The Rockstar Chapter 107

Seventh: “…… At first it was you who wanted to separate, separate, separate, and now you want to use true love to coax me back, love is not something you can buy if you want to buy it ……”

Qin Tao: “The law is forbidden, but there are some pink alleys ……”

COMMENTARY: “Eh! I fucking closed again!”

Just a half an hour, the live broadcast room has been flooded with more than eleven million viewers, each one was thundered outside, Li Tiezhu of these royal style plus engine singing, the first fatal ah!

This debriefing performance was truly wonderful!

The first seven songs are already the pinnacle, I wonder if the next three songs can go even further?

I wonder if the two tutors, Yehenara and Wang Feng, are watching!

[Ding! Congratulations to the host for completing the challenge, with 13 million live streamers and 10.2 million fans. Rewarded with 20 points of Intelligence Value, rewarded with Elementary Singing Skills]

Li Tiezhu received the reward and drank a mouthful of orange juice to ease his mind.

Even so, you can’t give up halfway!

Say ten songs, ten songs, not one less. In order to repay the two tutors for their selfless teaching, one must not cut corners.

That would be unethical!

Qin Tao: “Your face is green.”

Li Tiezhu: “Too into it, high class music makes me hyper.”

Qin Tao: “Take it easy, don’t throw up.”

Li Tiezhu: “Yes, I have to slow down a bit, anon! The ribs smell so good.”


“Thank you Li Tiezhu for slowing down, people sing for money you sing for your life ……”

“Serious brother, my mum said the songs you wrote are particularly good, ready to download and take them to square dance. Trouble you, the whole album!”

“Is it serious to make an album?”

“It’s shameful, but my mum also said it sounds good ……”

“Elegant music shines! Dog head.”

“Go Li Tiezhu, don’t let me down with the next three songs!”

Yun De She Xiao Yue Yue rewarded the anchor with three aircraft carriers.

“What the hell?”

“Xiao Yue, are you crazy?”

“Mr Guo will break your legs when he gets home!”

Yundeshe Xiaoyue: “No, Master is flipping his heels next to me, in a good mood. It’s Master Qian’er who asked me to give a reward. It’s not for Tie Zhu, it’s for Qin Tao, the grandpa said he’s a great comic and asked him if he’d like to learn comedy.”

“I’ll go! You not only rewarded, but also replied, how awesome!”

“Li Tiezhu is well liked!”

Wang Da Shao rewarded the anchor with ten aircraft carriers.


“Whose side are you on, Da Shao Wang?”

“I’m suddenly convinced that it’s not Young Master Wang who’s hacking Li Tiezhu.”

Wang Da Shao: “Nonsense! If I were to hack him, he wouldn’t even make it to the finals. Don’t waste time! Li Tiezhu, the last three songs, Zhou Dong and I are waiting to hear them!”

“Don’t hack our Dong Zhou, he can’t be this boring.”

Zhou Dong rewarded the anchor with ten aircraft carriers.

Zhou Dong: “No rush, no rush, take your time.”

“Hey ……”

“What the hell is swollen in this world?”

Li Tiezhu froze, Zhao Liya, Leng Ba reward is still extenuating, the two of them will certainly support themselves, Xiao Yue Yue slightly abrupt it, but also still acceptable.

However, what is the matter with Wang Da Shao and Zhou Dong?

Zhou Dong has never seen ah!

Mr Wong? Isn’t he the one who hacked me because of Leng Ba? Is it wrong?

Seems like the water is a bit deep!

85 points of IQ Li Tiezhu can not understand, but also do not want to, and hold up the guitar: “The eighth ‘sad ah sad’ to everyone …… sad ah sad, sad on the white head, since I parted with you ah, I live in the prison building, the tears ah can not stop the flow, can not stop the flow of the downstream …… hand ah holding a nest of head, the dish did not have a drop of oil ……”

Qin Tao: “Oh, this is shut down in the head of the classroom? The evils of Oh.”


“The same lumbar disc, why are you so prominent.”

“I’m sorry, I’m new to Shakeology and don’t know the rules, do I just laugh? Or do I have to go through some process?”

Li Tiezhu ninth first: “One shouldn’t ah two shouldn’t, you shouldn’t sneak me to love, sneak me to love me also has no relationship ah, you shouldn’t run to my home to …… nine shouldn’t ah ten shouldn’t, the most shouldn’t I also deeply put you to love … …”

Qin Tao: “Which so heavy taste, in love with you ah?”


“Tie Zhu, I’m sure you’ll go peacefully!”

“Don’t lose your cheating girlfriend, stick it with egg wash, coat it with breadcrumbs and deep fry it until it’s golden brown, the old king next door cried with gluttony.”

Li Tiezhu tenth: “Friends which should be remembered really, listen to me sing a section of thirteen pro, sentence is the truth, my friend ah, listen to in the ear in the heart which ay hey yell, parents are not necessarily pro, parents give us the grace of nurturing, full of sons and daughters can not be retained, my friend ah, year after year to add a new grave which ay hey yell … …”

The system showed that the last three songs were actually songs by the same great god in that world.

Li Tiezhu was convinced.

Qin Tao: “Also …… more philosophical huh?”


“Terrifying as hell!”

“Something as serious as adding a new grave and I poofed out a laugh ……”

“Why did you have to sing this divine song while I was squatting in the toilet? I’m on my knees in shit now.”

Li Tiezhu drank two more mouthfuls of orange juice, and after singing for forty to fifty minutes, his throat hurt a little:

“The above is my debriefing performance dedicated to the two tutors, these ten songs will be synthesised into an album called Royal Engine. I would like to dedicate this album to the two virtuous mentors, Yehnela and Wang Feng. I can’t thank you enough!”

“In addition, for the rumours on the internet that the two tutors have harmed me, I express my strong indignation and resolute condemnation. The two tutors have treated me extremely well, and I believe they will be very pleased to hear these ten songs.”

That’s right, it’s a blatant case of feeding you both shit, and you both can’t be angry, to say: this kid is so dutiful.

I’ll let you go down in history for ages with The Royal Engine!


“Don’t worry! I’ll @ them both a hundred times a day to get them to come listen to the album. Hahaha relief!”

“Really cool, Li Tiezhu is bullish.”

“‘Royal Engine’, the fighter among divine songs!”

“I was worried that Li Tiezhu couldn’t get justice, now I’m relieved.”

“Yeah, what kind of bullshit justice do you want? Directly disgust and humiliate them to death!”

“Justice? Decent people who want that shit.”

“Want to go downstairs to their house and play these ten songs on the stereo.”

“Boy, you’re creative.”

Seeing that the majority of netizens were so on board, Li Tiezhu was doubly pleased and said, “Thank you for your support, thank you for the gifts, thank you! Thank you for the careful guidance of the two tutors. Then …… I’ll get off the air.”

Qin Tao: “Good times are always short, friends, let’s see you next time, thanks!”

Then, Qin Tao got up and shut down the live broadcast.

Well! The total harvest of rewards is more than twenty-two thousand three hundred thousand dollars.

Li Tiezhu and Qin Tao looked at each other in dismay, an unexpected pleasure! I didn’t realise that live broadcasting could be so lucrative!

Injustice, donate donate donate ……

Anyway, after this night, Li Tiezhu was awarded the title of “Divine Comedy Heavenly King”.

You can’t go”, “Old Driver Take Me”, “Beautiful”, “Dancer Tears”, “Can’t afford to be hurt”, “Fahai You Don’t Understand Love”, “Love for Sale”, “Sorrow”, “Ten Shouldn’t”, “Thirteen Don’t Relate”.

These ten songs, overnight crazy magic thousands of girls, purify the social atmosphere ……

Li Tiezhu first network album “Royal Engine” – I would like to use this album first to Yehnala, Wang Feng two tutors, without you do not have these good songs.

This is so blatant to the two tutors to express “gratitude”, is simply a lifetime of immortality.