The Rockstar Chapter 113

Lao San only exchanged a few words on the incident of Li Tiezhu being hacked, and slightly lamented, but it was Xiao Yue Yue who was angry enough again to curse and grunt.

Pang Pang swiped his mobile phone, paying attention to the latest developments of The Royal Engine, and found that the album had even reached the top of the Penguin Music Album Best Seller list! It was even more fiery on Jitterbug, and in only a day’s time, these songs had already spread throughout the land of God. Even, there were already so many places where grandmothers used these sacred songs when dancing in the square.

The court of public opinion was also in a mess, but overall, the two tutors were currently in an unfavourable situation because these ten songs were just too mocking. No one is being reasonable at this point, they’re all saving their energy to disgust you, and you two have the nerve to be reasonable?

Of course, the programme group doesn’t dare to broadcast this segment, so we don’t have to be afraid of offending people.

Song Zhu’er pinched a frog and stood outside the kitchen window to chat with Li Tiezhu. There is no common language with those uncles, but it is Li Tiezhu who is very thoughtful and can catch frogs.

“Tiezhu, do you want to be a fresh meat? I can help you pack and dress up.”

“Hot paw, I’ll be a little bacon with this look.”

“It’s Nezha. Wei Xiaoxun dares to call himself an idol star, why can’t you?”

“I’m an idol? Unless the current batch is killed.”

“Okay, let me ask you a serious question, what kind of girl do you like? I mean with marriage in mind.”

Li Tiezhu had a fire poker in his left hand and a spatula in his right hand, and his entire being was suddenly sacred. The cat White Flower’s appearance instantly flashed in his mind, then Zhao Liya’s shadow drifted past, and finally, Li Tiezhu remembered his old father’s ardent expectations and slightly shook his head.

“Fat and well-born.”

Song Zhu’er nodded her head humbly, “Right? I also feel that being fatter is good for childbearing. I’ve planned it all out, I’ll get married as soon as I graduate, hold a doll at twenty-five, and teach him to sing and dance and draw ……”

“First you have to have a boyfriend.”

“Well …… that’s a big problem. In the school surprisingly no one chase me, obviously a one colourful! I hope to go to the North Electricity can be better, really can’t, pick a right eye I chase him can also, first cheat to the hand again.”

“You can also go on a blind date.


Bamboo got excited, and with a firm hand, the frog, “Croak-”

The hot pot base was fried, Li Tiezhu poured the stewed big bone soup into the pot and continued to cook, then began to cut all kinds of hot pot dishes, occasionally turning over the porridge and pig’s feet.

When the night fell.

A sumptuous hot pot feast was placed on the mushroom house table, along with a large pot of braised pig’s trotters, a casserole of skin and egg congee, as well as the last on the table of the famous Sichuan dish – dry-fried eel.

Spicy and fragrant hot pot boiling up, originally half-dead Xiaoyueyue and Peng Peng instantly swindle, two fierce man crazy dishes, as aggressive as the reins of the wild dogs.

Xu Shanqiang first chopsticks dry-fried eel, thumbs up: “Tasty! The flavour is right!”

Song Zhu’er said, “This eel is not even washed, I killed.”

Huang Sanshi also tasted it and nodded repeatedly, “How can this be washed ah sister?”

Li Tiezhu gave her a bowl of skin and egg thin meat congee: “Spicy claw, don’t talk nonsense if you don’t know, it’s easy to be taken for a fool, I have experience. Eel can’t be washed, it will affect the taste.”

Song Zhu’er hugged the bowl, “It’s Nezha ah.”

Xiao Yueyue and Pang Pang did not say anything the whole time, catching what to eat, although these two goods do not work much, but the whole afternoon is also tired enough.

He Ling took a bite of the tripe, and her happiness exploded, “Mmm! Really fragrant, more fragrant than the base bought, Tie Zhu is awesome.”

Li Tiezhu humbly said, “Thanks to teacher Huang’s preparation of the ingredients is complete enough, butter, bean paste, seven star pepper, two thorns, lantern peppers, green peppercorns, edamame beans, fermented bean curd, and mash …… are not lacking at all.”

Huang Sanshi scalded the goose intestines, “Hi! I was thinking that if you don’t know how to do it, I’ll just fry it myself, but I didn’t realise that you’re so professional in frying the base.”

Li Tiezhu: “My old man taught me, he fried the base in the hot pot base factory before his back was injured.”

Song Zhu’er: “Uncle old bull.”

“Cough cough cough ……”

Several people choked, was the hotpot too spicy?

A hotpot meal was so hearty that even the dry-fried shredded eel and skinny egg congee were all wiped out, leaving only the soya beans in the braised pig’s feet.

Others have stopped, Li Tiezhu and Xiao Yueyue are still continuing to fight, there is a lot of meat left.

Xu Shan argued, “Tiezhu, come to act in my film next month, I will give you a good role, half a month, well …… eighty thousand yuan, how about it?”

Xiao Yueyue was shocked and looked at Xu Shanqian, this price is also too low, right?

Improper people!

He Ling smiled but did not say anything, Pang Peng heart like a knife, that would have been my film pay to come ……

Huang Sanshi couldn’t even look away: “Two hundred thousand!”

Xu Shanqiang gave a rare shameful smile, “OK! For the sake of Mr Huang’s face, are you coming or not?”

Li Tiezhu bit into his beef: “Good.”

It’s time to try out the acting skills gifted by the system, although it’s only the most elementary “acting in character”.

Xu Shanqian looked at Song Zhu’er again: “Female four, one million, how is it?”

Song Zhu’er: “Five million.”

Xu Shanqian: “…… Everyone is so familiar, two million?”

Song Zhu’er: “Five million.”

Xu Shanqian: “You little sister, where is not a penny less? Chopping price is not so chopped.”

Song Zhu’er: “Five million.”

Xu Shanqiang bald reflections have dimmed a few points: “Okay! Acting female third, female fourth part is too little, I lost.”

Song Zhu’er just about to open her mouth: “That ……”

Xu Shanqian: “Can’t bargain anymore, my head is big.”

He couldn’t help but think, “No, I have to change the female second to female third for her to act. Although this piece is not directed by Xu Shanqian, but he is the producer and investor, not treacherous ah.

Song Zhu’er said: ”Blame me? I do not haggle, I just want to ask you guys to eat small frogs at night? Tie Zhu and I will go catch them at night. We’ll pretend to sleep and let the programme crew call it a night, then we’ll fry the frogs for wine.”

Li Tiezhu nodded, this was discussed in the afternoon, after all, the frogs in the several paddies were alive and kicking, it would be a waste not to eat them.

After the meal, Xiao Yueyue and Peng Peng two dying people suddenly refreshed, and the old three only in the house to play a game of guessing things, Xiao Yueyue and Xu Shanqian these two ‘newcomers’ were fooled around.

Li Tiezhu Herren pulled out the summer holiday homework, and …… began to not be able to start the question towards the Songzhuer unfolded to ask for advice, Songzhuer brain melon are fried, which I will do the question ah? I also want to go to the game, finally, in order to temporarily pull Li Tiezhu night to catch frogs, she had to force their best English to him to make up, shocked Li Tiezhu straight to the genius.

Song Zhu’er said in her heart, I have studied abroad for so many years, and I have learnt a little English.

Several people played two hours of empty games, and Li Tiezhu did two hours of fulfilling summer holiday homework.

Finally, Peng Peng suggested, “Tie Zhu, sing a song, I want to hear it live.”

Song Zhu’er was like an amnesty, “Sing! Sing ‘You Don’t Go’.”

For a while, everyone else in the room was quiet.

Xiao Yueyue let out an awkward laugh, “It’s too late, let’s not listen to such an exciting song, idol sing ‘Big Fish’, I super like this song.”

Li Tiezhu couldn’t resist but sang it, and the crowd applauded.

Song Zhu’er felt bored and yawned falsely, “Aaahhhh! So sleepy! After doing so much work today, is everyone tired?”

The crowd cried and laughed, you are at least an old artist who has been in the industry for more than ten years, go away and be careful, right?

For the sake of the little frog, everyone had no choice but to follow the awkward performance and call it a night.

Turn off the lights.

Lights back on.

Within moments, the group was dressed again, talking and laughing as they killed their way towards the paddies with torches, and the covert operation had begun.

Not far away, a group of crews with indifferent tops of their faces were collecting the machines, and were actually speechless.