The Rockstar Chapter 111

“Spicy Claw you’re softer, the eel’s head is falling off!”

“It’s Nezha! This eel is too unsturdy, isn’t it? I didn’t exert much force.”

“Fine, you can kill it any way you want, it ends up shredded anyway.”

“Good! You just got eliminated and you’re here at the Mushroom House? How did you make the announcement? Wouldn’t you be unable to come if you weren’t eliminated?”

“Brother Yue brought me here on the spur of the moment, he said the announcement fee is 30,000 yuan.”

“So little?”

“Less? Sister Hot Paw, how much are you?”

“It’s Nezha, ten times more than you. Besides, originally I don’t participate in variety shows much. It’s that I’m going to take the Nortel exam next year, so I need to show up more this coming year. Right oh, we’re still in the same grade.”

“You’re so expensive! What kind of school is Nortel?”


“Is it a book? Do you study computers? Is the score line high?”

“Well …… that question stumped me, change it.”

“Did you learn trigonometry well?”

“Erm ……”

“Tell you what, I brought my summer homework this time.”

“Let’s just keep having fun killing fish, shall we?”

He Ling teacher holding a tea cup shook a circle, back to the pergola to share, laughing joyfully, “Those two brain circuits are really clear, do you know what they chat so high? Nortel is not a book, is not learning computers, trigonometry learnt well or not …… and that pretty girl is still learning to kill fish, the technique is more and more pure.”

Several people laughed loudly.

Xiao Yueyue added: “What is trigonometric function?”

Several people burst out laughing.

Pumbaa was slightly despondent, “That’s great! The two of them will only take the college entrance exam next year, and we’re all getting old.”

The laughter came to an abrupt end, and several people fell silent.

Yes, age is a killing knife, but those two, one seventeen, one eighteen, envious to death.

At eleven thirty, Li Tiezhu fried the crucian carp with lard and began to simmer the soup. Another pot, began to fry meat bashful, pickled vegetables, shredded meat fish soup noodles.

“Eh? Why am I cooking?”

In the kitchen, Li Tiezhu was slightly lost in thought, stayed, lowered his head and continued to fry the meat bacon, cooking such a happy thing …… also had to steal it from Teacher Huang Sanshi, hoping that he would not be angry.

Bouncing screen daily joy:

“The newcomers nowadays are too arrogant, how dare they steal the work of the old artists.”

“The world is going down ah, Huang Sanshi has been famous for many years, I didn’t expect …… to look so fragrant.”

“This fish soup is so white.”

“Suggest that Li Tiezhu stay in the mushroom house, much better than that broken good voice.”


“Mainly because the image of Brother Serious is too suitable for rural life.”

The others sat in the pergola and drank tea, while Song Zhu’er was consulting Huang Sanshi about taking the Nortel exam.

Xu Shanqiang is snubbing Xiao Yueyue for a cameo in his new film, Pangpeng wants to go and act in it, and Teacher He helps Pangpeng recommend it to Xu Shanqiang.

Xiao Yueyue thinks about it and asks, “Teacher Shanqian’s new film is a comedy, right?”

Xu Shanqian nodded, “Of course, why else would I look for you.”

Xiao Yue Yue took out his mobile phone, “Then I’ll recommend another person to you, take a look at this paragraph.”

‘Three Kingdoms’ blooper reel, Li Tiezhu poking Nie Yao with his gun, the video that went over big time.

Xu Shanqian watched it for the first time, laughed his head off, and immediately clapped, “I didn’t expect Li Tiezhu to be a harmonic billet! The first time I saw him, see him honestly thought he was a boring gourd …… Later I will ask him if he is willing to act in the film.”

Xiao Yueyue patted his chest and said, “Don’t worry! I’ll take care of it, as long as there’s a film fee Tie Zhu will definitely go.”

Xu Shan dispute: “ah …… also want to pay ah?”

Xiao Yueyue gas laughed: “Brother! You are looking for me to free cameo? I have no problem ah, I mix box office data. I Tiezhu brother dead stingy, I’m afraid I won’t agree.”

Pang Peng: “I’ll go, I don’t want to be paid! I’ll play anything.”

Xu Shanqian patted Pang Peng’s shoulder and said, “Alright then, I’ll give Tiezhu the film fee I gave you.”

Pang Yu Chang’s expression went out of control on the spot, “……”

Xu Shanqian suddenly fixed his gaze on Song Zhu’er again, “Zhu’er, I’m telling you, the examination for Nortel is simple, with your ability and experience there is no problem, it’s just that the films and TV dramas you’ve acted in recently are a bit less. As long as you act in one more film, you’re all set. It just so happens that my new film, “The Flowering of the Heart”, is about to start shooting, so I’ll arrange a role for you. The lineup of this film can be strong enough I’ll tell you, Fang Bo, me, Xiao Yue Yue, Li Tiezhu, Peng Yuyan’s brother ……”

After a breath of flirting for several minutes, Xu Shanqiang was thirsty and hurriedly drank a mouthful of tea.

Unlike these three, Song Zhu’er is a professional actor who has become famous, never lacks resources, and has many fans. Although Xiao Yueyue is red, he is not a professional actor, and the other two are newcomers.

Song Zhu’er was dumbfounded by what she heard.

Xu Shanqiang added another fire: “Female three female four female five, choose at random. Don’t thank me, casting!”

“Head round?” Song Zhu’er thought carefully and didn’t figure out the logical relationship here, only to say a moment later, “Li Tiezhu wants to act? He wants to act too?”

Xu Shan contended, “Right.”

Song Zhu’er turned her head and went to ask Huang Sanshi: “Teacher Huang you say, can Li Tiezhu take the Nortel exam?”

Xu Shanqiang: “……”

Ignored half a day ignored a lonely, what do you care what school Li Tiezhu exam?

Huang Sanshi is also surprised enough: “He? Tough enough, the shape will not be able to pass it? What do you care about him?”

Song Zhu’er: “also ha, I just casually ask ah. He taught me to kill fish, but also asked me if there is a good college recommendation …… his results can not get into undergraduate. Huh? It smells so good! I’ll go take a look.”

The topic did not finish chatting, Song Zhu’er popped the kitchen to go, Huang Sanshi grinned, I hope that next year will not be assigned to my class, this nature is too jumpy, difficult to manage.

“Acting? I don’t know ah.”

Li Tiezhu used a spatula to shovel a bit of shredded meat with pickled vegetables to give Spicy Paw a taste, a puzzled face, when did I promise Xu Shan to fight?

Song Zhu’er: “Well, it’s delicious. So what, he said you’ll be in his film because he has a round head.”

Li Tiezhu glanced through the window, “Not bad, almost better than Yue.”

“Why don’t you try to take the Nortel or the Chinese Opera and Shanghai Opera, after all, your grades are too poor. Of course, your appearance is also almost, Nortel Chinese theatre is bad enough, on the theatre there is still hope, Chen Chi Chi are ……”

“Speaking of Chen Chi-Chi, I want Tianba again.”

“Me too. Eh? You need to learn to dress up and wear something hip, you’re actually quite durable. Dress up a bit, there’s still hope for the school exam.”

“Hip? My dad would beat me up, I almost got hung up for wearing a pair of second hand ripped jeans before.”


“My old man said it looked like second-hand, and, say, all those stars who dress weirdly, do they all …… not have dads?”

“Do they? Anyway, my dad doesn’t beat me up, it’s your dad’s problem with the clothes.”

“My dad does have average clothes. Hot claws, how many are you having?”

“It’s Nezha, two taels of noodles.”


“Teach me to pick at eels this afternoon?”

“Guess there’s work to be done, all the mushroom houses have to be worked on.”

Not long after, six steaming bowls of pickled cabbage, shredded pork and fish soup noodles were on the table, the six people moved their chopsticks together, He Ling ate two bites of it and raved about it before asking, “Tiezhu, where’s your own share?”

Li Tiezhu brought out a huge basin from the kitchen and said, “I have it.”

Xu Shanqian was shocked, “You have half a catty of noodles there, right?”

Li Tiezhu: “Six taels.”

Huang Sanshi: “Eat! Eat more, eat enough to work well in the afternoon, hey ……”

“Pfft ……”

Peng Peng choked, two acres of paddy field ah!