The Rockstar Chapter 101

On the way back to the backstage, Li Tiezhu thought a lot, not too smart, he actually already knew that he had been backstabbed, but this is not important.

Still his own problem ah!

He came to the conclusion that if he didn’t buy the special songs on the cheap in this one, but instead a song of the level of “Big Fish” or “East Wind Break”, would the two of them still dare to be so unscrupulous?

‘Junior’ was good, and the moral was quite profound, but ultimately something was missing.

This is a mistake that must not be made again during the resurrection match, where the first classic is sung until they are dumbfounded.

But more on that later.

It was imperative to whip the faces of Yehnela and Wang Feng within 24 hours!

The eliminated Li Tiezhu returned backstage, and Qin Tao was the first to rush up, with a folding stool in his hand and a slightly wild temperament.

Li Tiezhu: “What are you doing?”

Qin Tao: “I just wanted to rush up and beat those two idiots to death, but I was afraid I couldn’t beat them, so I hesitated a bit, and then, you came back.”

Li Tiezhu was used to it.

Every time they fought, after Li Tiezhu returned with a big victory, Qin Tao gritted his teeth with all kinds of weapons, with a whole lot of excuses, and was a wimp.

The other players looked at Li Tiezhu from afar.

Some gloated, some had a heart of gold, and some shared the same sickness, to name a few.

Xiao Zhen forced a smile and tried to squeeze out a sad expression as he walked over and started sobbing, “Brother! I’m so upset for you ……”

“Laugh if you want to, your acting skills suck.”

Li Tiezhu started packing yoghurt, fruits and biscuits, the normal operation at the end of every match.

Xiao Zhen: “Really? Hehehe …… er ……”

Li Tiezhu: “Let go and laugh.”

Xiao Zhen: “No, brother, you misunderstood me. I …… I ……”

“Don’t worry, I won’t send out that video.”

“Didn’t you say you deleted it?”

“Yeah! I deleted it, so I said I definitely won’t send it out.”

“No, you must not have deleted it! You’re hot and smart.”

“Am I smart?”

“I’m retarded if you’re not smart, and I’m not going to fall for that. You’re still my brother when you’re eliminated! A brother for life!”


“Moreover, looking at your calm face, I suddenly sweated for Yehnela and Wang Feng, ahem …… after all, I do know how powerful you are, you shouldn’t be on them too ……”

Li Tiezhu also ignored Xiao Zhen and concentrated on packing food.

Qin Tao has a deficit in his heart, silently helping to pack food on the side, after all, most of it will be eaten by him.

Yi Xiaomao walked over and didn’t say anything.

Li Tiezhu said, “Watch over the house well, I’m talking about that training room with a kitchen wine cellar, I’ll be back in half a month.”

Yi Xiaomao: “Brother, cheers.”

Zhao Liya came over drinking yoghurt, “Congratulations, you’re on holiday.”

Li Tiezhu laughed: “Same happy, same happy.”

Zhao Liya: “If you don’t get into the top ten, the octave box won’t be returned to you.”

Li Tiezhu: “Don’t worry, I will definitely get it back.”

Lin Xiao: “If you’re going back home, bring some more bacon sausages or something.”

Zhou Yiran: “The groundnuts are ripe on the 6th of June, so if you can bring some, it’s just too good to be true …….”

It is now the sixth month of the lunar calendar.

The surrounding players have different expressions… Are all the people in the Western Region so arrogant? He has been eliminated, okay? Resurrection round 16 to 2 ah, that’s hellishly difficult ah, and Wang Da Shao is targeting you.

Li Tiezhu: “Resurrection match that can not be said, even if the eliminated players, everyone is very powerful ……”

The crowd is only a little more comfortable, this is like words!

Then, a group of people poured in backstage, a group of people wearing strange costumes, ancient costumes to be exact.


“Wasn’t that eliminated?”

“Why haven’t you seen anyone?”

“Director Gao is in a hurry, hurry up and go arrest someone.”

“Capture Li Tiezhu alive!!!”

“Li Tiezhu! Serious brother?”

“Where is he? Li Tiezhu! Li Tiezhu, your big brother. ……”

A group of ancient costume hans, led by the staff rushed in, the ghost into the village as barbaric and coarse, and there is a ancient costume beauty in the mouth to cover the light laughter.

Li Tiezhu subconsciously clenched his buttocks.

Backstage advanced contestants but the eyeballs straight, this group of people is what God lineup ah?

Although they are all in ancient costumes, each of them is a big star. Louis, Nie Yao, Yu Weihe, He Dongrun, Lin Ruxin, and lastly, there is a boss who relies on the door to point the way to the top of the world, Pig Daqi, oh no, Su Daqiang.

The one who called Li Tiezhu your grandpa was naturally Nie Yao.

Li Tiezhu carried a heavy backpack and walked over, “Huh? Brother Yao, please turn on the hotspot, I want to send out a Shake Shack to pull votes.”

“Pull your sister!”

Nie Yao carried Li Tiezhu and ran.

Yu Weihe applauded behind him, “Shangxiang, go report to Director Gao, the thief and prisoner Li Tiezhu has been apprehended!”

Lin Ruxin smiled and ran away.

A group of people came in great numbers, and went in great numbers, leaving a group of The Voice contestants egg pain, Li Tiezhu …… seems to really not rely on this show fire ah!

Yu Wei and eyes confused:

“You …… then play music, then dance!”

Li Tiezhu did not understand the situation was “arrested”, not just open a hot thing? As for that?

This kind of thing he has experience, almost subconsciously have to come to a throat lock, and then roll on the ground, face three punches to beat him half dead, and then pull out the crotch,…….

No ah, beat the disabled Yao brother, who the hell to me to open the hotspot ah? I can not scratch …… endure.

Li Tiezhu was carried away.

Qin Tao froze and rolled over to catch up with Yu Weihe: “Teacher, take me with you, I am Li Tiezhu s agent.”

Yu Weihe revealed a disgusted look, scanning the crowd that did not follow the dance, a group of people nodded their heads, and Yu Weihe looked at the little fat man with an even more disgusted look:

“You still have the nerve? Do you want to be ashamed? Your artiste has been bullied into what? How did you become an agent? Are you a fucking …… adult?”

Qin Tao of course do not want face, why do people want face?

He raised the folding stool that has not been lost: “Last week full of eighteen, I was about to go to beat those two.”

Yu Weihe revealed the king’s contempt, then, twisted and walked away:

Ah Dou are more outstanding than you, or the Ah Dou whose brain was broken by the lone fall, no, it is the Ah Dou whose brain was poked by Li Tiezhu.

Qin Tao shamelessly followed.


A group of people forcing their way into the backstage of another show and “robbing” people is a very offensive thing to do, even if you’re a big crew, even if you’re a group of famous celebrities.

But they did it anyway.

Gao Xixi first listened to “Infinite Challenge” Director Yan’s “Rolling Yangtze River” and liked it very much, thinking that it was better than Zhao Lao’s song and suitable for the theme song.

So, Director Gao got the main actors in the cast to listen to the song and discuss it together, and eventually they all agreed to use “Rolling Yangtze River East Passes Away Water” as the title song, and that’s what sealed the deal.

Today, as we gathered to prepare for the premiere, director Gao privately listened to the finished recording of “The Rolling Yangtze River Passes East”.

After listening to it, everyone exclaimed that it was awesome, and that the arrangement and vocals had far exceeded their expectations. A good song can add a lot of colour to a TV series, and everyone was proud of it, after all, it was the song that everyone unanimously chose.

But just then, someone told them that Li Tiezhu might be bad.

We opened the live broadcast, we saw the two mentors “support” Li Tiezhu, talk about Li Tiezhu to the elimination of the disgusting to the extreme. Then the whole studio chaos …… and then Li Tiezhu limit to save the scene.

So, “Three Kingdoms” crew angry, Gao Xixi also hair, this is face to face ah.