The Rockstar Chapter 117

“Please welcome the third tutor, Tutor Wang Feng!”

Wang Feng’s movement to the stage was a bit hesitant, but it was time to come.

“Old driver take me with me I want to go to Kunming, old driver take me with me I want to go to the provincial city, to go to Kunming car more, halfway stop me why ……”

Songzhu’er lead singing is very high.


I sang, I even sang in chorus! What’s wrong with you divas? This Sham Tseng Bing is not in the music business.

Supporting Li Tiezhu?

Sort of. Thanks for the bacon sausage sent by Li Tie Zhu, it’s delicious. But most importantly, it’s fun! These two songs are Song Zhu’er’s favourite Li Tiezhu songs, senior!


“Come on! Two tutors, dry this cup of poisonous shit!”

“Don’t be ridiculous, this is clearly a tribute.”

“I have a feeling that these two songs will accompany the two tutors for life respectively ……”

“When Li Tiezhu wrote the song in the first place, was it plotted?”

“Impossible, can he have that kind of intelligence?”

“Song Zhu’er this is a real seizure! Isn’t he afraid of being retaliated against?”

“Why not? If she’s targeted by the two tutors, how can those two film stars not help her?”

“Serious Brother’s circle of friends is simply luxurious!”

In front of the live broadcast screen, Li Tiezhu’s fans were all excited. Although they had reached the desperate general resurrection match, they were instead full of confidence that it was impossible for Li Tiezhu to admit defeat.

Redditor Zhang Jianjun, after seeing Li Tiezhu’s “circle of friends”, decisively encrypted and saved the black information he had collected from the two tutors, so he couldn’t use it anymore.

He originally also calculated that Li Tiezhu this again be black, he will go out. Now look, Li Tiezhu’s road is very wide ah, a broken programme eliminated or not, not important at all.

Looking forward to, what kind of original songs he will bring today ……

This girl child is not only good-looking, but also smart, and more importantly, righteousness, lead singing this wave of operation I like, yaya have her half I am satisfied. The programme group is also yes, give more close-ups of those two tutors ah, see what expression they have.”

Zhao Muye indifference: Li Tiezhu, you still eliminated the counting beg, I can not even watch the ball game!

“Fourth tutor, Ethan!!!”

The applause was once again enthusiastic, mostly in tribute to him kicking over the table for Li Tiezhu.

The match officially began.

The contestants appeared in order, and Li Tiezhu drew the ninth place to appear.

This is a war in which no one has a way back, for most of the contestants, elimination means the end of their dreams, and it’s hard to have such a good chance again. Therefore, the contestants each made their best efforts and took out their best skills.

The keyword of this episode is “fate”.

A Song for the Future”, “Dreams Ahead”, “Rainbow”, “Fire of Life”, “Never Give Up” ……

Just by looking at the song titles, you can tell how serious these contestants are, they are all singing about themselves, struggling, trying, apprehensive and hopeful.

After the eighth person sang, Li Tiezhu took the stage.

The applause was incomparable, the audience cheered continuously, and even those who were not fans of Li Tiezhu were full of anticipation.

The group of stars who came to support Li Tiezhu, except for Teacher Yu Qian, were also excited.

Xiao Yueyue’s face is roaring red, the cat is a little nervous, Song Zhu’er yelled Li Tiezhu to come back to the song “You Mo Go”, causing a panic in the surrounding people.

In the corner of the audience, Li Tiezhu’s real manager, Zhang Xiaomeng, had sweaty palms.

After the cheers, only doubts remained.

What happened to Li Tiezhu’s face? It’s a lot darker and cracked? The face is moulting.

Where has he been for the past ten days? Did he go digging for coal?

At the tutor’s table, Teacher Han Hong looked indifferent, but his eyes were already red.

Li Tiezhu held the microphone, and his attitude changed from the previous blandness, and for the first time, his face was serious, even with piety:

“Today’s keyword is ‘fate’, that’s great! We are all too concerned about our own destiny, but neglect others. Today, bring you to know a little girl, real name is not convenient to disclose, but I call her – A Diao.”

The accompaniment played, and the children’s pure harmonies grew stronger:




♪ Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

The screen slowly lit up with the music, a rough video shot on a mobile phone.

On top of a large hill, a dilapidated earth hut. The fog is deep, and a young folk girl in a dirty men’s jacket sits in a clearing in front of the earth hut with her knees clasped singly, her back to the camera as she smashes potatoes.

Thunk …… thunk …… thunk …… thunk …… thunk ……

In the bottom right corner of the video, a row of small letters:

The video has been made with the consent of the girl herself, and all proceeds from the song will be automatically transferred to the girl’s education fund.

This is the first time on the Voice stage, Li Tiezhu, completely well done soundtrack and harmony of the original, and even a music video?

Sort of.

Li Tiezhu is not afraid of losing, but simply feels …… that he can not blaspheme.

Today, these three songs, is Li Tiezhu ten days “thousands of mountains line” when the demo, please agent Zhang Xiaomeng in the East China Sea to do the soundtrack, each capital is done perfectly.

The picture pushed closer, the girl’s earth house is only one room, below is a pigsty, raising two small black pigs, above is a low attic, the roof of the missing tiles by the stone pieces and yellow mud to fill in, and even a few weeds grow.

The doorway of the attic was only the size of a basket, and a simple wooden ladder was set up outside, and a thin quilt was spread inside, as well as tattered clothes and pots and pans.



The camera pans around and focuses on the little girl, who looks to be in her teens, with messy hair and a dirty face, but very clear eyes. She smiled shyly and seemed to want to avoid the camera but was a bit scared so she didn’t dare to move.

The audience had gone numb, the girl was so poor, where were her parents?

Now, everyone finally knows what Li Tiezhu is doing these days, and also knows how the sunburn on his face came about.




Lives somewhere in Khamtsoo.

Like a vulture

Perched on a mountaintop

The listener’s first thought was that the song was too high up

There is another way to sing, more suitable for male voices, but Li Tiezhu did not choose. It doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad, only if it’s needed or not. At least, the A Diao of this world does not need to pontificate, she needs a knife and courage.

Chen Yisen covered his mouth with both hands, and his body shivered a little, this is Li Tiezhu! The opening is a king bomb! Come on! Where are those who laughed at him? Where are those who manipulate the rules?

And for the first time, Li Tiezhu was glad that his voice was high enough, and after repeated hammering, he was barely able to handle the song.

A Diao

Sunshine spread in front of the gate of the Da Zhao Temple

Playing a pot of sweet tea

We talked about the past

The camera shows Li Tiezhu’s hand carrying a black kettle out of the attic, opening it to reveal a modest bit of liquid mixed with black, white and green.

For the first time the video has dialogue.

“What is this?”

The girl shyly snatches the kettle, hides it behind her, and looks down:


The camera suddenly shakes, giving away the filmmaker’s emotions.

The chants and voices rise:


Ah Diao!

You always dress up like

Like a boy.

But you’re tougher than a gossamer.