The Rockstar Chapter 119

Shao Hua understands Li Tiezhu’s strings, the so-called mercy is just a sharp blade called compassion, which is equally hurtful.

He also stopped talking about that poor girl and said: “Let’s bless A Diao, may she grow up healthy and make progress in her studies. Li Tiezhu player, once again you sang everyone to tears, why are you always like this?”

Li Tiezhu: “Blame me?”

Shaohua: “See how you can make it up to everyone? After all, crying is a forceful job.”

Li Tiezhu thought about it and said, “Sorry to make things difficult for everyone, so let me sing a song for the group to amuse you.”

“Can a song amuse? A new song?”

“No, an old song.”

Offstage, Yehenara and Wang Feng Gouzi both clamped down, this guy won’t openly sing ‘You Mo Go’ on stage, right? Kill and Punish?

Song Zhu’er jumped up and shouted, “You Mo Go!”

Cat pull how can not pull, no way, husky’s strength is certainly greater than the cat.

Yehenara and Wang Feng’s faces became even darker.

Shao Hua was a bit embarrassed, “Have we heard it before? What’s the name of the song?”

Li Tiezhu: “You Look Funny.”

“This song ah …… hey, no, isn’t it called ‘You Look Good Smiling’? Written for Zhao Liya.”

“Just that one changed, just sing a couple of lines at random.”

Shao Hua breathed a sigh of relief, as long as he didn’t blatantly storm the two mentors on stage: “Good!”

The buttocks of the two teachers on stage also loosened up a lot.

Li Tiezhu got a guitar and sang to himself:

Like the title to her speech

I like to copy her homework.

No matter how many pages there are.

You’re enough.

I like to let you buy ice-cream.

I like to ask you to peel grapes

She lights up the chat box.

And you like to giggle

The audience on stage really turned from sad to happy and laughed, the song change was so graphic that even Han Hong couldn’t help but smile.

To say more is tears ah ……

This is the first time Li Tiezhu really wrote a song, to be precise, it is the lyrics.

Inspiration comes from life, he tired to run public welfare on the road, but also to copy homework for a certain class flower, copy and send her. The above lyrics are all true events, and then he started to make them up. Of course, this is just his idle boredom self-deprecation, class flower in addition to fierce a little bit is also quite good, big temper, the results are still poor.

You look funny.

Like the dog next door

All her troubles all her sorrows

You’re all around

You look so funny


Pop-up trolls:

“Thanks, there are offended.”

“I suspect you have surveillance in my classroom ……”

“Lick till you end up with nothing!”


“Heartwarming! What a depressing song~”

“Too real!”

“Shut up!”

“Red Hot Trance ……”

“Shrimp and pig heart! Reported.”

Qin Tao in the background was shocked, Li Tiezhu are you crazy? Do not want to die? Don’t involve me if you want to die!

Sure enough, Li Tiezhu’s mobile phone rang, Qin Tao hurriedly pressed the mute, not long after his mobile phone also rang, there is no way, can only be hard to pick up.

“School flower, no, class flower, I’m sorry ah …… Li Tiezhu drank too much, yes, he drank on the stage …… back I must properly criticise him!”

“Ah? Really? A cup of milk tea will do? Okay. Bye!”

Hanging up the phone, Qin Tao is still confused, is the class flower being spiritually penetrated? Why was she suddenly gentle with Li Tiezhu? This song that was clearly a death wish, but it was only necessary to buy a cup of milk tea?

Could it be that she saw Li Tiezhu red and didn’t dare to bully him? Ha! How can that be. If Li Tiezhu was ten times more popular, he wouldn’t be enough for her to bully him.

The boy she remembered when she was happy

You’re not in there.

Zhao Liya knew this song best, and later on, Li Tiezhu re-recorded it and had her do the harmonies.

So, offstage, she got a microphone from the programme team, and the lyrics in the back were repeating the previous ones anyway. She stood up and very rhythmically harmonised Li Tiezhu in a small milky voice with a tacit understanding:

You look so funny.

Like the dog next door

Every time she’s sad, every time she’s bored.

You were there.

You look so funny.

You spent all your money on her.

The boys she thinks of when she’s happy.

You’re not in there.


After the song, Li Tiezhu gave Zhao Liya a compliment.

With Zhao Liya’s little milky harmonies, the whole song became even more energetic, and the pop-ups were joyful as hell:

“Fatal harmonies, Zhao Liya, you’ve been led astray by Serious Brother.”

“Give the graceful and elegant piano princess back to me!”

“God damn harmony …… laughing and crying.”

“Up top.”

“Woof woof woof ……”

“Once upon a time I was a licking dog, then I turned scum.”

“Learn from you!”

“Li Tiezhu: Scared? I’m ruthless enough to even spoof my own songs.”

“Worthy of being the ‘Divine Song Heavenly King’!”

Off stage, the big stars laughed, I didn’t expect Li Tiezhu to have such an operation, what have you been through?

Yu Qian said, “Li Tiezhu is also suitable for comedy, amusing stems!”

Xiao Yueyue laughed: “I told you, if he is there, Yun De She will be a big hit. Think about it, if he and Qin Tao to the stage so a station, tsk …… do not speak, the stage can be happy half a day.”

Song Zhu’er was so happy that she couldn’t help herself, she liked this kind of sand sculpture song. Then, she suddenly broke over Leng Ba’s shoulder, serious face: “Does he lick you?”

Leng Ba a mouthful of old blood surged: “……”

I am not! I’m not! We never move our hands or our mouths between us! Don’t you falsely accuse me!

Song Zhu’er let out an oh, indistinct, “That’s not it, I told you how could a straight man of steel like Li Tiezhu be a licking dog! It scared me.”

Leng Ba thought to herself, “Something must have gone wrong somewhere! Otherwise, why is Rabbit Smash bullying me and Erha bullying me too?

Shaohua on the stage also laughed and reappeared, saying to the audience below, “I’m laughing at this! This song, is everyone still satisfied?”


Shao Hua looked at the tutor’s table again, “Four tutors, what are your comments on Li Tiezhu’s competition just now? I’m talking about the song ‘A Diao’.”

Firstly everyone’s eyes looked towards Yehnela.

Yehenara: “Don’t want to comment.”

Wang Feng struggled slightly and said, “Don’t want to critique.”

Han Hong: “No need to critique.”

Chen Yisen got up and said solemnly, “Don’t dare to critique!”

Shaohua was inevitably a bit embarrassed, the four mentors were still fighting, so he had to interview Li Tiezhu: “Contestant Li Tiezhu, will all the proceeds from ‘A Diao’ be used to give that girl schooling?”

Li Tiezhu: “Yes! If there is any excess, it will be re-aided to other children similar to her, supervised and executed by Hong Fund, with all the data and information published online every month.”

Shaohua: “Why are you so passionate about public welfare? Is there any other reason besides what happened to your mother?”

Li Tiezhu: “My old man told me ‘teach others when you learnt, give to others when you earned’, and he has been doing that all these years, I am not as good as him.”

Shao Hua exclaimed, “What a great phrase, ‘teach when you have learnt, give when you have earned’! Thank you Li Tiezhu! Thank you for bringing this song ‘A Diao’!”

Li Tiezhu retires and the match continues.

Yehenara was calculating in her heart, this Li Tiezhu really doesn’t have enough brains, such a good song put in the first round, huh, let’s see what you do next!

The cat is also very entangled: “Hey! A Diao” such a good song, should be put in the second round of the third round to sing again.”

Husky is extraordinarily cheerful: “Don’t worry, sis! ‘A Diao’ is definitely the relative worst of the three songs, the other two will sound better, Li Tiezhu is so smart, how could he make such a mistake?”

The cat is speechless, Li Tiezhu …… is he smart? If he is really smart, the cat can live until now? With his physique, the cat can die eight times a night!