The Rockstar Chapter 105

The middle of the night to jerk the cat hand, the next day, Li Tiezhu in a good mood, go to the training base to pack things to go, Xiao Yue Yue called.

Li Tiezhu: “Yue, hello! What’s the matter?”

Xiao Yue Yue: “Brother, are you okay? Those two tutors are so disgusting, I’ve already cursed them.”

“Ah? It’s fine, brother, thank you.”

“You’re really okay? Wow! Worthy of being my idol, what a great mental strength, let me tell you, I’ve been bullied like this in Yundesha, more than once, so go for it. I’ll be there to support you in the resurrection match and advance! In the end let’s take the overall championship!”

“Don’t, forget about the overall championship, I’ve booked the top ten, don’t worry, I won’t give up.”

Li Tiezhu quite touched, Xiaoyue Yue Yue this person it, seemingly naive and stupid in fact cunning, IQ is very high kind. Li Tiezhu “stupid eyes” but can see that this person is worth making friends with, his cunning is forced out, people are not bad.

“There is another thing, there is a programme is quite hot, invited me to participate in a period. I want to bring you along, are you free? Anyway, you are also …… on holiday.”

“Ah? Thanks brother.”

“It’s fine, so it’s settled then? I’ll talk about a time to contact you, it should be in the next two days.”


“Bye Brother Yue!”

“Bye Brother Tiezhu!”

Li Tiezhu put away the phone, thought to himself, Xiao Yue Yue’s heart is good, just, this invitation for me to participate in the programme, I always feel that I do not have a good heart ah! He is looking for a job for me, yes, it’s quite sincere, not easy, but it seems to be a little evil.


After a night of fermentation, Li Tiezhu was eliminated things, has been online all over the city, the neck, jitterbug, penguin forum …… is full of discussion about this matter.

Li Tiezhu topped the first hot search on the whole network.

Someone sent out a short video of “Rolling Yangtze River”, @ Yehenala and Wang Feng, and questioned them about the song that could surpass this one.

The comment section was full of mockery, teasing, and even cursing.

Some netizens covered “Junior” and had people play the two tutors to comment on it, extremely spoofing it, making the royal high music and engine singing, at once, hot stems.

Gao Xisi’s phrase “like a thorn in the back, like a fish in the throat” also spread all over the Internet, he said a lot of people’s heart.

At the same time, the footage of Mr Ethan kicking the table and walking away has been furiously praised and retweeted by countless people.

Under the agitation, general director Hong Bo came out to clarify: the elimination of Li Tiezhu is the tutor’s decision, the programme group has no right to interfere, but to ensure that Li Tiezhu in the resurrection match will be treated fairly.

The two mentors also had to speak out.

Yehenara: I am trying to spur Li Tiezhu to improve, it was Wang Feng who eliminated him.

Wang Feng: I appreciate Li Tiezhu very much, otherwise I wouldn’t have pointed out his shortcomings, Yehnela should be responsible for this.

Still singing a double act.

Then, they are cursing under the scarf, deleting can not be deleted, can only ask the water army to curse each other.

But the most attention is still what Li Tiezhu said about the Jitterbug live broadcast at nine o’clock tonight.


Li Tiezhu packed up his things and walked out of the training base, and instead of leaving immediately, he took a selfie video in front of the base:

“Hello everyone, I am Li Tiezhu. In order to thank the two mentors for their devoted teaching and earnest expectations, tonight at nine o’clock, I will report on my learning achievements in the Jitterbug Live Stream, so please be punctual and watch!”

In the evening, Li Tiezhu cooked a large pot of dry pot ribs, and Qin Tao two people pouted in the living room by the coffee table to eat and eat, Xiao Jiu also followed and rubbed a piece of ribs, spicy suspicion of meow sheng.

Qin Tao intermission, set up a mobile phone holder, a little worried: “Really want to do this?”

Li Tiezhu scalded duck sausage: “Which time have you seen me being bullied and not fighting back?”

“I’m trying to say, in the past we faced some ordinary people, it doesn’t matter if you’re a bit horizontal, but those two are big stars who have already become famous, aren’t you afraid of their retaliation?”

“No. Moreover, I’m not humiliating them! I’m learning from them and reporting the results of my learning.”

“But …… did you really write that many ‘good songs’? It’s only been a day.”

“Just wait and see.”


In the afternoon, Li Tiezhu that short video, more than a million likes, and many people forwarded, many good people in order to see the live “debriefing performance” attention to Li Tiezhu.

After all, it is a serious brother Li Tiezhu’s first live broadcast to do things, everyone is still very interested.

A few hours, Li Tiezhu’s fans skyrocketed to more than six million.

Nine o’clock.

Li Tiezhu started broadcasting on time, and the fans immediately flooded in.

One thousand, two thousand, five thousand, ten thousand ……

What is this situation? Isn’t it a debriefing show? Why are Serious and Postpartum eating hot pot? Have they turned into a food show?

Swipe up the replies:

“Li Tiezhu, what are you eating?”

“Are they ribs? Does it smell good?”

“Serious brother, you’ve drifted, pork is so expensive, you’re eating ribs!”

“Hey! Are you guys spitting on the wrong thing? Isn’t it a debriefing performance?”

“Serious brother, please start your performance.”

Li Tiezhu was gnawing on ribs and said vaguely, “There’s no rush! Now the people are still a little less, I’m afraid that the friends who came in behind can’t appreciate it, don’t miss the opportunity if you walk by!”

The live broadcast gifts also followed the brush up, not very valuable, but winning in the lively.

“Tie Zhu don’t be discouraged, the mothers group will always support you!”

“Those two tutors don’t behave, yuck!”

“It’s indeed too disgusting.”

“Serious Brother Resurrection Match, let’s vote for you together, kill the top ten, and pay the blood debt!”

Li Tiezhu was startled: “It’s not that exaggerated! Tutor Yehnela and tutor Wang Feng, they are very good to me, you guys don’t want to pick on our relationship. One of them cares about my musical taste, and the other instructs me on my singing, I am personally deeply grateful.”

In just two to three minutes, the number of people in the live broadcast room had already come to 120,000, which showed the heat of this incident.

“Are you stupid?”

“Don’t be serious upstairs, Serious Brother is being ironic.”

“Grateful! Grateful to their eighteen generations.”

Li Tiezhu picked up a piece of chicken wing and sang, “Just like this, I conquered you …… cutting off all the roads ……”

Qin Tao applauded with ribs in his mouth, “Yeah! You’re great.”

“Hahaha! I knew it!”

“Here it comes! The main film is coming.”

“Please take your seats and concentrate on Tie Zhu’s debriefing.”

Li Tiezhu sang a line and gnawed on a chicken wing rather intoxicatedly, saying, “Royal high class music! Tsk! I didn’t feel it before when I didn’t listen to the songs much, but today, when I turned over Tutor Yehnela’s songs and observed them, good lord! Scared my head off.”

“Ah I’m dead!”

“I’m the one who scared my head off. You really dislike it?”


“My serious brother has never been a wimp! Royal high class music, yeah!”

“You guys are going to die!”


“Scared me so much I took the ball off and kicked it in the head.”

“It’s so deadly.”

“Can’t you say it? Her song was already dirt, and royal, and a sister ……”

“I fucking …… backhand is a Ferrari!”

Your grandpa is flying in the sky, presenting a Ferrari to the anchor.