The Rockstar Chapter 116

“Welcome to the fourth round of the Super Voice National Finals – Resurrection Match! I’m Shaohua, and today’s competition is very special, with sixteen eliminated contestants ……”

At 7.30pm, The Voice Live kicked off with Shao Hua doing the match introductions and warming up the crowd.

“The live audience is very enthusiastic today! I’m sure many of them are fans of the contestants, and they all hope that their favourite contestants will be able to advance, but the system of the competition is cruel …… However, the fans of contestant Li Tiezhu are a bit over the top!”

Looking around, almost half of them were Li Tiezhu fans wearing blue whale pattern hats, which were big fish fan hats designed by the serious gang. There were a thousand people in the audience, and Li Tiezhu’s fans were almost four hundred, while the fans of the other contestants were relatively pitiful.

Even if there were a lot of people, the front row was still a group of big names.

Today this warm up difficulty, almost nothing ah!

It’s too easy, isn’t it?

Shao Hua couldn’t help but smile bitterly, ”It seems that contestant Li Tie Zhu is well liked! Teacher Anchor, please give us a close-up, let’s take a look at the members of his support group, in no particular order, let’s look from left to right. The first one …… Yun De Society Tai Dou Yu Qian teacher!”

The live audience was okay, they had already seen it and followed:

“Smoke! Drinking! Perm!”

The audience in front of the live screen was different, how the hell did this nigga even blow up Teacher Donkey? He is also a fan of Li Tiezhu? Unscientific ah!

The cued Teacher Yu smiled faintly, took the microphone handed by the staff, and got up to greet the audience:

“Eat well! Drink well! Drink well! Eat well!”

He thought to himself, “I just finished recording “Hilarious Comedian” stopped by to accept the apprentice, and was forced by Xiao Yue and the new apprentice to come to listen to the song only. Li Tiezhu doesn’t sing rock and roll and doesn’t burn his head, so why do I like him?

“Second, teacher Yue Yupeng.”

Xiao Yue Yue coyly said, “Dare not dare not dare, in the comedy world I am still a primary student, singing is very good. Hmph!”

Scene: “Phew ……”

Shaohua: “You’re modest, we’ve all heard ‘The Five Rings’ before! Third and fourth, Mr Huang San Shi and his daughter Shao Shao!”

Huang Shao Shao holds up the “Tie Zhu Xiong Rise” sign, and Huang San Shi smiles kindly:

“Shao Shao is a fan of Li Tiezhu, and is here on leave today.”

“Fifth, teacher Fang Bo! Why are you also here to support Li Tiezhu?”

Fang Bo heatedly smiled and said, “That’s right! I’m here to hope for his elimination, so that he can go with us to make a film, and by the way, he can cook for us or something.”

He was dragged here by Huang Sanshi, but also wanted to support Li Tiezhu. Fang Bo also had a musical dream, although it had been thinned out, so he couldn’t look at the disgusting practices of those two mentors.

What? Affect the relationship? I’m a ten billion dollar film star who’s afraid of you two?

There was a burst of laughter.

“Sixth place, Teacher Xu Shanqiang!”

Xu Shanqian: “If Li Tiezhu advances again, the film fee should go up again, or …… it’s better to be eliminated.”

The live broadcast audience also sent pop-ups to celebrate:

“Head round!”

“You’re right in everything you say!”

The other players backstage watched the live broadcast all sour! Li Tiezhu hasn’t even made his debut yet, right? Why are so many bigwigs there to support him? We’re all contestants here, why are you so popular?

Shaohua: “Seventh is incredible, film star Nie Yao! How come you and Li Tiezhu are so close? Didn’t he sneak up on you?”

The scene was full of joy, and the pop-up screen even swiped “millennium kill”.

Nie Yao took over the microphone and made himself happy: “Oh …… that’s what, I just came here to give Tie Zhu a hot spot.”

What’s the storyline of opening a hotspot?

Everyone didn’t understand, but they could tell that Nie Yao and Li Tiezhu had a good relationship.

As a matter of fact, Nie Yao and Li Tiezhu did have a good relationship, even though they hadn’t known each other for a long time, but the last time he arched his fire and dunked Li Tiezhu, we all got close. In addition, he was actually here on behalf of the Three Kingdoms crew this time, and even for the sake of the show he had to support Li Tiezhu to the end.

“The eighth person, also an old acquaintance of our programme team, the Shudu division mentor …… Teacher Leng Ba!”

Leng Ba had a calm face and said, “Li Tiezhu is the champion!”

Cat’s self-cultivation – master must lick!


The crowd follow along and clap their hands together, saying well, Li Tie Zhu must be the winner!

It’s too obvious that you’re biased, right? It’s just a resurrection match, even the champion shouted out, at least you have been a mentor of the programme, how do you make the other contestants think?

Cat, does not care.

Shao Hua did not dare to pick up this stubble: “I can see that Leng Ba teacher is very optimistic about Li Tiezhu contestant, after all, you are his bole. Below, the ninth place ……”

The audience in front of the live screen was dumbfounded, and?

The backstage contestants are even collectively turning into lemon essence, is there an end to it? This is Li Tiezhu’s special concert? So …… we are all redundant?

“I believe those who have seen the show know that the ninth this is Li Tiezhu’s ‘sick friend’ Song Zhu’er.”

Song Zhu’er was dumbfounded, holding the microphone and saying, “Ah …… I’m here to lead the singing.”

What the hell is a lead singer?

The pop-up was a Nick Young question mark: ?????

What kind of line-up is this? Not counting Huang Shao Shao, there are a total of eight, all kings in various fields! Needless to say, the bigwigs of the Cloud Virtue Society, the ten billion dollar film directors are two of them, and Nie Yao, one of the four youngest students.

How dare Mr Leng Ba not avoid suspicion?

What are you doing here, Song Zhu’er?

“Good! Above is Li Tiezhu contestant’s luxury support group, this is the most starry scene in the history of The Voice ah! This also shows how much contestant Li Tiezhu is loved, talent, character ……”

Shaohua couldn’t help but chuck in a personal message, if I wasn’t hosting the show, I would have fucking sat on it.

Then, he introduced the stars who came to stand for other contestants, the number of people is small, not to mention, but also starlight dim, basically are not a line. Obviously the economic company arrangements, with Li Tiezhu side can not be compared.

Shao Hua said, “Let’s invite the eight contestants who have already advanced to witness the birth of the last two spots of the top ten.”

(Forced to add more by two old coins that want to anus me, Ghost Know and Smokey Old Five, because …… Happy New Year!!!)

The three male, five female, and eight cadets took the stage and then went to their seats on the stage.

Han Hong Battle Team: Zhou Shallow, Zhao Liya

Wang Feng’s battle team: Luo Fei Yan, Xiao Zhen

Yehnela team: Cai Xukun, Zhang Fuchen

Chen Yisen’s team: Yi Xiaomao, Xi Menghan

Shao Hua added, “Next, let’s welcome the four tutors to the stage, starting with Teacher Han Hong.”

Amidst a round of applause, Han Hong came to the tutor’s seat. At the start of this round, the mentors no longer had the right to vote, but were still responsible for critiquing.

“The second mentor, Yehnela.”

Applause rang out, but it was mixed with a not-so-small murmur, which was to be expected.

“You’re not leaving! I’m not leaving! Wagered a spell! Pulled a hook ……”

Why the hell is it singing?

Only to see Li Tiezhu fan club, a small poke of people suddenly chorus up, and the leader of the singer is that young and beautiful “sick friend”.

Leng Ba were shocked, there is this trick?

Why didn’t the cat think of this?

The rest of the stars also had sideways glances, their expressions varying but equally wonderful.

Still the mentally unstable will have fun!

Yehnela’s face turned blue and she almost couldn’t help but slam the stage, but driven by interest, she still sat in the tutor’s seat. She didn’t come to this show for the small amount of money given by the show’s team.