The Rockstar Chapter 11

Host: “The last group, who will advance and who will be pending? The judges must be having more headaches, and the audience should be most concerned about whether the serious brother who writes songs on the spot can advance, let’s ……”

Li Tiezhu: “Go straight into the advert, aren’t you tired?”

Host: “Er …… below, let’s go into a commercial.”

Audience: “Puhahahaha ……”

Li Tiezhu is not intentional, he really can’t control himself ah, it’s the system that is immodest.

At the time of the advert, the pop-up screen was not calm at all:

“Serious brother dislikes people a good hand!”

“Seeking the host’s psychological shadow area.”

“When Brother Serene didn’t speak, I thought for a moment that he was naive.”

“Looking forward to Brother Zhengjing advancing.”

“I, Chen Posong, announce that Brother Zhengjing is promoted.”

“I’m Qin Tao: Programme team, if Li Tiezhu doesn’t advance, is that $1,000 still reported?”

“Is Qin Tao the one who sang ‘Postpartum Us’ last time?”

“Unfortunately, Postpartum Brother didn’t mix in.”

“Postpartum Brother is not a bad name!”

“If Postpartum Brother and Serious Brother are on the same stage, I’ll quit Yundeshe!”

Two minutes later, the advert ended, and the four judges also ended their not-so-heated discussion.

Anyone with a discerning eye could see that the fourth group, apart from Chuanle student Zheng Qian’s impressive singing skills, the others were no threat to Li Tiezhu at all.

Zheng Qian will not be wrong, but if you choose Li Tiezhu, it will be controversial, and even carries a small risk.

For example,…… plagiarism and forgery once it is confirmed,……

Chen Posong was the first to speak, commenting on several contestants, and then, highly praised Zheng Qian, reporting extremely high recognition of her professionalism. Only in the end did he look at Li Tiezhu, not knowing where to start for a while.

“Li Tiezhu.”


Chen Posong said seriously, “Did you write ‘You Look Good When You Smile’ on the spot? Or rather, was ‘People Like Me’ really written by you? Was it plagiarised or borrowed? Or, was there someone else who helped you write the song?”

Hitting the nail on the head, the old man couldn’t rub sand in his eyes.

The other three judges were all a bit dumbfounded, just now director Wang Zegang hadn’t also hinted through the headset that we let Li Tiezhu advance? And, also to weaken or even bypass the plagiarism incident, why is the old man so rigid?

Yi Feng and Lin Fan eyes and nose, pretend to be dead, not my business ah.

Leng Ba gaze, wow, close to see the drama thief damn exciting! She also wanted to poke the matter, but Mimi deliberately instructed her not to get into trouble.

Li Tiezhu a little confused: “What?”

His not-so-smart little brain spun up quickly, plagiarism? It’s impossible! I just bought a new song, it doesn’t make sense that someone else would come up with the sheet music, right?

The pop-ups also once again expressed their own views on this issue, arguing endlessly.

Backstage, the fat assistant who was calling for a car on his mobile phone muttered, “It can’t really be copied, right?”

“It’s original!”

Zhao Liya instantly retorted, her tone was undeniable, after all, she had personally heard Li Tiezhu say that sentence to him before.

You’re so pretty when you smile!

Hmph, a look of not having seen the world.

The fat assistant was surprised: “How do you know?”

Zhao Liya s eyes were a little evasive: “I …… just know.”

The audience, judges, staff, and viewers watching the live broadcast, all eyes were focused on Li Tiezhu.

On the stage, Li Tiezhu scratched his head and said blankly, “Writing a song is such a simple thing, do I still need to copy it?”


The host almost choked, I knew it! He didn’t dare to speak for fear of being disliked.

Except for Chen Posong who was still calm, the remaining three judges all showed a WTF expression, writing a song! Creating ah! Not moving bricks!

Leng Ba were dumbfounded, cheating and still so justified? How did you do it?

Chen Posong: “Where did you learn to compose?”

Li Tiezhu: “I didn’t learn ah, just Qin Tao taught me to play the guitar for half a year, he himself is actually not very good at playing the guitar.”

“Then how can you write songs?”

“Just can.”

“Do you know pentatonic music?”

“What’s that?”

“How about sheet music?”

“I can read sheet music.”

“You don’t write songs in your head, do you? With sheet music?”

“What’s wrong with that?”

“I ……”

The top old composer in China, Elder Chen Posong, really wanted to explode, but still held back, almost certain that this guy had copied it, or rather, someone had helped him write it.

However, he has no evidence.

The other contestants on the stage, also cast a contemptuous gaze towards Li Tiezhu, not contempt for his plagiarism, but contempt for his acting skills, you girl with such good resources, can not act better?

The pop-up screen once again erupted:

“Surely plagiarism is undoubtedly.”

“Plagiarism! Identification is complete!”

“It’s genius, it’s an insult to the audience’s intelligence.”

“Pink to black!”

“This is the kind of thing that bullies my Xiao Zhen?”

“A good hand of cards played badly.”

Backstage, Zhao Liya frowned.

The fat assistant bristled, “Nuh-uh, it’s not even a copy! Who can write a song in ten minutes? And he didn’t even put pen to paper, he relied on his thoughts?”

Zhao Liya stubbornly said, “He didn’t copy it.”

The fat assistant looked at Zhao Liya speechlessly, is this sister crazy today?

On stage, at Chen Posong’s behest, the original sheet music of Unwilling to be Ordinary, which Wine Pen had posted on the internet, was played on the big screen.

Has it finally come to this?

The host quietly wiped his sweat.

Offstage, director Wang Zegang’s face was as black as charcoal, regretting that he had known better than to invite this weird old man to be a judge!

Leng Ba looked at Li Tiezhu wistfully, Hey, let you bully me!

Chen Posong said, “For this matter, what do you say?”

Li Tiezhu didn’t panic at all: “The photo is fake.”

Chen Posong: “……”

Still talking tough!

He originally didn’t believe that Li Tiezhu plagiarised, but today’s ten minute song writing thing made Chen Posong almost change his opinion. His view of Li Tiezhu also changed from appreciation to pity, not learning at a young age ……

[Ding! Detected that the host has suffered a plagiarism fiasco, issued a side mission: prove yourself and make the false accuser’s wine pen lose its name. Mission Reward: 10 Intelligence Points + Absolute Tone Sense]

What is Absolute Tone Sense? Doesn’t matter, 10 Intelligence Points still smells pretty good.

[The system comes with a song lyrics to challenge the Wine Pen, buy the full version of the lyrics for only 1 Intelligence Point, only this one song.]

Is that a good thing?

In that case, let’s play bigger, I have the system anyway.

“Alright! I copied his song.”

Suddenly, Li Tiezhu said.


Everyone was confused, although we all believe that you copied it, you can’t be so honest, you can actually still be sophomoric.

Chen Posong’s complexion collapsed, am I still wrong?

Leng Ba also revealed a disappointed look, although she complained about Li Tiezhu, she still expected him to hit the face of the wine pen.

Only to hear Li Tiezhu added: ”I copied more than one song from Wine Pen, there are many more, they are all in my head. If I advance, in the next match, I will perform another original song, also copied from Wine Pen.”

What do you mean?

This guy is so arrogant, it’s not like he’s admitting defeat!

Li Tiezhu said, “I’ll give out the lyrics, please which one of you spills the pen, oh no, the wine pen, write or sing the song, and then don’t look at the likeness, just see who writes well! Or, it’s okay if some other songwriter writes it, I’ll sing it next time, and it’ll be better than all of you!”

I’m not targeting anyone, I’m saying everyone here is ……

If Li Tiezhu sings better than Wine Pen writes, is there a need to copy your song?

Chen Posong’s eyes trembled, this guy is also too crazy, right? However, looking at his arrogant appearance, could …… there really be a genius in this world who can write a song silently for ten minutes?