The Rockstar Chapter 102

At 9.55pm, The Super Voice ended in a flurry of pop-up abuse.

After the match, online opinion was rampant.

Both the programme group and the four mentors were strongly criticised, especially Yehenara and Wang Feng. Firstly, the way they eliminated Li Tiezhu was too disgusting, treating the audience like idiots. Secondly, even if you guys are really targeting each other, then you can’t vote for Li Tiezhu to be eliminated, professional ethics and personal morals have refreshed the viewers’ three views.

However, Li Tiezhu won a lot of favourable comments.

As the direct victim of this incident, but bear the humiliation to persuade Han Hong and Chen Yi Sen back, but also to calm the riotous rage of the audience, so that a crisis turned into nothing.

The simple Li Tiezhu gave everyone a step down, but he himself had to bear the consequences of elimination. Even many of Li Tiezhu’s “fans” even because of his “weakness” and off fans, the reason is also very strange.

“I’ve never seen such a two-bit idol, I give up!”

“I really didn’t understand Li Tiezhu’s performance, I’ll never follow you again, goodbye.”

“Thought you were different, didn’t expect to be so wimpy, rubbish!”

“Being screwed and still kneeling to lick those two tutors, disgusting.”

The other Luo Fei Yan, Cai Xukun and Xiao Zhen and other idol’s fans are extremely disgusting, all kinds of mockery and humiliation all over the place, scared Xiao Zhen hurriedly sent out jitterbugs and scarves to appeal to the fans to calm down, not to provoke the relationship between me and my brother.

Li Tiezhu, on the other hand, was carried to the premiere of Three Kingdoms, and he was greeted with applause from Gao Xixi and the other creative team.

After a five-minute advert, the network-wide premiere of Three Kingdoms began, lasting twenty minutes. Although Three Kingdoms had been filmed a long time ago, the previous versions in this time and space had all been poorly filmed, so everyone was quite looking forward to it.

The audience, who had just cursed The Voice, finished a cigarette and suddenly realised that the eliminated Li Tiezhu had magnificently appeared again.

The main creative team of the Three Kingdoms cast and crew were present by a factor of twenty or so, which naturally included Li Tiezhu who was standing next to Nie Yao. And under the stage, people from the acting industry, historians and literary scholars of the Three Kingdoms, as well as senior film critics and media personalities gathered, a total of two hundred people.

On the stage, the creative team stood in a row with the director at the centre, ready to be interviewed.

Chief director Gao Xixi, action director Lin Feng, and producers were interviewed by reporters, followed by Chen Wenwu, Yu Weihe, Louis, Su Daqiang, Yu Guangrong, Nie Yao, Lin Ruxin, and other main actors, all of whom were interviewed briefly.

Another reporter stood up and asked:

“I’ve heard that the original title song for Three Kingdoms was composed by old Mr Zhao Tianhua, a leading composer, but it was later changed to Li Tiezhu’s ‘Rolling Yangtze River Passing East’. Is that right? May I ask if the crew isn’t afraid of Old Mr Zhao …… spraying you?”

A low laugh came from the stage, Mr Zhao writes songs fiercely and sprays people even more fiercely, the jianghu is called the first old sprayer in the music world.

Li Tiezhu was confused, so, I am the spare tyre reverse?

Gao Xixi took the microphone and laughed:

“I’ll answer this question, indeed, in the beginning it was me who personally carried Shaoxing flower carvings to the door and begged the old man to write a song. He was a fan of the Three Kingdoms, so he readily agreed. Later, we found Li Tiezhu’s song, which was still quite entangled, so, in the principle of respecting the old artist, we sent it to him for a look. His opinion was to let “Rolling Yangtze River” be the theme song, and his song would be fine for the interlude. Old Mr Zhao may have a bratty temper, but his chest is nothing to write home about.”

Snap ……

A round of applause and a sigh of relief that there were times when Old Master Zhao didn’t spray people? Miracle ah! As for the chest …… lol da.

Everyone has heard the Li Tiezhu song, it’s so good.

But you can only hear four lines in Infinite Challenge, not all of them, so people can’t decide what the quality of the song really is now.


Sitting in the car back to the hotel, watching the live broadcast, Zhao Liya’s eyes are still a little red, Grandpa even sneakily wrote a song for “Three Kingdoms”? I don’t tell me, it looks like you want to show me off again after the TV series is aired.

I’m not going to tell you, but it looks like he wants to show me off after the TV show! Li Tiezhu was killed by Li Tiezhu, right?


Fingers flying, hurriedly send a blessing weibo to grandpa:

“The Yangtze River rolls on, and the waves sweep away the heroes! The latter waves of the Yangtze River push forward the former waves, and the former waves die on the beach! Li Tiezhu Race High!”

Master Zhao, who was far away in Chang’an, opened his mobile phone, and the flower carvings in his hand suddenly stopped smelling good.

That song is really good, I Zhao Tianhua let it go, should be angry or angry.

The old master’s direct voice:

“Grandpa, I have written many theme songs, not this one! Even if Li Tiezhu is great, wasn’t he eliminated by The Voice? You lost the bet, ten jin of plum wine.”

That side said back:

“There’s still the resurrection round, he’ll definitely make it to the top three. Besides, I just realised he’s my childhood pen pal Brother Pillar.”

“Such a coincidence? Then grandpa won’t spray him, I was going to say that the title song is not well sung, and I’ll spray a wave of shivering sound tomorrow.”

“I should have known that I wouldn’t teach you to play Shivering Voice.”

Zhao Liya sent a slightly slightly slightly emoji.


“My question is for Li Tiezhu, may I ask, how do you feel about being eliminated from The Voice?”

This reporter picked a fight.

Gao Xixi’s face was not good and wanted to answer instead of Li Tiezhu.

Li Tiezhu refused and said: ”Feelings? What’s in the past is in the past, I’ll study advanced royal music and engine singing with all my heart. The top ten of The Voice, I booked it!”

Another reporter asked, “Contestant Li Tie Zhu, may I ask if you have any complaints or harbour any grudges against the two mentors who voted you out?”

Li Tie Zhu: “Thank them! Really! As I said, I will try to comprehend the guidance of the two mentors and learn their essence. Then, tomorrow night, I’ll broadcast the results of my learning live on Jitterbug as a thrashing of the two mentors.”

Reporter: “Repayment? Ten songs a day? Are you kidding me? No one can do that ……”

Li Tiezhu: “That’s an ordinary person you’re talking about, and I’m a genius.”

Reporter: “So what type of songs will …… be writing?”

Li Tiezhu: “Great songs! Divine songs! Classics! Each one of them represents the noble elegance of royal music and combines the outbursts and rhythms of engine singing.”

Reporter: “……”

Bull shit is not blown like this, you damn will not pretend ah? Who dares to say that he writes songs that are all classic? And ten songs a day!

A stone stirs up a thousand waves.

Li Tiezhu did not make peace with the mud but chose to “confrontation”, immediately let the journalists were very happy.

The reporter asked Gao Xixi: “May I ask what you think about Li Tiezhu, the composer, arranger and singer of the theme song of Three Kingdoms, who has just been eliminated by The Voice?”


I’m not the director of The Voice, no comment.

Li Tie Zhu’s match has nothing to do with The Three Kingdoms, so that’s probably it, the same old story.

Gao Xi Xi doesn’t, he said, “Like a thorn in the back! Like a fish bone in the throat!”

The whole room froze.

Only to see, Gosseyn’s face was ironic as he looked around the crowd:

“I don’t know about music, but I can’t stand to see the actions of certain people who turn their hands to the wind and turn their hands to the rain. This contestant sang average but worked hard, advancing. This contestant sang well, I’m doing it for your own good, so eliminated. Take the audience for fools?!”

“I trust the audience and listeners more than the so-called judges. In three minutes, you will see the true calibre of Li Tiezhu. As for whether the song is good or bad, the audience will have their own judgement in their hearts! Thank you!”

Getting slapped is to be slapped back!

At ten o’clock sharp, the interview ended, and the first episode of Three Kingdoms began with five TV stations, two APPs, and a simultaneous live broadcast across the network.

The screen is again black and slowly emerging, a close-up of the Yangtze River’s waves.

Music gradually rose, accompanied by a few rapid drums, pale and ancient meaning spread, calling people’s scalp numb.

The scene gradually changed to a dilapidated city, beacon smoke raging, corpses like mountains, a wooden cart overturned, a tattered blood-stained war flag swaying in the wind.

A piece of wind swept by in the accompaniment.

It’s like plucking away the wind, frost and snow of 1,800 years and visiting the chaotic world again.

A slightly abrupt but just right gong sounded.

The scene changes to a tragic and vast war scene, thousands of cavalry in a wedge formation, rushing towards the infantry in a tight formation.

Looking down from the air, the sand field is like a chessboard, and the people are like ants.

The moment the cavalry rushes into the infantry camp, the scene suddenly fades. The image once again returns to the waves of the Yangtze River.

Drums, trumpets, reeds, fiddles …… and winds mingle.

Under the background of music, a magnificent historical epic is perfectly presented in the eyes and heart of the viewer.

However, the accompaniment has been almost a minute, but no song sounded.

What’s going on?