The Rockstar Chapter 114

At twelve o’clock in the middle of the night, when Li Tiezhu killed the frogs, Song Zhu’er finally didn’t dare to come forward, this thing is much more scary than the fish. She watched Li Tiezhu’s progress from afar, after all, caught more than four pounds of small frogs, the amount of work is not small.

Of course it is not small, get it out also has two pounds.

On the other hand, the old three only has opened the beer, drinking while waiting for Li Tiezhu to serve the delicacies, Xiao Yueyue and Pang Pang also followed over to drink beer.

Anyway, the programme team is off duty, so they can get as high as they want.

Li Tiezhu glanced at Song Zhu’er who was hiding behind the door, “Hot claw, want to come and kill two?”

Song Zhu’er drew her legs and ran, “No, I don’t dare to have legs, um …… mum ah!”

At this time, Mr He took back a tablet from the director of the face of grief, on which is from the programme team “tears of complaint” – Song Zhu’er’s tiger and wolf words collection.

“What breed of goat is that one, isn’t it tasty?”

“How can a girl get bloodsick? Wouldn’t she scare herself to death every month?”

“He said you’d be in his film because he has a round head.”

“Your appearance is also almost, Nortel Chinese Opera is bad enough, there is still hope for Shanghai Opera, Chen Chi-Chi are ……”

“Quack! Tiezhu, frogs are delicious it! There are so many frogs in the paddy field.”

“Right? I also think it’s better to be fat and have babies. I’ve planned it all out, I’ll get married as soon as I graduate, hold a doll at twenty-five, and teach him to sing and dance and draw ……”

“I can’t believe no one chased me at school, obviously all of them are horny! I hope to go to the north electric power can be better, really can’t, pick a right eye I chase him can also, first cheat to the hand before.”

Several people laughed uncontrollably, especially Xu Shanqian, who was told that his head was round, and his eyes were tearing up.

Song Zhu’er looked innocent: “What’s wrong? What’s wrong?”

He Ling couldn’t help but laugh, “Sister! It’s a good thing that you have a forthright personality, but you’re making things difficult for the programme team by being too forthright.”

Song Zhu’er backhandedly opened a can of beer, “I don’t care …… the notice fee can’t be less!”

He Ling: “……”

Huang Sanshi held back his laughter and asked, “Hey! I’m just curious to ask ah, why do you girls like Li Tiezhu? My daughter Shao Shao is a big fan of Li Tiezhu, and he cried for a long time when he was eliminated last period. Zhao Liya and Leng Ba also seem to support Li Tie Zhu. Why?”

Song Zhu’er tilted her head, “I don’t know about other people, but my words …… Li Tiezhu is helpful and speaks well, and is still one of the few people who can keep up with my thoughts when chatting. We talk to each other, which is rare!”

I Songzhuer has always been thinking sly character fluttering, words and deeds also often cause people to disagree, is a typical abnormal girl, also known as deep well ice. Three views can not be said to be positive, but it is never the kind of tea that wants to fall in love but is afraid of being …….

At the end of the day, Bamboo added another cut, “Anyway, I think he’s like a friend. Of course, it’s also possible that you all are too old and have a generation gap with me.”

All internal injuries.

Song Zhu’er took a sip of beer and looked towards the kitchen, where Li Tiezhu was stir-frying small frogs, and couldn’t help but sigh, “Ah! I’m drooling at the sight of Li Tiezhu right now ……”


The old three only collectively laughed and sprayed, Pumbaa and Xiao Yueyue snickered.

Sure enough, it was all tiger and wolf words!

Xiao Yueyue forcibly rounded off the conversation, “Bamboo child is praising Brother Tiezhu for his excellent cooking skills, right? Telling ……”

Pumbaa: “Goosey goosey goosey ……”

Song Zhu’er: “Of course! But, you guys obviously thought wrong again ah! So, don’t like being with you greasy old men yet, or Tie Zhu is pure.”

The old three are only okay, Pumbaa and Xiao Yueyue exploded, how are we old? How are we greasy?

In the kitchen, Li Tiezhu shouted, “Hot claw, serve the dishes!”

Song Zhu’er walked towards the kitchen, “It’s Nezha ah Nezha! Hot hot hot, no, wait wait wait ……”

On the other side, the five people were laughing so hard that they were twitching, these two people are also the best, neurotic dialogue, bullheadedness, one sentence is Nezha not Hot Paw has been said more than ten times, right? Actually have the nerve to say – chatty?

For cooking, Li Tiezhu self-confessed his cooking skills spicy crayfish third, hot pot second, fried small frog first.

Sure enough, Li Tiezhu’s fried small frog with pickled peppers once again conquered the crowd.

Li Tiezhu also ate a lot, but did not drink, the last drunken feeling was too unbearable.

Song Zhu’er ate high, drank three cans of beer, hit Li Tiezhu’s shoulder and said: ”I found that you are really good at cooking! If I don’t find a boyfriend in four years of college, how about I marry you? You cook for me every day and I’ll give you babies?”

A group of people instantly went crazy, dying ah you two!

Li Tiezhu calmly said: “You have to believe in yourself, even if the blind date can not, you can still get married. Do not hurt your friends as a last resort, it’s not good.”

Song Zhu’er drunken eyes: “Also, you are not very good-looking, almost. Okay, I will try my best.”

Li Tiezhu: “You’re not bad looking, go for it!”

“They all say I’m too greasy for my young age ……”

“The eyes of the masses are bright.”

Song Zhu’er poured a mouthful of beer, “Not afraid! Yue can even get a daughter-in-law, there’s nothing difficult in the world but fear.”

Xiao Yue Yue hard man blindfolded: “????”


Next day, nine o’clock.

Xu Shanqian and Huang Sanshi, two old comrades with worrying sleep quality, had already started drinking tea downstairs before Li Tiezhu got up. He walked to the courtyard, performed some Tiger and Crane Double Form and Monkey Stealing Peach against a pillar, and hit a set of Lian Wu Whip, and then went to cook after a simple warm-up.

Ten minutes later, Song Zhu’er rubbed her eyes and came down, hitting a set of rigid-flexible Wing Chun against the pillar in the way, then gave a cold smile and went to wash up.

Xu Shanqian and Huang Sanshi, who had watched all this, were creeped out:

This is the unique tacit understanding between patients ah!

Today’s work is still busy, after breakfast, Li Tiezhu went to borrow a donkey cart yesterday to borrow a threshing machine from the old folks home, and took Xiaoyueyue, Pang Pang and the hot paw of the soy sauce on the back of the mountain to break corn.

Because of the donkey and Li Tiezhu’s support, eleven and a half to break finished.

At noon made egg fried rice, with last night’s hot pot converted into spicy hot pot, a sumptuous lunch ended, to the time to say goodbye.

“So what, who settles the notice fee?”

“Director, the uneaten dishes, can I pack them?”

“Teacher Shanqian, do you have an advance for the filming? Does it include food and accommodation?”

“Teacher Hwang, I’m sorry, last time Infinite Challenge stole your team, and this time I’m stealing your cooking job. Next time there’s a programme like Mushroom House where you can make money by fooling around, remember to call me. By the way, I’ll leave an autograph for Shao Shao ……”

“And that donkey, you guys remember to return it later.”

I don’t know why, Li Tiezhu earnestly instructed some, and left with a sad feeling of disappointment, this is after all not my mushroom house ah.

This kind of day, more comfortable than the daily life of the entertainment circle, really miss it!

The programme team’s car took Xu Shanqian, Yue Yue, Li Tiezhu and Song Zhu’er to the airport, and then the four of them flew separately.

Xu Shanqian went to Jiangnan to prepare for his new film, Yue Yue went back to Donghai to participate in Hilarious Comedians as a guest, Song Zhu’er went back to Kyoto, and Li Tiezhu went to Diannan.

The banks of the Nu River in southern Yunnan, the starting point of the Hong Foundation’s “Thousands of Mountains” project, Li Tiezhu had a hard time fighting for this place, although Mr Han Hong told him to take a good rest.