The Rockstar Chapter 1

Showbiz mudslide, a generation of knife-plugging maniacs, and the root of all evil in the pop world – Li Tiezhu, debuted in a national music talent show.


2016, Saturday, 16 July.

The summer sun, blazingly embracing the world as if to melt everything.

Known as the cradle of superstars, the sixth season of the national talent show – “Super Voice”, the western region audition site, the large candidate area was filled with young boys and girls who had come to participate in the audition, a full four to five hundred people.

“Please make way, make …… it’s almost too late, thank you!”

A small fat man with a pot head carrying a guitar dragged a teenager eating a popsicle through the crowd with difficulty and rudeness, causing a burst of complaints and contempt from the nearby contestants.

The little fat man came near the entrance to the stage and looked up at the big screen on the wall, currently bidding for number 797, while his number was 801.

“Whew – so close, finally caught up!”

“Qin Tao, as promised I’ll accompany you in the sea election, I’ll do the work of your family’s pig farm expansion, no cheating.”

Eating popsicle teenager, seventeen or eighteen years old, wearing a worn white vest, a pair of shorts, feet stomped a pair of broken holes in the green rubber shoes, a standard civil worker dress. He is tall and thin, wheat-coloured skin, simple round-inch hair, his face is angular, thick eyebrows and big eyes, but his eyes are slightly dull, and he looks a bit naive.

“I know, Li Tiezhu, you, you …… hurry to memorise the lyrics again, immediately it is time for us to go on the stage. I feel in a particularly good state, I …… am about to crack.”

Little fat Qin Tao apprehensively wiped the sweat on his forehead, his voice trembling violently because of nervousness.

In the hot weather, but he was wearing a black leather jacket with rivets, tight leather trousers that were chipped to the point of cracking, as well as high-top leather boots that were also riveted, it was already a miracle that he didn’t have a heat stroke.

“It’s cracking because you’re wearing your trousers too tight and strangling the grooves.”

Li Tiezhu sat on the floor with a big grin and continued licking the popsicle. If it wasn’t for the sake of taking the pig farm job, he wouldn’t have risked being docked by the foreman’s hours and sneaked out to accompany Qin Tao’s nonsense.

Being a star?

Doesn’t exist.

The two are best friends, both seventeen this year, and will be seniors after the summer holidays.

Qin Tao’s family is to open a pig farm, can be said to be rich a town, but the rebellious Qin Tao is ashamed to be with the pigs, and only want to be a singer.

Li Tiezhu is from the countryside, his family is penniless, and he and his son depend on each other.

He grew up with his working father wandering around without a fixed place to live, three years ago, an accident, his father was injured in an accident, the already poor family, more and more difficult. Therefore, Li Tiezhu from the third year of junior high school, will use the holidays in his father’s construction site to do odd jobs to earn money.

For this reason, he was not less by the other students in the class ridicule exclusion.

Qin Tao, who was tired of running, also followed Li Tiezhu and sat on the ground, excitedly enjoying the good life after he became a hit.

“When I become popular, you follow me!”

“If you become a star, you can open a pig farm ten times bigger than your dad’s, and I’ll do the engineering for you.”

“Grass! I’m that popular, and I’m still opening a bullshit pig farm?”

“If you don’t raise pigs, then what?”

The duo bullheadedly YYed, but they didn’t notice that a not-so-small space had spread out around them.

Those handsome men and women who had come to participate in the competition cast a disgusted look at the duo. It was as if they would be poisoned if they got closer to them.

The young men and women whispered, interspersed with a little scoffing.

“Look at those two bumpkins!”

“Even though it’s an audition, the programme group is too bottomless, right? Any kind of dirt dog is put in.”

“That’s right, pulling down the entire programme.”

“This kind of person is just here to be funny, every year the programme group has to get some oddballs to attract attention. It’s impossible to let them advance!”

“Stay away from them, that migrant worker is dirty and must stink.”


At the audition site, the four judges sat in a row, looking serious with deep fatigue, the heart-tired kind.

“Next, number 800.”

No. 800 was a pimply-headed girl, who grunted twice when she came on stage, took a sharp breath, her eyes glared, and her face was full of horizontal flesh:

“Ow-oh-eee-ah ……”


The bell was rung.

A male judge with grey hair, picked his ears and said, “That’s fine, you go down.”

The pimply-haired girl looked solemn: “No! Teacher, you haven’t heard the singing behind me, it’s a kind of singing style that is first raised and then lowered, mainly to express the stirring feelings in the heroine’s heart and the impact of cold reality, as well as the impermanence of the world’s affairs that that …… impermanence, well, there’s also …… ”


“Old man, you’re jealous! I’m going to complain about you!”

“Drag it down!”

The white-haired judge held his head in his hands, his hands shaking.

“Guide, cut the camera. We’ll take a three-minute break before continuing.”

The other male judge, Yi Feng, saw that the veteran artist, Teacher Chen Posong, was on the verge of breaking down and hurriedly called for a temporary halt to the show.

Leng Ba handed a bottle of water to Master Chen beside him and consoled, “Don’t be angry, the auditions are just like that, it’s inevitable that you will encounter some strange contestants, so you don’t have to be general with them.”

The Super Voice has four mentors for each audition stage, basically a veteran musician, a popular actress, a popular actor, and a rising singer.

The judges for the Western Region are, Chen Posong, a forty-year film and television composer, Leng Ba, an actress from a musical family, Yi Feng, who can sing and act, and Lin Fan, the fourth place winner of the last Super Voice.

The line-up is very strong and has a very high guarantee for the ratings.

“It’s fine, Leng Ba, just let me take a breather.”

Chen Posong shook his head, even though he had done mental construction long ago, he still underestimated the power of the contestants and overestimated his ability to withstand it.


In front of the TV, computer and mobile phone screens, the audience had already doubled over in laughter.

Singing for your life and a central idea?

Many viewers on behalf of the old man Chen Posong heartache, decades of music world vertical, I did not expect to be so tortured in the old age. Simply …… too much fun!

As the “Super Voice” is a full network real-time live show, so there are often a variety of strange and bizarre situations. But instead of destroying the reputation of this show, these strange scenarios have made the national audience more recognised.

Because of the truth.

More because, everyone likes to eat melon.

At this time, because the judge teacher rest, the programme team then cut the camera to the candidate site, a good look of the crowd. Some are opening their voices, some are fighting the landlord, some are playing King Pesticide, some are fixing their make-up, and there is also an old man doing breakdancing……

To make sure the show is not bland, usually at this time of the year the crew will deliberately film some special contestants, beautiful women, handsome men, old aunts and so on.

Finally, the camera locked onto a fat and a thin two young boys sitting on the floor. One earthy punk, one retro folk, just the combination of the two was enough to be otherworldly.

Already on the live screen of the fat and thin two people are completely unaware, still enjoying the future.

Qin Tao said: “Why don’t you understand? When a big star, I won’t raise pigs, and you don’t have to move bricks.”

Li Tiezhu licked a mouthful of popsicles, “Still think raising pigs is more suitable for your temperament.”

Qin Tao: “Fart …… I will definitely be promoted.”

Li Tiezhu’s expression was sincere: “Being a star or something, just think about it. Tell the truth ah! Qin Tao, with that broken voice of yours, you’re still going to sing on Super Voice? Are you crazy?”

Qin Tao was in deep thought, “Try it out,…… in case the judges are crazy too?”

At the audition site, the big screen was also broadcasting a live screen at this time.


Chen Posong, who was about to drink water, directly sprayed, heartless ah this is.

Take this as a public toilet?

The rest of the three is not good, Leng Ba laughed so much that his stomach hurt, tears are out.

The audience watching the live broadcast also laughed out of breath, a time pop-ups flying.

“The judges are crazy!”

“Old man Chen Posong hold on!”

“My heart goes out to Leng Ba ……”

“These two goods, they are the comedians invited by the programme group, right?”

“Go home and raise pigs rubbish!”

“Rural bumpkins shouldn’t come to insult this programme, shame on you!”

“Did the flat-headed little brother just come from the construction site after carrying bricks?”

“Fat man in leather jacket you are real leather!”

“Actually, the little brother with the inch head is quite durable!”

The screen pushed closer.

Li Tiezhu points an ice lolly at Qin Tao: “What do you think you should do but sing? If you can’t get into university, you can go home and start a pig farm with your dad, that’s pretty good too!”

“I like it!”

“Look, raising pigs is also a good business. Make it bigger and stronger! Create another glory!”

“I ……”

“I think your dad means the same thing, didn’t he buy you a professional book last time? What was it called?”

“Postpartum Care of Sows.”


Qin Tao sulked, “Right gross right! I just like to sing.”

Li Tiezhu: “Who sings for serious people?”

On the screen of the national live broadcast, the pop-ups had gone crazy and the atmosphere was high.

“Make it big and make it great again is going to kill me with laughter.”

“Serious people who sing ah?”

“Postpartum care of sows is a good book.”

“Little handsome boy with an inch head, sister supports you, buys you nice clothes, 50,000 per month.”

“You’re not right in front!”

“Am I watching a fake Good Voice?”

“It’s the Cheerful Comedian.”

You can tell from these pop-ups just how many people laughed out loud through the screen and squealed like pigs.

At this point, the staff’s voices rang out:

“Number 801, start the competition.”

The fat and thin duo, who were discussing the philosophies of life, instantly stood up and rushed towards the audition room with their guitars in their arms.

Another round of pop-ups erupted, and it turned out that these two oddballs were number 801.

There’s a good show to watch!

Into the audition room, panting Qin Tao, standing in front of the microphone, red in the face: “Good judges and teachers, I, I, I’m called Qin Tao, we are competing for the repertoire of the sow’s birth …… Oh, no, it’s that what’s-her-name Jie Bao … …”

“Pfft ……”

The laughter came from the judges’ table, and there was more than one, only the respected old Mr Chen Posong, forced to hold back, professional.

Leng Ba covered his mouth and laughed so hard that his whole body trembled, I can’t do it, the corner of my eye stuck powder.

The same panting Li Tiezhu, came to the microphone, licked the popsicle and said, “Once Upon a Time.”

Qin Tao nervously said, “Ah …… right, right, right, right, postpartum us.”

Mental quality has always been Qin Tao’s short board, originally he was alone to sign up for the competition, but when it came to the competition, scared straight, so only to soften the Li Tiezhu pull to the courage.

After all, Li Tiezhu is a standard Iron Bean, never knew what it means to be afraid.

Live screen pop-ups:

Hello judge teacher, the track we are competing for is “Postpartum Us”.