really needed a very strong psyche to be able to do so.

From this, it could be seen that Zhou Japheth himself was also a bull who did things with great vigour and dared to think and act.

At this time, Zhou Japheth reminded Charlie wade again, “By the way young master, although it has been a few months since the incident happened, we cannot rule out the fact that the Rothschild family is still secretly staring at my house, but I believe that with your strength, you shouldn’t be discovered by them.”

Charlie wade nodded, “Uncle Zhou, don’t worry, this matter is nothing to me, when I go out, I will bring the Four Directions Treasure Block back to my country at the first time, after I return it to its rightful owner in one piece, I will have someone release the news, so that the Rothschild family will completely die.”

Saying this, Charlie wade remembered something else and spoke, “Just letting them die, it’s too cheap for them, this matter, must make them lose their reputation, I will think of a way, let them personally send you out, return your freedom!”