The Rockstar Chapter 112

After the meal, Pang Pang and Xiaoyueyue and an old township together to carry a large barrel of threshing grain, moving slowly on the sheep’s intestine path, in front, Li Tiezhu alone carrying a hundred and fifty kilograms of pedal threshing machine, step by step as if flying a ride.

“Tie Zhu! The direction is wrong, the paddy field is over there!”

Pang Peng saw Li Tiezhu carrying the threshing machine and ran towards the mushroom house, he was startled, this is an animal, right?

Li Tiezhu turned back and said in a neutral tone, “I know, first go back to take a look at the stew.”

Peng Peng: “……”

Xiao Yueyue smiled wickedly: “Hahaha …… now know why I brought Tiezhu brother to it? Otherwise the two of us would have to die of exhaustion, hahahaha hiccups …… I’m such a little wit.”

Li Tiezhu rushed into the small courtyard of the mushroom house, put the threshing machine to the ground a stack, go to the kitchen to the pot of pig bones hit the froth fished out, re-added water to start simmering soup. He also soaked several kinds of dried chillies in cool water in proportion, and used them to fry the base at night, and by the way, he soaked the beans for Zhu’er’s roasted pig’s feet in warm water.

After all this, he shouldered the threshing machine and ran away.

Huang Sanshi, Xu Shanqiang and He Ling were shocked and dumbfounded, can’t you put the threshing machine on the side of the road first and walk back? It’s not heavy!

This wave of professional manoeuvres from the threshing machine to the kitchen of yours makes us look redundant!

Song Zhu’er put on waterproof trousers wear a good sun hat, and put on ice sleeves painted two two sunscreen sprayed anti-mosquito liquid, re-tied tight ponytail, carrying a sickle feverishly set off.

“I’m going to hit the grain too, oops!”

Then she fell into a ditch, so inflexible in her waterproof trousers.

Xu Shanqian looked at Zhu’er struggling to get up, and stubbornly killed towards the paddy field again, and then looked at the poisonous sun in the sky, and said:

“I don’t have to go, right? The head will be sunburnt!”

Huang Sanshi shook his head, “It’s useless to put sunscreen on this head of yours. Drink tea, drink tea! Who asked him to order the hot pot, let a few of them youngsters labour.”

He Ling: “How about making coffee? It’s idle anyway.”

Thus, the older trio in the pergola also got busy.

Li Tiezhu carried the threshing machine to the paddy field, then came back to carry the barrels, and finally came to fish out the pine bamboos that were stuck in other people’s paddy fields, and was busy as hell.

The threshing campaign began with a bang, but the result was that in less than five minutes, Xiaoyueyue peed away. Pang Pang is still honest, but the progress is slow because he has never done farm work, and Song Zhu’er is more like a tourist, handing Li Tiezhu seven or eight ears of rice at a time.

Li Tiezhu had to cut a bunch of his own, and then beat himself, sweating.

I, Li Tiezhu, am a labour machine with no feelings!

Song Zhu’er happy bad, standing on the pedal to take the ears of rice rubbing the threshing machine, happy as a match, if not Li Tiezhu stopped her, may be rolled in.

Xiao Yueyue lying in the pergola is lifeless: “Cereal beating is so tiring ah!”

Huang San Shi said: “You still have the nerve to say tired? See how hard Tiezhu works? Have you rested enough? Go and labour.”

Xiao Yueyue: “I might have sunstroke, I need to rest for a few days. Is there more coffee?”

He Ling: “You’re good!”

Xiao Yueyue poured herself some coffee, “What’s wrong with me? I don’t know how to work, although I’m also from the countryside, but I’m, I’m lazy. Besides, didn’t I bring Brother Tiezhu with me? He can top ten of me.”

Xu Shan argued, “I thought you were being righteous, but I didn’t think it was to be lazy.”

Xiao Yue Yue: “Of course it’s for laziness, and by the way, it’s about righteousness. My master said, to be a person should know how to be lazy, to give more opportunities for newcomers like Li Tiezhu to perform, you see, this period of Tiezhu will have a lot of shots, right?”

Huang Sanshi laughed: “Haha! Tie Zhu still has to thank you?”

Then, Li Tiezhu came back with his first load of rice.

Xiao Yueyue pushed the coffee cup and stood up with a googly smile, “Brother, back …… back? Tired? Sit down and have a cup of coffee?”

Li Tiezhu put the rice to the dam a sun, seemingly smiling: “You are not going to be a tough guy? Tough guy who urinates?”

Xiao Yueyue’s face was red, picking the empty bamboo basket and left, “I am not lazy, it is just that the coffee is so good that they have to ask me to drink …… away! I’ll show you what it means to be a real tough guy hitting the valley ……”

What followed was four hours of intense labour.

And when it came to the show’s cameras, it was a different story.

Tiezhu cuts rice like a human harvester, and when he stepped on the threshing machine, it was even louder. Pangpeng’s hands are too soft to cut, Xiao Yueyue is playing with his fingers and complaining, Songzhu’er is chasing after a nimble little frog, and the three old men in the mushroom house pergola are drinking coffee and chatting about the past.

The pop-ups inevitably intensified in this section:

“Serious Brother is really fierce! Almost a one-man rice fight.”

“Other than Pumbaa barely helping out, the other two are just making up the numbers.”

“Little Yue Yue is really from the countryside?”

“Listening to ‘Royal Engine’ and watching the show, high as a kite!”

“Quick look! Song Zhu’er is stuck again.”

“This woman has terrible motor coordination, doesn’t she?”

“Chasing a frog can make her fall below the ridge? It just got stuck in the canal!”

“Nezha, where’s your three heads and six arms?”

“Li Tiezhu is really a good man, coming to save Zhu’er again.”

Li Tiezhu picked more than a hundred catties of wet rice, single-handedly plucked Song Zhu’er out of the water channel, and by the way, he put down his stretcher to help her catch the frogs before picking the rice back to the mushroom house.

Song Zhu’er followed behind, pinching the frog and said, “Croak! Tie Zhu, the frogs are delicious! There are so many frogs in the rice field.”

Li Tiezhu couldn’t help but swallow his saliva: “Tasty as a board! Diving frogs, fried frogs with pickled peppers, American frogs and fish …… Cough, that’s what, we are now recording the programme, we can’t eat frogs, the impact is not good, the teacher said that frogs are beneficial insects.”

Song Zhu’er: “Then we eat in private?”

Li Tiezhu: “After recording the programme, I will fry a plate for you. This paragraph pinched off ah programme team.”

At six in the afternoon, Li Tiezhu finally finished beating the paddy of the two paddies, fortunately, these two paddies are not large in size. So, Li Tiezhu carried the threshing machine barefoot again to return it to the old folks, and then came back to fry the hot pot base.

Fried base at the same time, another pot began to braise pig’s trotters, the small stove also simmered Songzhu’s skin egg congee.

The fascinating aroma covered the whole mushroom house like the evening sun.

Song Zhu’er burned the fire for Li Tiezhu, choking on her tears, and was also driven out by Li Tiezhu to continue playing with frogs.

Pang Pang and Xiaoyue lay on the bamboo chair spreading the corpse, and straightly called out that they could not live.

Lao San only drank coffee and relaxed.

He Ling: “Hey? Teacher Huang, why don’t we keep Li Tiezhu? Look, he can cook and work, and besides eating more, he doesn’t have any shortcomings.”

Xu Shan argued, “The key is cheap! After hearing the notice fee you guys are giving him, I’ll have to lower my film fee as well.”

Huang San Shi nodded, “That’s right! Unlike Pang Pang, who can’t do anything and comes in second place for dinner.”

Pang Peng smiled bitterly, “Eating isn’t even number one anymore? It’s true that Iron Pillar passes out of the inch of grass, Brother Yue, you summed it up really well!”

Xiaoyue Yue: “Hm hm ……”

Huang Sanshi lamented, “These three issues, I’m tired of cooking, this issue is too easy suddenly a little uncomfortable.”

He Ling: “Then leave Li Tiezhu, how simple.”

Peng Peng also said, “I think it’s fine, from now on I’ll chop wood and he’ll cook.”

Huang Sanshi shook his head, “No way! He still has to go to The Voice, where he falls down he gets up, the top ten must be taken. Next week, I’m going to take Shao Shao to the scene, are any of you coming along?”

He Ling: “I don’t have time.”

Pumbaa: “I don’t have enough curry.”

Xu Shanqiang: “I happen to be free, call me then.”

Xiao Yueyue: “I’ve booked all the tickets. If Tiezhu advances, I’ll treat everyone to a midnight snack, who made him my idol!”