The Rockstar Chapter 109

Huang Sanshi took a sip of noodle soup, “Tsk! Rampant? Xiao Yue Yue is wimpy, he clearly has someone backing him up. Just by the fact that he wants to eat Janyang mutton soup, I know who it is, if it wasn’t for him, Xiao Yue Yue wouldn’t dare to be so rampant.”

He Ling: “Think beautifully, there’s still hot pot! The first two instalments of Chi Chi have already eaten us out of house and home ……”

Huang Sanshi put down his bowl, “Hey! It’s better to make it for him, hey …… Little Yue Yue’s backer, I can’t afford to mess with him.”

He Ling: “Ah? You can’t afford it? Who is it? Teacher Guo Gangde?”

Huang Sanshi skimmed his lips, “Well! More domineering than that, ‘Heavenly King’ level. I bow down to that!”

He Ling was dumbfounded, “Heavenly King? Likes to eat mutton soup?”

Peng Peng staggered, “That’s a hot pot! Even Teacher Chen Chi-Chi doesn’t have such a big face. This teacher must be a real big shot! Could it be Teacher Sun Lei?”

Huang San Shi: “Him? I’ll cook slippers for him when he comes. Alright, don’t guess, we’ll know when he comes.”

In fact, there is no such thing as both He Ling and Huang San Shi not knowing who the guest is, it’s just that the programme team will control the difference in information between He Ling and Huang San Shi in order to create suspense.

He Ling knew who part of the guests were, and Huang San Shi knew the other part.

Regarding the news that Xiao Yueyue was going to bring Li Tiezhu, He Ling really didn’t know, but the programme team had called Huang Sanshi yesterday for advice.

Huang San Shi naturally does not want to provoke a quarrel, but it so happened that at that time Huang Shao Shao was disgusted by the two tutors cried for most of the day, Huang San Shi fox eyes narrowed, on the spot on the chest to agree, but also intentionally very loud talking on the phone to attract Shao Shao’s attention.

Hang up the phone, Huang San Shi gently said to his daughter:

“Don’t cry! Dad brought your idol on the show. Other people are afraid of offending those two mentors, that’s bowing down to evil forces, dad I’m not afraid of anything! It’s just so righteous!”

As expected, the mellow Huang San Shi’s image in his daughter’s eyes was instantly taller.

Recalling his daughter’s adoring eyes, Huang San Shi couldn’t help but reveal the smile of an old father, “A hotpot is just a meal, it’s a small thing, what did the other guests order?”

Pang Peng: “A grandpa ordered fried eel, another young lady, ordered braised pig’s feet.”

He Ling laughed out loud, “Pang Pang, did you remember correctly? The young lady ordered pig’s feet?”

Huang Sanshi nodded and continued to drink the noodle soup, “Sigh …… it’s easy today, let’s the three of us go to town together to buy ingredients.”

He Ling: “This is still simple? The other dishes are fine, what about the hot pot?”

Huang Sanshi waved his hand, “Let’s just buy all the ingredients. They came to get it themselves, just order the hot pot one, it’s very good at cooking …… Today, we can finally clear a hand, thanks to Yue Yue for bringing a good guest.”

He Ling: “Will cook? Heavenly father? That is also not the heavenly king ah!”

Pumbaa is simple: “But we don’t have any money.”

“Hey! What a big deal.” Huang Sanshi walked to a group of staff marked with a sign of indifference and scratched his stomach, “So what, just advance some money! This afternoon, tomorrow morning, one day’s time, how about all the rice from those two paddies across the street?”

He Ling and Pang Pang both went crazy, “Not living? How can this be done!”

Huang Sanshi smiled wickedly, “Hey! I wouldn’t have done it if it was anyone else. Who let him order the hot pot? He’s asking for death! I’ll let him do it.”

The crew: “You can get an advance of three hundred.”

Huang San Shi: “Four hundred for breaking all the corn on the two acres of land in the back of the mountain.”

Programme Staff: “Deal!”

So, Huang San Shi got four hundred yuan in cash and led He Ling and Peng Peng “into the city” to spend money.

A few days later, when the programme was broadcast, the pop-up screen exploded:

“Mushroom house good just ah! This is the time to support Li Tiezhu.”

“Just for daring to invite Li Tiezhu when ‘Royal Engine’ was a big hit, this programme is chased.”

“Huang San Shi is still a cow and doesn’t give a damn about those two stupid mentors.”

“Xiao Yueyue raves, usually looks wimpy as hell, this time even dared to ‘privately’ bring Li Tiezhu on the show. Hard!”

“Teacher Guo’s tutelage is still good, seeing true love in times of trouble.”

“Shhh! Serious brother is here to work, two paddy fields a few acres of Pod land ah ……”

“Proper Brother: working makes me happy!”

“I’m going to go, Serious Brother jumped into the river! Are you serious?”

Not far from the mushroom house, Xiao Yueyue and Li Tiezhu rolled up their trousers and piled up stones in the creek by the road.

On the bank, the staff had gone crazy, what kind of big truth am I blindly telling?

These two naive people!

It turned out that the staff said that the stars who came to the programme would bring some gifts to the mushroom house or send some small animals or something. Xiao Yueyue was confused, Li Tiezhu said that good to do, then, stopped the car two Bean down the river to touch the fish.

The staff shouted, “Teacher Li Tiezhu, please don’t touch the fish, let’s go to the market and buy some gifts.”

Xiao Yueyue’s round face lifted and wrote with sincerity: “No. The gift bought is not sincere! Buy a gift is not sincere.”

Li Tiezhu beeped in a low voice: “The main reason is that if you buy it, you have to spend money, so it’s better to touch it yourself.”

Xiao Yueyue concurred, “That’s right! We are here to make money, not to spend money, on a programme money did not get also spend money first ……”

“Surrounded, you go to the top and rush downwards, I’ll catch it here.”

“Brother, is there really a fish?”

“Look at how muddy the deep water is over there, there are quite a few fish, and on the way I even saw some fishing lords!”

“That’s fine ……”

On the other hand, a few people had just arrived in the town when they met the programme’s car.

A seventeen or eighteen year old little nun with a single ponytail popped out of the car, staring with big watery eyes:

“Hello Teacher Huang! Hello, Teacher He! Hello Brother Pumbaa, did you buy pig’s feet?”

He Ling covered her face, “Zhu’er, you ordered pig’s feet, huh? You’re a pretty girl, can you eat a little more delicately?”

Huang Sanshi: “Little Nezha, I was saying who ordered braised pig’s feet.”

Song Zhu’er: “What’s wrong? Braised pig’s feet aren’t exquisite? Then …… braised pig’s head? Soaked chicken claws?”

Huang Sanshi: “Heh! I think you have something in common with our chef today!”

Song Zhu’er: “Aren’t you the chef?”

Huang San Shi patted his stomach, “I’m taking a shift today, so I’ll just eat, hahaha ……”

“Ah …… then who cooks?”

“A ‘heavenly king’ superstar, the bearer of the music industry.”

“Wow! Xie Fengting? I didn’t think I, Song Zhu’er, would have this kind of mouthful! Then let’s add a skinny egg congee.”

“You’re good at this picking! This ‘Heavenly King’ sure takes the cake.”

“Really? I’m great!”

He Ling: “……”

Pumbaa: “……”

Along the way, Song Zhu’er was exceptionally lively, asking questions:

“Why did you buy tripe? What about pig’s trotters? Why did you buy goose intestines? Who ordered the food? It’s weird. Huh? What kind of fish is this? Yellow chilli? What’s that? Oh! Someone ordered hot pot? That’s crazy! What? Why don’t you buy hotpot base?”

Huang San Shi faintly replied, “Not enough money.”

Four hundred yuan was soon left without a single cent, and several people went home with the ingredients and found a brand new bald head sitting in the courtyard reflecting the scorching sunlight in solitude.

Xu Shanqiang saw several people carrying large bags of ingredients inside and asked, “Did you buy eels?”

Huang Sanshi domineeringly said, “No money.”

Xu Shanqian looked at the huge pile of ingredients in the kitchen and touched his bald head, “You guys are really ‘poor’! Zhu’er, you ordered all this? Can you eat it?”

Song Zhu’er innocently said, “I didn’t order it, it was Teacher Xie Fengting who ordered the hot pot.”

Xu Shanqian face instantly ugly, the whole hair thick and face value is very high acting TV all do not make up the same period with me, what do you mean! Also only buy his food, resentment …… have the ability to you please paragraph a Hong to.