The Rockstar Chapter 10

The camera focuses on Li Tiezhu, who is counting on his fingers.

Save points in this round, buy a song in the next round, there are still 76 points left, hmmm …… gulp is still a person.

If you win the next round, you can get 20 points of intelligence.98 points, almost reaching the average, full blooded, scratch that.

“Li Tiezhu player?”

The host was embarrassed for a while and shouted.


Li Tiezhu looked up blankly.

The audience burst into laughter, this serious brother showed his cowardice in a somewhat real way, so it turns out, geniuses really don’t exist. Wait for him to make a fool of himself! Didn’t come for nothing.

Backstage, the laughter of the fat assistant and make-up artist came from Zhao Liya’s side, and she frowned slightly, even more nervous than when she went on stage.

The host squeezed out a smile, “Contestant Li Tiezhu, it’s your turn to perform on stage.”

Li Tiezhu stood up, “Oh, so soon.”

“Contestant Li Tiezhu, may I ask how your new song is written? It doesn’t matter if you haven’t written it, we can choose a random song ……”

“It’s written.”

“So …… huh?”

“Please, find me a guitar.”

No way, Qin Tao did not mix in, the guitar naturally can not enter. And Li Tiezhu sang an “original” song, there is no way to have a ready-made accompaniment, can only play and sing.

“Only, it’s only been ten or so minutes only …… really written?”

The host couldn’t believe his ears, which company had made this? Faking is also too obvious, right? Who would believe it?

What about the show’s crew?

He secretly glanced at the director on stage, and Wang Zegang’s face was expressionless.

In fact, Wang Zegang has long understood, this bumpkin is not a person in the circle, much less a newcomer to which company. Otherwise, at least will beat around the bush to the programme team to say hello, more unlikely to take the PASS card even the name does not leave.

So, this thing, is wild!

The programme team quickly brought a guitar to Li Tiezhu, and Li Tiezhu casually played it twice.

Host: “Is the guitar okay?”

Li Tiezhu: “Not bad, the sound is quite big. Advanced, at first glance, it is not the kind of goods that Qin Tao can buy for a few dozen dollars.”

Host: “Heh …… Then please invite Li Tiezhu player ……”

Li Tiezhu: “You go down, I sing or you sing?”

Host: “……”



“Serious Brother Mighty!!!”

“Regardless of whether or not Serious Brother is operated out, I’m a fan!”

“Same powder!”

“I’m Qin Tao, I’m now squatting by the roadside with the takeaway boy to watch your live broadcast, and you’re actually dissing my cheap guitar?”

“Look guys, the host’s face is green, haha~”

“Listen to whose song he copied this time?”

“Upstairs you are so sour o(╥﹏╥)o”

“In ancient times, there was Cao Zijian who wrote poetry in seven steps, but now there is a serious brother who writes songs in ten minutes.”

“Wine Pen, quickly bring your P-photographer to see, Serene Brother has ‘copied’ your song again.”

“The P picture is okay!”

Li Tiezhu set up the microphone and mimed the lyrics in his head, saying:

“Hello everyone, I’m Li Tiezhu, and I’m going to bring you a song I just wrote. The inspiration came from a young lady I just met, she is a staff member of the programme, I can come to compete today thanks to her ……”

Backstage, Zhao Liya, who had finished removing her make-up, was about to go to eat hot pot with her fat assistant for a toothsome meal when she suddenly stopped.

Is he talking about me?

Li Tiezhu said, “She’s kind and pretty, and she smiles beautifully, so there’s this song ‘You Smile Beautifully’.”

This is ……

Zhao Liya stared at the screen in a daze, what about this song title déjà vu? It can’t really be written for me, right?

It’s the first time someone has written a song for themselves!

The fat assistant tugged at Zhao Liya: “Let’s go, let’s go to the hot pot.”

People a piece of mind, even if the singing is not good, but also have to listen to it. So, one hundred and fifty pounds of fat assistant froze did not pull ninety pounds of Zhao Liya.

The four judges also look at me and I look at you, before they reported appreciation for Li Tiezhu, even the so-called plagiarism fiasco, did not shake their views.

But now …… ten minutes to mime a song in your head.

It would be excessive.

The point is, the guy was still on stage talking about inspirations and stuff like that, like it was real.

It felt like an insult to my intelligence.

Leng Ba whispered, “Teacher Chen, can you mime a song for ten minutes?”

Yi Feng and Lin Fan simultaneously perked up their ears, in fact, they also wanted to ask this film and television golden song master, but they just didn’t dare.

Chen Posong’s face changed and he slightly shook his head:

“Firstly, I can’t write songs in my head, it’s an impossible thing. Secondly, my fastest record for writing a song is six hours, and the fastest among the composers I know takes an hour and a half. Lastly, all of the above is talking about just composing the song, not including lyrics and arrangements.”

The old man was honest, though he felt offended.

Leng Ba Si was shocked, “Then he is deliberately putting on a show? The song was written long ago?”

Chen Posong didn’t answer, professionally it was impossible, yet he hoped that Li Tiezhu was an honest man.

The sound of the zither was like flowing water, gurgling down, clear and pure.

Li Tiezhu began to sing, and unlike last time, this time his voice was refreshing and transparent, with a little bit of ignorance:

I want to go to the distant mountains and rivers

I want to go to the sea to see the seagulls.

No matter how many storms there are

You’re enough for me


This clear and penetrating song spills over thousands of homes and hits everyone right in the heart.

The fat assistant murmured, “It’s so well sung!”

Zhao Liya’s face flushed red, “No, it’s not that good na ……”

What’s like spring flowers, like summer sunshine, what’s beautiful like a painting, too exaggerated?

Zhao Liya thought to herself, why don’t I know?

That guy looks silly, I didn’t expect ……

vision is not bad.

The pop-ups on the live screen were once again dense, saying everything.

The one with the highest number of likes was:

“Mum asked me why I was on my knees listening to the song.”

Once again, the four judge-teachers began to make eye contact and the shock was palpable.

Chen Posong shook his head unnoticeably, a slight look of disappointment on his face. The song is a good song, but it’s just because it’s too good ……

Li Tiezhu did not know that he had been suspected by the tutors, and he sang with great devotion this time:

You look so pretty when you smile.

Like a flower in spring

It takes away all your worries and all your sorrows.

Blow them all away

You have a nice smile.

Like the summer sun

The whole world, all the time

It’s like a painting.

At the end of the song, the whole audience rejoiced and applauded like thunder. This simple song has such magic.

The host took the stage: “Thank you, Li Tiezhu contestant for singing, please comment on the judge.”

Chen Posong glanced oddly at Li Tiezhu and turned his head, “Three judges, what do you think of this song?”

Yi Feng: “The melody is slightly simple but catchy.”

Lin Fan: “The voice is good, it suits the song, it’s great.”

Leng Ba: “Good! Good to listen to.”

Chen Posong held a mouthful of old blood in his chest, let me be the bad guy again?

The old gentleman mused, “All good, very good indeed. This song isn’t considered top notch, but for ten minutes, to be able to write such a complete and good song, it can be said that you are a genius! But ……”

Li Tiezhu scratched his head, “Is it hard?”

Chen Posong: “……”

There was a burst of laughter at the scene.

Chen Posong took a deep breath and said, “Go down. After the whole group has finished competing, we’ll comment together.”

Then, Li Tiezhu went off the stage, and the subsequent contestants continued to sing on the stage, and soon the last group finished singing. The ten contestants once again stood on the stage, waiting for the final judgement.

The time to confirm the advancement spots had arrived!