The Rockstar Chapter 110

A small crucian carp, with a blade of grass through its gills and mouth, hung from a small branch near the river.

“Hee hee! There’s really a fish, Brother Tiezhu you’re good at touching fish, I can’t, I can’t catch it. I’ll cheer you on from the side!”

“Scram! Don’t try to be lazy. Do you see the paddy field next to us? Just finished threshing the grain, I see a hole in it, you go and pick it, there must be quite a few eels.”

“Ah, this line. I’ll do it!”


“No, brother, that eel it bit me, look, my fingers are red.”

“Aren’t you going to be a tough guy? Go, do that eel.”

“Oh! I’m here again. …… No, brother, what are you doing with your trousers off? An eel do you have to? On the show!”

“Catch fish ah, the water over there is deep.”

“I thought …… but the machine is filming and you’re wearing a pair of trousers? Or SpongeBob’s ……”

“Don’t be afraid, the programme team will make a mosaic.”

A few days after the pop-up:

“Nope! The showrunners aren’t going to mosaic you!”

“Laughing my arse off, the showrunners are ruthless!”

“At a glance, those trousers are Hong Fund collars, weirdly cute, want to peel them off ……”

“Serious brother catches fish so accurately!”

“Catching fish with your bare hands? I’ve only seen it in martial arts dramas before.”

“What’s wrong with that? We all caught them when we were kids in the countryside.”

After most of an hour of hard labour, the two of them harvested eight carp and five eels, some big and some small, but it was not bad.

Then, the two of them didn’t take the car, carrying the fish barefoot with their backpacks, and walked towards the mushroom house.

When they arrived outside the mushroom house, they heard the sound of talking and laughing coming from inside, Xiao Yueyue was nervous again, and silently slowed down his pace, letting Li Tiezhu walk in front. Suddenly, Li Tiezhu stopped, turned his head, and looked at the white lamb in the shed.

Xiao Yueyue also came up, “This is Tianba, right? So cute.”

Li Tiezhu: “Indeed, it looks like it’s very tasty, and the stew must be very white.”

Xiao Yueyue said, “Brother, let’s not be so cruel, or roast it.”

Li Tiezhu swallowed his saliva: “Both have to get.”

Tianba: “Bleh~”

Li Tiezhu looked at the sheep for a long time, before fondly walking towards the door of the mushroom house, Xiaoyueyue was polite and greeted everyone as soon as he entered, Li Tiezhu was slightly mute and followed Xiaoyueyue to call out to people.

Xu Shanqiang tsked and was in a good mood: ”So it’s Tiezhu ah! I thought who was it, scared me.”

Song Zhu’er looked Li Tiezhu up and down: “Wow! Surprisingly, it’s the proper brother.”

Although it wasn’t Xie Feng Ting, Zhu’er wasn’t too disappointed, she didn’t watch variety shows or follow stars, she was a star herself. However, she, who has a unique hobby, has just been brainwashed by those ten divine songs, and has also seen Li Tiezhu’s funny episodes on the Internet, exclaiming that Li Tiezhu is a godman, and she did not expect to see a real person right away.

Huang Sanshi and Li Tiezhu are more familiar, took the fish and eel from his hand, handed it to Pang Pang and said, “Come on, what gifts!”

Li Tiezhu: “The staff said that everyone else sent something, so we went to catch some fish.”

Huang Sanshi laughed when he saw their styling, “Caught it now? With your trouser legs down? Shanqian, the eel you wanted is here.”

Xu Shanqian: “I thank you! However, I’ve changed the dish, fried eel to dry-fried eel silk, can you do it Tiezhu?”

Li Tiezhu blank: “Ah? Will.”

Isn’t it Huang San Shi who cooks?

Xiao Yueyue knew a few people, so Teacher He introduced the “newcomer” Li Tiezhu.

“Xu Shanqian teacher? I watched you play piggyback when I was a kid, how do you …… bald? When did it happen?”

“Don’t mention the past.”

“You can team up with Mr Ethan to get a hair transplant, the second one is half price. His hairline is too high.”

“It’s not necessary.”

“Hot paw! I’ve seen the telly, you were so pretty when you were a kid.”

“It was Ne Zha! Don’t I look good now?”

“Let’s not talk about that, look at the fresh fish I caught.”


“Peng Yu Chang? You said Peng Yuyan is your brother? You’re a combined family, right?”


“Don’t feel bad, it’s okay for men to be ugly. Look how nice Yue’s heart is!”

“I …… I’ll feed the sheep.”

After happily getting to know each other, Huang Sanshi couldn’t help but be curious and asked, “Tiezhu, how did you think of eating hot pot? Is it bad to be alive?”

Li Tiezhu didn’t understand and said, “In fact, there is no need to be so pompous, the sheep outside is quite good ……”

He Ling couldn’t help but laugh, “Still want to eat my Tianba?”

Song Zhu’er said, “What’s wrong? What breed is that sheep, isn’t it good?”

Teacher He: “……”

Li Tiezhu said, “Authentic white goat, the meat is very tender kind, now only three or four months old, used for stewing, frying, baking, are very delicious.”

Song Zhu’er couldn’t help but be a little eager to try, “Then do we …… have a knife?”

Teacher Huang interrupted, “I told you that you two have a common language! Don’t think about eating Tianba, although I also go every day to check the growth. But, Tianba is already a sheep with a scarf account, and its fans won’t agree.”

Matsutakeer: “That’s a shame.”

In the pergola, Teacher He started to make tea, Bamboo Er helped to boil water, Huang Sanshi and Xu Shan scrambled to make a trip to the bamboo chairs, and Xiao Yueyue followed suit and sat down. Li Tiezhu navigated his way to find a knife from the kitchen and squatted under the tap in the corner of the courtyard to start killing the fish.

Huang Sanshi squeezed his eyes towards He Ling: “See? Don’t even need to say anything, just do it yourself.”

He Ling smiled and said towards Li Tiezhu: “Tiezhu, it’s almost noon, what do you think we should eat for lunch?”

Li Tiezhu did not raise his head, skilful: “Fish soup noodles.”

Xiao Yue Yue: “Brother, want to help?”

Li Tiezhu: “Can you kill eels?”

Xiao Yue Yue silently picked up the teacup: “This tea is so fragrant! Is it prepared by the programme team or sent by which guest?”

Li Tiezhu: “Will not kill the fish, that help me scrape the fish scales.”

Xiao Yueyue: “That’s what, brother, I’m bloodsick.”

Li Tiezhu: “……”

Really nifty tough guy!

After Bamboo helped make tea, she curiously moved a small matzah and sat down to observe Li Tiezhu killing fish from a close distance.

Li Tiezhu was curious: “Hot paw, don’t you get bloodsick?”

“It’s Nezha!” Song Zhu’er propped her chin with both hands, “How can a girl be bloodsick? Then wouldn’t you still scare yourself to death every month?”

Li Tiezhu: “What do you mean?”

At this time, a head stuck out from outside the fence, it was the director, “Zhu’er, don’t be so sensitive about your topic.”

Song Zhu’er looked innocent: “Just cut it out later ah.”

Li Tiezhu: “That’s right, doesn’t your programme team have a post-production? Remember to give me a mosaic ah!”

The director gave Li Tiezhu a blank look and walked away, I’m talking to you about a hammer.

Song Zhu’er has never seen a live eel killing, so cruel, looks really strong! Well, I am an actor, this is to accumulate life experience, enrich self-experience, is not what strange hobby ……

“Spicy claw little sister, you’ve got a lot of guts.”

“It’s Nezha! Also, I’m eighteen this year, how old are you? Calling me little sister?”

“Oh, elder sister.”

“That’s more like it.”

“Do you want to learn how to kill a fish? It’s fun, I’ll teach you!”

“Can I?”


“I’m going to put on a pair of gloves, just got my nails done.”

The show is all apathetic, and the fish-killing bit is all cut, right? It was brutal, especially the dialogue between the two.

Over there, He Ling, Huang San Shi, Xu Shan Qiang, Xiao Yue Yue, and Pang Pang who returned from feeding the goats, were all stunned, Bamboo Er’s fish-killing technique was too rough, right? Nowadays, are all girls so fierce? Moreover, how come you and Li Tiezhu are so friendly at their first meeting?

Strange CP appeared!