The Rockstar Chapter 115

This weekend, the fourth episode of Mushroom House aired on time on Friday night, and naturally, Li Tiezhu, who was eliminated from The Voice, was in the spotlight.

The two little psychopaths, Li Tiezhu and Songzhu’er, became the core element of the whole episode, and even the film star Xu Shanqiang and the comedy genius Xiao Yueyue had to avoid them. It’s just that the interactions and lines of the two little fools were so thunderous that the programme team had to delete some of them, otherwise it would have been even more sensational.

In addition, Xiaoyue Yue’s first “tough guy attempt” although halfway, but also be fond of, fans strongly urge Xiaoyue Yue more attempts, do not understand to ask Li Tiezhu.

Of course, Yue Yupeng at this juncture to bring Li Tizhu on the show, but also once again harvested a wave of praise.

And Xu Shanqiang’s new film, not yet started shooting, has begun to get a lot of attention, after all, he shamelessly go around to fool people cameo appearance, really enough justification, because he …… head round.

But everyone’s most beloved Li Tiezhu, but after this reality show is lost.

For a time, it caused people to think ……

Even if “Royal Engine” topped the Penguin Music Album Chart, it couldn’t offset people’s thoughts about Li Tiezhu. No, the third round of the Super Voice finals without Li Tiezhu, the ratings plummeted by nearly half, and the live screen was full of curses, with seven out of ten summoning Li Tiezhu.

So, what the hell did that guy do?

If not for Li Tiezhu stubbornly calling 0.5 yuan cat money every day, Leng Ba would have suspected that Li Tiezhu had disappeared.

“Did he call you for money these days?”

“Rabbit smash! What’s it to you?”

“Okay, got it.”

Zhao Liya, who had advanced again in the third round, also couldn’t help but learn about Li Tiezhu from the cat and report back to Wan Yun’s mother, humble!

Over the past ten days, some people said that they had seen Li Tiezhu on the ferry on the Nu River, some said that they had seen Li Tiezhu in the canyon of Daliang Mountain, some said that they had seen Li Tiezhu at the end of the Kangzang Mountain, and some said that they had seen Li Tiezhu riding a horse under the snowy mountains on the plateau.

With more and more passers-by on Jitterbug, bursting out of Li Tiezhu in the southwest mountains, everyone is very concerned, this critical moment you do not prepare for the resurrection race, go travelling to do what?

For Li Tiezhu’s travels, some people are puzzled, some people admire, and some people are indifferent.


Saturday, 3rd September.

The Super Voice National Finals Round 4 – Resurrection Round.

The contestants who were not selected by the mentors in the first round are not eligible for the resurrection round, which means that the resurrection round is sixteen into two. The time came to 7:00pm, all the people before the show were all there, and the audience was entering one after another.

Li Tiezhu wiped skin cream in the dressing room and said: ”Is it okay not to rub this stuff? It smells so disgusting! It’s even more disgusting than Mr Tony.”

Qin Tao said, “Hajir, your face is cracked like an arse and you’re still bleeping? Listen to the make-up teacher.”

Make-up teacher: “What’s wrong with you just? Half a month gone, how come your face is black like this? Also plateau red, cracked …… This is not to make it difficult for me fat tiger?”

Yi Xiaomao: “Brother, why do you trample yourself so?”

Xiao Zhen: “What’s that, brother! I asked, my godfather really did not do it, you dislike those two can not be merciful, to say that we are still a gang. The ones who pitted you are the boulder in the north and the shooting star in the south, it has nothing to do with us, East Sea Kyushu, and it has nothing to do with Wang Da Shao.”

The two people are simple-minded, Yi Xiaomao just simply want to welcome Brother Tiezhu’s return with a big ride, Xiao Zhen is even more simple, just begging Li Tiezhu not to explode his video.

The point is, Yi Xiaomao and Xiao Zhen have both advanced from their respective groups, and running backstage at this time makes it a little difficult for the other contestants to accept. The contestants have thought, Li Tiezhu this Nima Super Versailles ah, deliberately disgust us?

Even Justin, who was preparing for the match next door, came to greet Li Tiezhu: “Hi! Brother, how’s the preparation?”

Li Tiezhu was shocked, “Are you crazy? Even you were eliminated?”

Although Li Tiezhu was stupid, but he was also a person who had been empowered by the system with music literacy, the level of the same contestants was still roughly clear, and Justin’s singing and expression was obviously the highest of the bunch.

Moreover, although he is of mixed blood, he also resolutely chose Chinese nationality at the age of eighteen and loves Chinese culture, there is absolutely no black.

The blonde Justin has a BaoDao accent: “It’s just very bikerish, I’m just like you, I’ve been screwed by those two tutors. But it’s okay, there’s still a chance to get into the top ten in the resurrection round.”

Li Tiezhu: “You didn’t sign Monolith and Meteor either?”

Justin blinked and left, “I also signed Penguin, Khan you an agent, are Zhang Xiaomeng Sen Sen brought la, otherwise I will not be eliminated la. Go for it!”

Li Tiezhu: “Go for it!”

Chen Yisen’s team was targeted very badly, the strength of the strongest Li Tiezhu and Justin two regional champions were both eliminated, Yi Xiaomao and three thousand years of beauty Ximeng Han advanced.

Li Tiezhu casually put on his make-up and started to rest, being a site ironman, he was really tired.

This ten days face sun cracked is not important, the important thing is that the heart is tired, he had thought that he was even unfortunate, but after this trip to the horse found …… himself too naive, the world is really cruel.

Soon, Zhao Liya also came, see Li Tiezhu is exaggerated exclaimed: “You are going to Africa? Black into this?”

Li Tiezhu smiled and shook his head.

Zhao Liya asked, “Is the song written yet? What was the keyword for the resurrection match again? Life?”

The tired Li Tiezhu’s eyes suddenly lit up, “Destiny! The song is ready, sixteen into eight, eight into four, four into two, a total of three songs!”

Current intelligence value: 88 points.

Remaining Intelligence Value: 0 points.

Music Achievement: 107 points.

Variety Achievements: 215 points.

Film and TV Achievements: 5 points.

Shake fans: 11.32 million.

Cat Domestication: 19%.

The three songs cost a total of 17 points of intelligence value, two 5 points, one 7 points, the most expensive one, Li Tiezhu did not even blink his eyes, he had to buy it!

There is no backing up to speak of, going on stage is a king bomb!

Yi Xiaomao naively handed Li Tiezhu a bottle of Maotai: “Brother? See you are too tired, a little bit.”

Li Tiezhu categorically shook his head and never drank again.

Xiao Zhen rolled up his sleeve and said, “Brother, if you are tired, close your eyes, I’ll show you my unique skill – Hand of God.”

Zhao Liya: “Pfft ……”

The crowd looked at Zhao Liya strangely, she slipped away with a red face, girls may not be less knowledgeable than boys, after all, …… women can hold up half the sky.

Qin Tao afterthought: “Kato teacher’s mastery?”

Yi Xiaomao: “Kato? Who is it?”

Xiao Zhen: “Shut up, fatty! I fucking this is a massage, the regular kind! I do …… my boss most appreciated is my technique, otherwise, you think I like nothing, can also red?”

On the importance of serving the godfather!

But, Xiao Zhen is also inevitably self-hatred, my efforts, you really can not see ah!

Not to mention, this massage level is really good, Li Tiezhu quickly relaxed, and then, fell asleep.