The Rockstar Chapter 104

Riding the bike east and west to Lengba teacher s district, the wine is a little strong, the first time drunk Li Tiezhu eyes are a little confused, his head is like a paste.

He bought some cat food at the intersection of the small supermarket, crisps, chilli fries, small finish can dry noodles and so on, thinking is not too clear, but the awareness of the cat breeder is still there.

Li Tiezhu stuck to the wall and rang the doorbell.


Click, the door quickly opened.

“Tie Zhu, what …… happened to you? Why is the mobile phone not switched on? The cat is worried to death! Why are you drinking so much? Quick, come in ……”

Leng Ba nervously helped Li Tiezhu into the house.

“Here, cat food.”

“You ……”

“I’m not stingy, picking …… picking expensive ones to buy, all the ones I’ve seen you eat ……”

“You all remember?”

Li Tiezhu leaned on the sofa and did not speak again, his hand covered his forehead, his head hurt a little.

Leng Ba’s nose is a little sour, to say that the two people stayed together for a very small amount of time, he is a steel straight man, actually remembered the snacks that cats love to eat. Stingy into a cat breeder, actually bought eighteen yuan a bag of imported crisps.

When he thought that because of his own selfishness, he was targeted by Wang Da Shao, and his bright future turned into a bubble, Leng Ba blamed himself even more.

She didn’t think at first that she would bring such a big trouble to Li Tiezhu.

Li Tiezhu pinched his forehead with his thumb, looked at the frozen Leng Ba, and said with heartache:

“Why aren’t you eating? Cat, what happened to you? Who bullied you? Give me a word, I’ll help you beat him up! Don’t worry, I’m very capable of fighting. No one is allowed to bully my cat!”

“I’m sorry, I’m the one who got you eliminated.”

Leng Ba’s watery hazel eyes leisurely looked at Li Tiezhu, finally choosing to be honest.

Li Tiezhu pinched his head a little harder:

“Hiss! What’s it to you? It’s those two tutors who are screwing me. Don’t worry about it, although I’m stupid, I’m never bullied for nothing, tomorrow night you’ll see how I’ll disgust them to death.”

Leng Ba: “But …… I used you.”

Li Tiezhu interrupted, “I tell you, like me this kind of stupid, in fact, not stupid at all, witty as a match! IQ is not high, but see people thieves. In high school, I chose Qin Tao as a friend, the class flower counts half. In the audition, with four mentors, I chose you to hold my popsicle. In the finals, three tutors, I did not hesitate to choose Mr Ethan. Who’s good and who’s bad? Smart people have to guess half the time, but fools can tell at a glance. Really! So …… I believe you, you’re a good cat.”

Sure enough, drunkenness talks a lot.

Coldbar smiled, in order to comfort me, cat owners are beginning to blacken themselves, he obviously also has a hard time himself.

Honest guys are drinking like this, is how humiliating it must be! The mobile phone is also not turned on, he is such a person, but he is drinking alone until 2 am ……


For someone with his talent to be eliminated in that disgusting way is a total public humiliation. And he, moreover, took the humiliation alone for the sake of the other contestants backstage and still went to quell the incident.

No one else could stand it.

She came behind the sofa and helped Li Tiezhu pinch his forehead, ”It was Wang Da Shao who greeted and eliminated you. The programme team seemed reluctant, but those two mentors were obedient.”

Li Tiezhu grunted in enjoyment, the cat’s handiwork was good, her fingers were icy and so comfortable, “Who is Wang Da Shao? I don’t know.”

“It’s the one who came to my house last time and kicked over the coffee table.”

“He ah! If you hadn’t stopped me last time, I would have chased him out to get him, bullying a woman, what kind of thing is that?”

“Eh ……”

“Know where he lives? I’ll go and severely beat him up overnight.”

“You can’t really beat this one.”

“Is he very good at martial arts?”

“This …… his father is the richest man.”

“Well! Can’t beat him, can only find a chance to come to the dark side, take advantage of him when he is alone to set the sack ……”

“Pfft …… how much did you drink?”

“A bottle of Wuliangye.”



Li Tiezhu, who already had a splitting headache, had his brain explode, was he hallucinating from drinking too much?

Leng Ba stood behind the sofa, her hands gently rubbing Li Tiezhu’s temples, bending down, her delicate face crawling with a red haze, her red lips as delicate as flowers. She looked down at the black-faced man with drunken eyes below – the shallow lip print on his forehead.

“He’s been chasing me for two years, on and off, I guess, and when he says he’s chasing, it’s really a deal. He’s got all the girlfriends, I guess he’s a collector or something, basically changing them every few months. I’m annoyed, but I can’t afford to mess with him, and Mimi can’t do anything about it, so I have to avoid him as much as possible. Last time, when you stayed at my house, he came to harass me again, coincidentally, you came out …… with a cloth, and I was so annoyed that on impulse, I used you as a shield, probably because I’d rather be your cat than be his girlfriend, and then, he kicked over the coffee table.”

“So that’s what happened! I said it, teacher how you somehow …… as a cat. It scared me at the time!”

“So, this time it’s him getting back at you. I’m sorry I got you into trouble.”

“Teacher ……”

“Call the cat!”

“No, it’s already been said ah, you are using me as a shield before the cat, in fact, it is not necessary ……”

“That was before. Before is the cat’s fault, but behind is you personally put the cat collar on the cat, no cheating. Look at you honestly, I didn’t expect …… humph!”

“Hmm! Okay, cat. Press with …… a little harder.”

Leng Ba’s pouting appearance was too enticing, Li Tiezhu did not dare to look directly at it, so he had to close his eyes.

And after that, no one said anything, the cat breeder and the cat already have a tacit understanding, he does not blame but tries to want to protect, and she does not blame herself for the guilt. Leng Ba thoughtfully pinched Li Tiezhu’s forehead, his fingers were a little sore, but the cat didn’t stop.

“Ten songs a day, is it really okay.”

“No problem, well, it’s time for me to go back to the flat and sleep.”

“Don’t go back if you look like this.”

“Okay. The cat shouldn’t blame himself too much …… as long as he doesn’t bully you anymore in the future, it doesn’t matter if he retaliates against me. If he …… dares, dare to harass the cat again, you must tell me, I really give him a dog said sack! Who am I …… I …… who am I? I’m not sure if I can do it, but I’ll do it! Right! I, Li Tiezhu, said to …… do it.”

“The cat believes you.”

“Well, don’t press it, I’m hard …… I’m sleepy.”

“Cat help you to rest.”

“Thanks …… thanks.”

“You’re welcome, it’s your own cat.”

“Cat you smell good.”

“What smell? The cat has been worried about waiting for you until now, she hasn’t even showered or taken off her make-up, so you’re drunk and dizzy, right?”

“There are so many stars in the room ……”

“Sure enough, I’m drunk.”

Li Tiezhu fell into bed and fell asleep, even started snoring, this day was too tiring.

Leng Ba put down her heart, went to take a shower and changed into a nightgown ready to go back to the master bedroom to sleep. After thinking about it, she went to fetch a basin of warm water, wiped Li Tiezhu’s face, and helped him cover the quilt.

Then, a cry of alarm.

The cat couldn’t move, it was locked by the cat breeder’s control skill, and, this control skill also had a paralysis and stun effect.

Was this going to kill the cat?

No, he wasn’t awake, snoring softly and slurring something.

So it’s just jerking off the cat, no less.

This guy, how much heavy work has he done at the construction site at a young age? The hands are full of calluses …… on both hands.

Control skills last a little longer, half an hour later, the legs of the soft Lengba only found the opportunity to escape the clutches. Softly slipped out of bed, tiptoe holding the wall to escape back to their own bedroom, finally picked up a “life”.