The Rockstar Chapter 100

This is the last chorus of “Junior”, without accompaniment, Li Tiezhu’s voice is clean and crisp, spotless, and he sings the whole audience in silence.

A needle could be heard.

Han Hong was blocking the entire entrance to the passageway by himself, Chen Isen’s arm clamped around Shao Hua’s neck and savagely dragged him out, and Shao Hua pretended to struggle desperately but his acting skills were limited.

Hong Bo has a microphone and is just about to say “King’s Landing” when he has the illusion that he has been usurped.

Wang Zegang is dumbfounded and has no idea what’s going on.

The two tutors, who were emboldened, stared at Li Tiezhu teasingly, and even wanted to laugh, what does this guy mean?

Dying to struggle?

Begging for promotion?

They’re not intellectually dishonest, but after years of calling the shots in the music industry, and with the big boys backing them up, they’re simply so used to it that they’re too lazy to think deeply about it, that’s all.

The audience, but also a crowd of people, some maintain a tirade posture, some high sitting to watch the drama and even shoot video, others are removing the seats seem to want to make things happen, and some people took off their clothes and waved thinking that they were watching a football game ……

Inside the entire studio, everyone stood still.

Only Li Tiezhu singing voice pure wash:

This young man in front of me

Still has the same face from the beginning

No matter how many dangers he faces, he won’t back down.


Like a fighter

I’m still the same teenager miya

I’m still the same teenager miya

I’m still the same teenager miya

I’m still the same teenager miya

The song stopped, everyone still did not move, stagnation, is the unified choice of almost everyone. Because, no one knows why Li Tiezhu wants to sing “Teenager” again at this time, it is too weird.

Li Tiezhu came to the microphone and grinned, bubbling with stupidity:

“There’s no need to make a scene like this! No matter what I’ve been through, I’m still the same teenager from before!”


He’s still the same teenager he was before, not a single thing has changed.

Chen Isen let go of Shaohua and looked at the fool on the stage, his eyes reddening, before he began to applaud. Neurotic people are usually emotional.

Slap ……

Han Hong clapped his hands right after him.

And then came Shaohua, Wang Zegang, Hongbo, the cameraman, the audience, and …… the two mentors seated at the end, even if not voluntarily.

“Thank you!”

Li Tiezhu interrupted the applause with his own words, “Teacher Ethan, you shouldn’t be angry. As the saying goes, endure for a while and the more you think about it, the angrier you get.”

Chen Ethan was directly laughed at by the dryness, I’m so damn angry the more I think about it!

Li Tiezhu made a joke and added, “It’s just a match, it’s normal for matches to have losses and wins.”

Chen Isen couldn’t bear to retort.

Li Tiezhu added: “And Auntie Han Hong, you said you want me to win fair and square, but you can’t let me lose unfairly ah. Right?”

Han Hong sighed and looked at each other with Ethan, then, the two of them silently walked towards the tutor’s table.

Li Tiezhu looked at the director again, “Teacher Hong, look at the mess, you should take care of it, otherwise, it seems like I caused it all. I …… am not going to compensate the programme group for the loss, I don’t have any money.”

Hong Bo smiled bitterly and said into the microphone, “You’re right.”

Li Tiezhu nodded naively and finally looked at the audience, “You guys don’t want me to be eliminated, I know. Thanks!”


Li Tiezhu added: “But you guys are not right, not to mention disturbing the order, the chaos is also easy to get hurt and dangerous accidents happen. The news said stampede ah whatsoever, it’s probably like this, right?”

“Tie Zhu is awesome!”

I don’t know who shouted, and soon someone responded, and then later it turned into a full house cheer.

“Tie Zhu is bullish!”

“Tie Zhu is bullish!”

“Li Tie Zhu I want to give you a monkey~”

There were discordant voices, but it didn’t matter.

The powder keg that had already exploded was frozen and was stuffed back by Li Tiezhu, the simpleton, which was remarkable.

“Where’s the host? Where’s the lesser host?” Li Tiezhu looked east and west, “I can’t talk anymore, come and announce the result of the match!”

Shaohua walked back onto the stage, patted Li Tiezhu on the shoulder, and took the microphone from him, his own one long gone somewhere.

The audience sat back in their seats, but the scene was still a mess.

The mentors also sat back in their respective seats, and a staff member came to carry back the fallen mentor’s table, which was sternly refused by Chen Isen, as his last stubbornness.

Shao Hua said loudly, “Next, I announce Li Tiezhu ……”

The crowd held their breath, even if they already knew the answer.

Shao Hua’s voice suddenly weakened, “…… is temporarily eliminated.”

The atmosphere of the entire room was heavy.

Shao Hua added, “Let’s look forward to his return again!”

The arena was still cold as hell.

Li Tiezhu came up to the microphone, “What’s wrong? I’m not welcome? According to the show’s rules, I’ll be back for the resurrection match. You guys are going to vote for me then, right?”


There was still the resurrection match, even if it was an exaggerated ratio of sixteen to two, but he was Li Tiezhu!

And for the resurrection match, there’s no mentor vote.

Thus, the audience came back to life, shouting all sorts of inaudible words.

Shaohua said, “I have to admit, just now it was really a programme accident, no one is to blame, and as the host, I am even less qualified to blame anyone. But I just want to ask Li Tiezhu, why did you stop everyone and pull them back?”

Li Tiezhu said, “Just win back after losing, how simple it is. Besides, there are many other contestants in the programme group besides me, they are innocent, what’s that phrase called? Underneath the Overwhelming Nest ……”

Shaohua: “Underneath the overturned nest there is no egg.”

Li Tiezhu: “Ah yes, you are so knowledgeable. That’s what I mean, I don’t want to involve the other contestants because of my personal advancement problems, they all work hard and diligently too ……”

Li Tiezhu OS: I still have to get into the top 10 to win 50 intelligence points, what am I going to do if the show goes yellow?

Shaohua: “I wish you success! I’ll vote for you in the resurrection round.”

Li Tiezhu: “Thanks.”

The audience clamoured loudly, “We’ll vote for you!”

Li Tiezhu: “Lastly, I would like to thank Tutor Yehenara and Tutor Wang Feng for their teachings, which I will benefit from for the rest of my life!”

May I?

It can be remembered for a lifetime.

The two tutors did not blush and smiled, as if they had given Li Tiezhu a heavenly gift.

“In addition …… I decided to go back and study the royal music of tutor Yehnela, and also seriously study tutor Wang Feng’s engine singing. The great kindness of the two tutors, I Li Tiezhu must storm and repay …… the repayment. How about tomorrow? Tomorrow night at nine o’clock, I will write my learning experience into ten new songs and broadcast them live on Jitterbug, which is a kind of reporting performance on the selfless guidance of the two tutors.”

The crowd was baffled, what the hell? Ten new songs a day? This was unconvincing!

Li Tiezhu pursued, “The two tutors must remember to tune in! Everyone on site and in front of the screen, if you are interested in also coming along to witness it, I believe it will be very interesting.”

Everyone has a premonition …… that there will be a big show in the Shake Shack tomorrow night!

Shaohua still wanted to talk to Li Tiezhu.

But Li Tiezhu was clearly reluctant: “Host, can I bow out? At ten o’clock I still have to go to the studio next door, to attend the premiere of Three Kingdoms.”

It was now nine forty.

Shaohua froze, right oh, tonight The Three Kingdoms premiered, and Donghai TV hosted the premiere!

Li Tiezhu is one of the main cast members!

Li Tiezhu bowed to the excited Teacher Ethan and the cold Teacher Han Hong and exited the stage.

After that, the show continues.

Chen Isen was cold throughout, but even without the mike, the critique was still serious.

At least the stage was full of his trainees.