The Rockstar Chapter 106

Qin Tao is responsible for the comic relief: “Pick up your head, don’t throw it away, nowadays we are talking about rubbish classification.”

Li Tiezhu: “How to talk? No matter what, it’s still rubbish that has been imbued with royal high class music. After enjoying the rubbish, no, after enjoying the royal music, I picked up the head, and with a pious mood, I went to learn the engine singing of Wang Feng. Then ……”

Qin Tao: “The head fell off again?”

Li Tiezhu: “No, this time I am as intoxicated. Listen to ah …… forget the baby cream forget to pay the tax bill, forget the terrible love last spring, forget the rose gold forget the cowhide skirt, forget those old sweet lies, let’s swing together, swing together ……”

Qin Tao: “Why is it like a pendulum.”


“This song is so good!”

“Tie Zhu sings it with more flavour.”

“How are you going to hack it?”

“How do you call it black? Serious brother this is research and study.”

“I’ll see how you blow it, I’ll send you a helicopter if you blow it well.”

“Tractors can be okay.”

“Scared me to look at the tractor keys on my waist.”

“It’s a bit too dark, but they don’t want Billian when they darken you, feel free, it’s quite joyful.”

“Right, right, right, you are not afraid to die we are afraid to look?”

“You do the first day and I do the fifteenth, Li Tiezhu continue.”

“Backhand is a helicopter.”

Your sister off me to do something, reward the anchor a helicopter.

At this time, the live broadcast began less than ten minutes, there are already more than one million and one hundred thousand people came to watch Li Tiezhu die. Openly live mocking two long-famous singers, is not a death wish is what?

Qin Tao: “Well, learning makes progress!”

Li Tiezhu: “That’s right, after enjoying the masterpieces of the two tutors, I fell into an extremely subtle state, as if I were an immortal ……”

Qin Tao: “Immortal picking peaches?”

Li Tiezhu: “Be civilised, it’s an immortal pointing out the way, I’ve instantly opened up the second chakra of my nymphets.”

Qin Tao: “You want to ascend to heaven?”

Li Tiezhu: “No! I am ascending! My creative inspiration stretches as far as a string of rarities, and my singing is as silky as Tutor Wang’s leather trousers!”

Qin Tao: “Stringing thin in leather trousers? Side leakage prevention? Deeply inspired by Tutor Wang Feng’s essence!”

Li Tiezhu: “Tie! Sins shut up! I’m having an epiphany, I created ten songs in one day, possessing the advanced sense of royal music, sung with a tractor …… no, sung with an engine, absolutely stunning.”

Qin Tao: “Ten new songs ah? Sing one chant.”

Li Tiezhu picked up the guitar from the sofa, and then ow is a voice: “You mo go! I won’t go …… gambled a spell, pulled a hook, you mo go, I won’t go, the sky as a quilt, the ground as a shop …….”

Qin Tao: “Crouch! Good Jill senior!!!”

Live Commentary:

“Oh my god! My ears!”

“Amazing song, please take my knee.”

“Great God, take away the divine power!”

“You mo go ……”

“I’m not leaving! Wait for you yo.”

“Why do I sound so emotional? Is this royal music?”

“High class indeed.”

“Li Tiezhu, you’re damn talented.”

The hot pot should be eaten standing up, gifting the anchor a yacht!!!!

“@Fondue is to be eaten standing up, Zhao Liya, aren’t you afraid of offending your mentor?”

“She disliked Yehenara on the show, how can she be afraid?”

After singing half a sentence, Li Tiezhu gave himself another pile of cauliflower and said, “How is it? Does this song ‘You Mo Go’ feel noble?”

Qin Tao: “It is very royal! There is Yehe Nara tutor internal flavour …… This kind of superb song, not often seen!”

Li Tiezhu: “That can’t be, this is only the first song, after the two tutors enlightened me through the two chakras, I wrote ten songs in one day today, and there are still nine more, each classic.”

Qin Tao: “ooh …… really?”

The number of people in the live broadcast room exceeded two million.


“I don’t believe it! This song has already sealed the deal, how can there be such a strange song?”

“Ten songs? One day?”

“As long as it’s half as hard as this one, I’ll be convinced.”

“What do you mean it’s hard to hear? It’s clearly immortal music.”

“Royal high class music.”

“Just came. What did Li Tiezhu sing? Another new song?”

“Bro you missed a billion!”

Li Tiezhu: “You can look down on me! But you can’t look down on royal music, you can’t look down on engine singing!”

Qin Tao: “I was wrong! Come on, the second song?”

Singing Mountain Songs ……”

Qin Tao: “Well! Old driver driving steady.”


“God-like creation!”

“Li Tiezhu is invincible!”

“Serious brother sealing the battle of the gods, ten songs, if you keep this quality, to go crazy ……”

“True – Battle of the Mad God!”

“The key is written in one day, I believe, before being disgusted by those two people, Li Tiezhu would never write this kind of song.”

“Pleasantly surprised, True Gil’s wonderful debriefing performance!”

Leng Ba gifted the anchor with three helicopters!

“I’ll go! Straight to the big one? How dare you?”

“Teacher Leng Ba is too supportive of Li Tie Zhu, right?”

“Fake, right?”

“I clicked in and looked, it’s officially certified, it’s really Teacher Leng Ba.”

The number of people in the live broadcast room exceeded four million.

Li Tiezhu suddenly sighed a little, the cat is still very loyal and protective of its master! Even for the sake of the cat not being bullied, he still wants to dislike those two stupid mentors.

I, Li Tiezhu, have never wanted any justice, if you humiliate me, I will humiliate you, that’s how rigid I am!

Li Tiezhu’s third song:”…… Until the autumn winds and the barren grasses are piled up, I’m beautiful, I’m drunk, I’m drunk, I’m drunk ……”

Qin Tao: “I am also drunk.”

The number of people in the live broadcast room exceeded six million.

Comments, “Damn, how can I not help but tear up, is …… this the legendary royal music? It’s actually so elegant!”

The fourth song: “A step in the wrong life-long mistake, go to sea accompanied by dance for life, dancer is also a person, the pain in the heart to whom to say …… accompanied by dance shaking ah shaking cradling and hugging, personality has long been in the wine bubble …… ”

Qin Tao: “Who is this? I’m going to rescue her.”

The number of people in the live broadcast room reached seven million.

Comments, “Li Tiezhu! Please allow me to call you …… dad!”

The fifth: “…… can’t afford to hurt really can’t afford to hurt, I want you want you want you want you to think of the blackout, the phone call to you beauty and in your arms, I hate you hate you hate you hate you hate you hate you hate you hate you hate you hate you hate you hate you hate you hate you hate you hate you hate you hate you hate you hate you hate you hate you hate you hate you hate you hate you really can’t afford to hurt you can’t afford to hurt you …… ”

Qin Tao: “I feel like I’m going to get ear cancer.”

Comment: “It’s too good! What do I need this Jill for?”

Track 6: “…… Fahai you don’t know love, Leifeng Tower will fall, we’re together, never part ……”

Qin Tao: “Well, it’s about the Song Dynasty, a story of a scholar who dared to say snake.”

COMMENTARY: “This engine sound hums, I cracked right up!”

Li Tiezhu’s meaning is obvious, what royal music what engine singing, in my eyes, it is this kind of forced.