The Rockstar Chapter 118

In the picture, the little girl feeds the pigs, chops wood and digs potatoes, with a thin body, a wandering smile and pure eyes. She takes potatoes out of the pot in which she cooks the pig’s food and shares them with Li Tiezhu, who is filming her, with sincerity but with a touch of inferiority.

Subtitle: Her father died while he was away at work, and her mother took the compensation money and remarried far away. Since she was eight years old, she has been raising herself on her own, and is now thirteen years old.

Many people on the scene cried, including those stars and big names, and countless live screens were filled with teardrops.

Thirteen years old?

Such a small child thirteen years old? The original is …… malnutrition ah!


Hypocrites have a thousand laughs

This one was a stunning line, a sudden super high note that went straight to the heart like a bullet. The already teary-eyed crowd shuddered at the sound, and so many had goosebumps.

And, this line, Li Tiezhu is staring straight at Yehnela sang.

The eyes are like knives.

But not hatred, only with mockery and contempt.

The applause instantly exploded.

The pop-ups were even more favourably received, “Serious brother pretty! Just stare at her and sing.”

Li Tiezhu had learnt the information from Zhang Xiaomeng that it was the two companies, Monolith in the north and Meteor in the south, who had crowded out the contestants who were not from their companies in order to ingest the good rankings of The Voice. And to do away with Li Tiezhu in such a disgusting way was proposed by Monolith’s shareholder, Yehnela.

When are you coming down?

Remember to bring the Drolma Knife

Li Tiezhu’s eyes glittered with light, it was a kind of self-confidence, a kind of strong self-confidence that could cut down all strong enemies. He gently swept a glance at Yehenala and Wang Feng, and from then on, never looked at them squarely again.

A Diao you are the same, don’t have to care about those hypocritical people, bring the Zhuo Ma knife and courage, no one can hurt you!

Under the grey hat brim

Sunken cheeks

You seldom speak

Simple answers

Where will you be tomorrow?

Who cares about you?

Even if you fall on the road


But I

I still can’t.

I won’t give up hope just because it hurts.

Scars grow from wounds.

A flower of unparalleled beauty.


Ill-fated, obsessed, bland

Farewell to youth

Countless stations

Willing to be ordinary but unwilling to be routed by the ordinary

You’re Diao.

You’re a free bird.


Snapped ……

The audience under the stage stood up and cheered and applauded, at this moment, no matter whether they are or are not Li Tiezhu’s fans, they have been convinced by this song, and even more Li Tiezhu applauded the act of setting up an education fund for “A Diao” with this song.

A group of stars who came to support Li Tiezhu also stood up and applauded.

Huang Sanshi put her arms around Shao Shao who had already cried and swollen her eyes, she couldn’t see the bitter child who was almost the same age as her.

Xu Shanqiang and Fang Bo looked at each other and were speechless.

Nie Yao’s red eyes, looking at Li Tiezhu on the stage, this friend is made.

Leng Ba also cried, the cat breeder pattern is too high than those two tutors. However, she quickly stopped crying, next to a wailing almost broken, first patted the back to rescue, you have to live, these days the showbiz deep well ice is not much.

Song Zhu’er was not easy to slow down, inexplicably towards Leng Ba came: “ow ow …… In fact, not to give birth to a baby can also be adopted ah! Why didn’t I think of it, Li Tiezhu genius. Oooo……”

Leng Ba: “Huh????”

Yu Qian patted Little Yue Yue who was already crying his nose off and had no words to say. Although he was initially confused as to what this kid was smoking suddenly chasing after a star, now he seemed to be getting it ……

Little Yueyue was meeting himself.

Wiping a handful of tears, Xiao Yueyue’s tears still couldn’t stop falling down, he remembered that dialogue with his master half a month ago.

“Li Tiezhu has been undermined. Master, I want to take him on The Mushroom House, but I’m afraid.”

“Why do you want to help him?”

“He is too much like me, but I’m not as brave as him, not as talented as him, I …… you know, I’m always being bullied, and in the Yundel Society too. There are people who want to drive me away, it is you who said that even if I can’t learn anything, you can raise me for a lifetime. But, Li Tiezhu he has no master ah!”

“Wanting to help him, then why are you afraid again?”

“I’m afraid of offending people, afraid of affecting my own resources or something …… I’m selfish. Master?”

“Whatever decision you make, Master supports you.”

“I …… still decided to take him, he needs help now.”

“Heh! Master just lied to you, if you back out, Master doesn’t really support you. But you didn’t let me down, good job!”

Xiao Yue Yue was suddenly a little arrogant, I’m really tough!

Only the hardness is not too obvious.

Li Tiezhu sings about A Diao and himself. A Diao is A Diao, Li Tiezhu is A Diao, and I, Yue Yupeng, am actually A Diao.

The song continues, and so does the story of A Diao.

Willing to be ordinary but not willing to be ordinary debacle

You are Diao ……

On the screen, Diao is sprawled out in a small window in the attic doing his homework.

The audience held their breath, waiting for the high note that sang through their souls, and many had even sung it first:

“You’re a free bird!”

But they didn’t wait, the accompaniment stopped, the harmonies disappeared, and Li Tiezhu’s voice suddenly became warm, singing cleanly:

A Diao

Life is a stubborn seed

You are a tree

You’ll never wither

That’s right!

Never …… wither, much less cry!!!!

Li Tiezhu finished singing and adjusted his breathing before bowing, “Thank you! Thank you!”

The audience applauded.

Tutor Chen Yisen even stood up with tears in his eyes and raised his hands towards the audience, who stopped applauding and raised their hands together to make a gesture of worship with him.

Once, twice, three times.

Then, Chen Isen couldn’t help but burst out, “This is the fucking singer!”

On the side, Yehnela’s face was sullen, and Wang Feng was a bit confused, but he couldn’t help but nod his head, and although it was very slight, it was captured by the camera.

The audience was in a stirring mood, with all kinds of cheers coming out.

“Li Tiezhu is awesome!”

“Serious brother is mighty and domineering ……”

“Tie Zhu, I want to give you a monkey!”

The cat raised her hand and gave Song Zhu’er a handful of slashes before handing over a tissue, “Don’t shout blindly in case you get caught on camera.”

Song Zhu’er blew her nose and said, “I’m not afraid!”

Leng Ba said, “It will bring influence to Li Tiezhu, he’s still young, he can’t spread gossip.”

Song Zhu’er thought about it, “Sister, I’m not really going to give him a monkey, why are you so excited? Huh …… you are not right!”

Leng Ba: “You deep well ice, right?”

Song Zhu’er: “Aang!”

Leng Ba: “……”

On the other side, Rabbit Smash was already paralysed in his seat from crying, most of the other contestants were also crying, Xiao Zhen was even crying while telling the people next to him, Li Tiezhu is my brother!

Shao Hua was on the stage with tissues, and while talking, he wiped the corners of his eyes, “Li Tiezhu contestant …… very good song, but also a very meaningful song! Please can you introduce this A Diao girl?”

Li Tiezhu: “She’s strong, brave, smart, and does well in school, and also, she cooks delicious potatoes. Please don’t ask me what her real name is, where she lives and how you can find her. Because …… she doesn’t need sympathy, she will live bravely and grow into an unbelievably beautiful flower!”