The Rockstar Chapter 103


“I got goosebumps.”


“Man! I’m so shocked I’m eating shit all over the place ……”

“Want some we’ll crowdfund and send it to you.”

“Catch upstairs oh curry flavour.”

“Here’s a joke for you guys, Yehenara: Li Tiezhu can’t arrange music!”

“Poor review, not royal high class music.”

“Engine singing?”

“Why doesn’t Li Tiezhu sing?”

“The intro to this song is too long, isn’t it?”

The time came to the 56th second, the accompaniment sound reduced, a few guzheng clear and bright, the song was late:

The rolling Yangtze River passes through the east

The waves have wiped out the heroes

Right and wrong, success and failure, all in vain.

The green hills are still there

The sun is still setting.


White-haired fisherman and woodcutter on the river

used to watching the autumn moon and spring breeze

A pot of turbid wine and a happy meeting

How many things have happened in the past and present

All in a laughing stock

The song stops, and the whole song is only three minutes long?


But powerful.

Those watching couldn’t help but applaud, not enthusiastically, just to show appreciation, as the drama began.

The pop-ups grew:

“Ethan-sensei was right, a masterpiece!”

“Tell me another joke: Li Tiezhu was eliminated from The Voice because he couldn’t write the song well enough to sing it.”

“A graduate student in the composition department, listened to it on my knees.”

“I just want to @Yehnara @Wang Feng.”

“Just for this song, I’m catching up on ‘Three Kingdoms’.”

“And it’s gone?”

“Li Tiezhu is so short ……”

“Iron column, length is not a problem, just hard enough. See how hard this song is?”

“You guys are crooked, I’ve called the police.”

After the title song was sung, the live screen was dark, and a montage of footage of the elimination of the Yellow Turban Rebellion gradually emerged.

The voiceover started:

At the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, the Yellow Turban Rebellion shook the nine states, although the August that levelled, however, the Han Dynasty is difficult to get rid of the accumulated ills ……

And then, into the main film.

The first episode, Dong Zhuo bullying young master insulted colleagues, Cao A concealer assassination was exposed, pretending to offer a knife to escape Luoyang accidentally killed Lv Boshi, the vassals are thinking of soldiers under the Tiger Prison Pass.

In the second episode, Guan Yunchang beheads Hua Xiong with warm wine, Lv Fengxian fights three Ying on horseback, Dong Zhuo burns down the eastern capital and coerces the son of heaven to flee to the west, Sun Jian gets the jade seal by chance and causes infighting among all the vassals, and Liu Guanzhang walks away in anger. ……

The new version of “Three Kingdoms” is so fast-paced that one can’t stop watching, especially the war scenes are extremely grand and magnificent, which is breathtaking.

After the two episodes were shown, the guests at the premiere gave a warm applause, and there was no doubt that it was a good drama.

Guests took the microphone to express their opinions, and the vast majority of them were praises.

Chen Wenwu’s Cao Cao is treacherous and cunning but loves and cherishes talent, Yu Weihe’s Liu Bei is loyal and righteous but has a deep Chenfu, and Yu Guangrong’s Guan Yu is courageous but arrogant ……

Even followed by Gongsun Zan next to only show a few shots of Zhao Yun actor Nie Yao, have been praised several times, this is the dress temperament most suitable Zhao Yun.

As for the theme song “Rolling Yangtze River Passing East”, naturally, it was also commented on by many people.

Emperor professional teacher Chen Mingdao:

“I’m regretting it now, just for this song, I should have come to play a role, even if it’s a cameo! Unfortunately, Gao Xi Xi didn’t call me.”

Pop-up: There’s no emperor for you to play in this drama.

Professor of the East Sea Conservatory of Music, National Special Grade Musician Zheng Hernian:

“This song is generous and tragic, stirring! The rivers and mountains, the country and the world, several times of conquest life for a hundred years, like a dream. The mood of the words and the melody are a perfect match. The composition is majestic, the accompaniment is magnificent, and with Li Tiezhu’s highly recognisable voice, just the right rhythm and length, it fully raises the standard of the entire drama.”

Asked if he was over-hyping, the old man added:

“No exaggeration! It’s ancient yet modern, beautiful yet stirring! It takes decades in the music world to produce such a piece, and it cannot be written without a great spirit in your heart.”

Pop-up: Li Tiezhu’s heart is as big as a bucket steady as an old dog!

At twelve o’clock sharp, the premiere of Three Kingdoms ended successfully, and the media and guests gradually dispersed.

Backstage, Gao Xixi got the first handful of premiere data and was also flushed with excitement, announcing to the creative team:

“Three Kingdoms has 54 million TV viewings and 32 million online viewings, totalling 86 million. That means the number of viewers must have broken 100 million!”

The crowd also cheered, this data was bullish enough, other than that, this year’s number one ranking was secure.

Gao Xixi waved his hand, “Go! Change your clothes, Jiangzhe Hui, my private treat!”

Li Tiezhu: “What kind of meal in the middle of the night?”

Nie Yao: “Who’s eating? To drink, of course!”

Li Tiezhu: “Can I not go then? I don’t know how to drink.”

Nie Yao’s expression gradually perverted as he shouted, “Attention all departments! Li Tiezhu won’t drink, Li Tiezhu won’t drink, Li Tiezhu won’t drink, say the important things three times. Brothers, later on, everyone take care of Tie Zhu!”

Yu Weihe: “That’s absolutely, must be taken care of fiercely.”

Li Tiezhu gratefully said, “Thank you Brother Yao.”


An hour and a half later, the first floor of the Jiangzhe Hui was bustling with activity, Gao Xixi sang on the stage, Lin Ruxin danced with her, and a group of people below pushed the cups and exchanged drinks, and it looked like it couldn’t be finished without three or four hours.

The unconscious Li Tiezhu was carried downstairs by Qin Tao, and Nie Yao insisted on seeing him off.

The brothers took care of Li Tiezhu brutally.

Nie Yao helped call a car and paid the money, instructed Qin Tao to send a message at home, and then, turning over and killing back, Shijiazhuang Zhao Zilong can still fight another three hundred rounds.

When I arrived at the apartment building, it was almost two o’clock, and the evening wind blew, Li Tiezhu vomited.

Qin Tao on the side to help pat the back, laughed: “You a Ha Ma Pi, the first time you drink a bottle of white wine, did not die in the Jiangzhe Hui, is already a great life!”

Spit out much better, Li Tiezhu said, “Yu Wei and the old cunt ah! If I don’t drink, they Peach Garden three brothers are going to take off my trousers. It’s not like I can beat him up.”

“Might as well take off your trousers, scare them.”

“You roll, we are all friends, we can’t hurt their self-esteem …… Go buy me a bottle of water, please, Brother Tao!”

“Eh, good boy.”

Li Tiezhu sat on the side of the road, finally opened the mobile phone, the premiere could not be switched on, and then was dunked in a daze, but also did not have the opportunity to look at the mobile phone.

Deng Deng Deng ……

Dozens of WeChat messages, eight missed calls, all from cats.

Li Tiezhu sobered up a bit, “Something can’t really have happened to her, right? I told you that she is not in the right mood today.”

The messages sent by the cat were all asking her to find her at her house.

Li Tiezhu made a phone call, and the opposite side answered in seconds, apparently still not sleeping.

“What’s wrong? Cat …… you people are all right? Can’t you say it on the phone? Well, I’ll come over right away.”

Hanging up the phone, Li Tiezhu took the water that Qin Tao had just bought, rinsed his mouth, and drank it all in one gulp, and said, “You go back first, I’ll ride my bike to go to Miss Leng Ba’s house, she has something to look for me.”

Qin Tao rolled his eyes, “It must be something important right? You are drunk like this are …… okay?”

Li Tiezhu unlocked the small yellow bike on the roadside: “I’m sober, I can find my way, don’t worry.”

Qin Tao waved his hand and walked away, “I’m not asking you if you can do it in this regard, but …… forget it, you go play, I wish you guys a good time! See you tomorrow.”

Li Tiezhu rode the car and left, how to see you tomorrow? I will come back after talking about things.