The Rockstar Chapter 108

Early the next morning, Royal Engine surprisingly made it to number four on Penguin Music’s Most Popular Albums chart, and is still surging upwards, with plenty of momentum behind it.

And the new comedian Mr Tony, who first appeared on the stage of “Cheerful Comedian” and laughed over the whole audience, directed himself on the street in the middle of the night, and one person played the male and female main characters, and filmed a music video of “You Mo Go” in support of the serious brother, and this music video was hot all over the Internet overnight.

The night before, the high-level meeting room of Kyoto Monolith Music was as cold and silent as the winter of the third nine days, especially the two shareholders, Yehnela and Wang Feng, their teeth were about to be gnashed.

Because, after tonight, they would become the object of ridicule on the entire internet, and could not say anything yet.

We can’t say that we teamed up to hack Li Tiezhu and he retaliated against us, right?

And Li Tiezhu, who completed the task, got the reward and immediately added the intelligence value, stupid and afraid.

Current intelligence value: 99 points.

Remaining intelligence value: 6 points.

Music Achievement: 107 points. (Ten sacred songs, each reaping one point of achievement value)

Variety Achievement: 167 points.

Film and TV Achievements: 5 points.

Shake fans: 10.92 million.

Cat Domestication: 19%.


How did the cat tameness level go up so much? It’s weird! I didn’t do anything. I just jerked her off in my dream. ……


Anyway, the first medal for the music achievement is here! The Variety achievement is also impressive, why is it so much higher than the Music achievement?

It’s not scientific!

Ding! Congratulations to the host for earning the Music Achievement “Debut” Medal, and for his entry-level acting skill “Acting with Colour”!


What do I need acting skills for? I’m a singer!

Li Tiezhu was speechless.


The next morning, sitting in the car heading to the mushroom house with Xiao Yueyue, Li Tiezhu was bored and examined his attributes.

The Mushroom House is a slow-life variety show, guarding clumsiness and returning to the idyll, bringing viewers a picture of self-reliance, self-sufficiency, warm hospitality, and a perfectly ecological life.

Because of its great difference from other variety shows, it is instead extremely hot.

Teacher He Ling is the top pillar of “Happy Camp”, and Huang San Shi even conquered billions of viewers with his superb cooking skills in “Where’s Dad”.

After the finale of “Infinite Challenge”, these two friends, joined forces to open this nation’s first slow variety show. Only aired two issues, but already ratings burst, dominated the platform hot search, the popularity of a moment.

It’s just too remote, it takes more than three hours by car.

Xiao Yueyue wore headphones and listened to the new album “Royal Engine” to try to ease, but still could not help but be apprehensive, and said to Li Tiezhu: “Are you nervous? Brother!”

Li Tiezhu did not bring Qin Tao, that cargo is now at a limited level, can not do the right thing, eat more, let him stay in the East China Sea to raise cats. Although Xiao Jiu is milk fierce, but so many days down, but also no longer scratch Qin Tao.


Li Tiezhu obviously did not hear what Xiao Yueyue said.

Xiao Yueyue slightly aggrieved: “I said, the first time on this kind of rural theme programme, are you nervous?”

Li Tiezhu: “What’s there to be nervous about? It is not just to go and order food for dinner?”

“I’m nervous, I’m afraid that if I don’t perform well, I’ll be scolded again. A lot of people on the internet call me a masterpiece, I ……”

“Isn’t that the truth? You’re too soft! Can’t you be hard? You’re not this soft and vulnerable in private, I know you’re this kind of image to become famous, but I always want to smoke how to do it?”

“What if I hate you? If I get tough, will they still like me?”

“Let’s give it a try, it’s their show anyway, we’ll leave after we make money and eat, so what’s wrong with giving it a try?”

Xiao Yue Yue: “Eh! So reasonable. Worthy of my brother Tie Zhu, this issue, I want to be a tough guy!”

Just you? Still a tough guy?

In the passenger seat, the staff twisted his head to look over with a speechless face:

“So what …… can call and order, this is the mobile phone provided by the programme.”

Xiao Yueyue took the mobile phone and handed it to Li Tiezhu:

“Brother! Call and order food.”

Li Tiezhu did not accept: “Don’t you want to get hard? You hit it.”

Xiao Yueyue blinked and shivered and dialled the phone, “Ah! Hello? I, that what, is the turnip house, mushroom house? I want to hard …… no, I want to order takeout, cough …… order food! Hahaha hiccup, order food!”

On the other end of the phone, Pang Pang: “Brother, you are a comedian, right? So funny!”

“…… Finished! I’m exposed.”

Xiao Yueyue was confused and looked to Li Tiezhu for urgent help.

Li Tiezhu covered his face, brother your IQ is not low, how did you make this mess? Mental quality is not too hard ah!

On the other end of the phone, Pang Peng was laughing epileptically: “Ahahahahaha …… swindled out, swindled out, is Yue brother! The comic brother Yue! Hey! Yue, what do you order?”

Yue Yupeng looked to Li Tiezhu: “Brother? What are we ordering?”

Li Tiezhu was speechless and whispered, “Jianyang mutton soup! Didn’t they raise sheep?”

Xiao Yueyue: “Ah! My brother said for you to slaughter the sheep, let’s just stew a pot tonight, Jianyang Mutton Soup! Tonic ……”

Pang Pang almost laughed out of breath: “Heh heh …… Tianba is a gift from Brother Chichi, can not be slaughtered! You order something else.”

Xiaoyue Yue to Li Tiezhu said: “That sheep called Tianba, is the Chen Chizhi inside the Dash Bar sent, can not be killed, let us point to something else. What to order?”

Li Tiezhu whispered, “Hot pot! To have tripe, goose intestines, duck blood, yellow throat, chicken claws, phoenix tail, bean skin, crispy intestines, yam, county liver, beef, fungus, county handle, five flowers, bamboo shoots, yellow spicy ding! And last but not least, folded ear root!”

Xiao Yueyue, worthy of being a comedian, cleared his throat and said, “Pumbaa, you’d better get your mobile phone and record it, eh! Right, we ordered hot pot. The dishes are, tripe, goose intestines, duck blood, yellow throat, chicken claw, phoenix tail, bean skin, crispy intestines, yam, shogun’s liver, beef, fungus, shogun’s handle, five-flower, bamboo shoots, and yellow chilli ding! And last but not least, folded ear root!”

Pumbaa: “Brother Yue, are you here to crash the party?”

Yue Yupeng was high and mighty: “That’s right! I, Yue Yupeng, am so tough!”

Doo doo doo doo ……

Holy shit! The phone hung up? I haven’t pretended enough.

It’s cool to be a tough guy!

Hahaha, tough guy ordering is just so fierce, keep them busy! Hummmm …… I hope Mr Wong doesn’t hit me.

Yue Yupeng can’t stop laughing, ah ah ah, so happy.


On the other hand, He Ling and Huang Sanshi, who were eating noodles in the courtyard, carried their bowls and watched Pangpeng trot over with a shocked face.

He Ling asked, ”What’s wrong? Who’s the one on the phone? Pang Pang.”

Pang Pang smiled wryly, “It’s Yue Yupeng Yue, there’s another one, Yue called him brother, I didn’t hear who he was.”

He Ling: “What did they order?”

Peng Pengju said in horror, “They actually wanted to eat Tianba! What Jianyang mutton soup, was decisively rejected by me.”

Huang Sanshi: “Why did you refuse? Tianba is quite good.”

He Ling smiled, “Teacher Huang, I advise you to be kind. Tianba is too pitiful……. So what, what did they order at the end?”

Peng Peng held up his mobile phone, “Listen for yourselves.”

“We ordered hot pot. The dishes are, tripe, goose intestines, duck blood, yellow throat, chicken claws, fatty beef, bean skin, crispy intestines, yam, shogun’s liver, beef, fungus, shogun’s handle, five flowers, bamboo shoots, and yellow chilli ding! And last but not least, folded ear root!”

He Ling laughed so hard that she spewed out her noodles, “Pfft! Is Little Yueyue so bold? Isn’t he afraid that Mr Huang will kill him?”

Pumbaa: “The attitude is exceptionally arrogant! Simply rampant!”