The Rockstar Chapter 12

Leng Ba couldn’t help but let out an oh, finally it’s time! Is it that strong?

I like it!

As a judge, Leng Ba was still a melon eater at heart.

Don’t look at her face as a goddess, but in her private life, she was the kind of person who would stop and wave the flag when she saw two dogs fighting on the roadside.

The host was excited: ”You mean, in order to prove that you are not a plagiarist, you are going to issue a challenge to all the composers, including Wine Pen? And, you’re still sure of winning?”

Li Tiezhu: “Sort of.”

He added in his heart: the system forced it.

The host looked at the director, and Wang Zegang looked at Chen Posong, “Old man you’ve had enough! Do you still want the programme’s reputation? And …… the programme has already overrun.

Does it matter if it is plagiarised or not? Important, but not so important, if Li Tiezhu bid farewell to the stage, the so-called plagiarism is not worth mentioning.

So, the question that everyone is most concerned about now is:

Does Li Tiezhu have the next opportunity to sing?

Live pop-ups have lost their minds and spewed up, and the live audience has also exploded, can it still be played like this? All open map cannon! Must be saved for the next game ah, see how he goes to heaven! Or …… ascend to heaven.

Li Tiezhu on the stage, his eyes are empty, and he is starting to be dumbfounded again, with a silly smile hanging at the corner of his mouth. Anyway, I have a system, big deal Kryptonite IQ!

Laozi will not lose!

Pop-up screen:

“Crap! The heart is so big!”

“I thought he was a bronze, but I didn’t realise he was a king!”

“Cowhide Plas!”

“Serious brother, please accept my Pollengaier!”

“Convinced in capital letters!”

“A plagiarist and still so arrogant? The world is going downhill.”

“This is opening map cannon ah! Joyful!”

“Daring to openly challenge Wine Pen, I now believe that Wine Pen touched the porcelain.”

“Me too, Wine Pen that’s a stupid fork has written a mouthful of songs in his whole life, it’s hard to listen to,”

“I’m afraid that Serious Brother won’t make it to the next round.”

Chen Posong deeply frowned, staring at Li Tiezhu.

Zhao Liya, who was backstage, at some point also subconsciously grabbed the corner of her coat.

Director Wang Zegang was also a little short of breath, moncler outlet online you be a person! Don’t make a mess! If Li Tiezhu is brushed down, this plagiarism pot will not be able to get rid of it, let him do the next scene to end it.

Chen Posong said: ”The question I asked you just now about whether or not it was plagiarism actually has nothing to do with the programme team, nor does it have anything to do with the final promotion slot. It’s my personal question!”

What do you mean?

Chen Posong added, “The focus of this programme is the good voice, so whether your originality or plagiarism, at most, it can only involve your morality. It doesn’t involve the selection criteria, as long as you sing well, you can advance, and if you don’t sing well, the song is written well for nothing. But I, for one, hope you didn’t plagiarise before asking so much.”

Now, everyone understood, the original old gentleman is curious, can also be said that the sense of justice.

The live caption had people supporting Chen Posong for having a bottom line, and there were also people hacking him for bleeping too much.

Li Tiezhu: “I can’t even read the five line score sent by the wine pen, how can I copy it? I only know simple music.”


So reasonable.

Chen Posong was also stunned, why the hell didn’t I think of this section?

He said with some embarrassment, “Of course, right now there is only one promotion medal left, in Leng Ba’s hands. So, who she wants to give it to, it’s up to her, I don’t even have an opinion.”

Li Tiezhu: “Then you’re chattering for half a day, making it look like you’re making the choice ……”

Chen Posong: “Er …… can’t help it, can’t help it.”

You do not have the right to decide, then you chattered for half a day? Even forced me to open a map gun? Is this really good?

Host: “So, Mentor Leng Ba, your choice is?”

Leng Ba picked up the promotion medal, looked round at the contestants, and said, “Zheng Qian is a very good contestant, and I really like her singing voice. Her own conditions are very good, her skills and singing style are mature, and what’s even more rare is that her external conditions are still excellent. But ……”


Here it comes, but.

Zheng Qian’s originally somewhat excited little mood suddenly fell down, everything is afraid of but ah.

She glanced at Li Tiezhu beside her with quite a bit of grudge, if she didn’t meet this opponent, with her strength she could completely advance.

Li Tiezhu was calm and even a bit distracted.

Leng Ba said: ”However, Li Tiezhu’s voice is a bit more distinctive, although his singing skills are not as good as Zheng Qian’s, they are better than the simplicity and resonance of the listener. So, even though he bullied me during the audition and asked me to get him pineapple flavoured popsicles, I still chose ……”

Li Tiezhu: “How do you know it’s pineapple flavoured?”

Leng Ba: “Eh ……”

Li Tiezhu: “Heh!”

Yi Feng: “Pfft…”

Lin Fan: “Brother? What are you laughing at? What’s so funny about a pineapple-flavoured popsicle?”

The originally tense and intense final choice changed suddenly.

The host was dumbfounded, the contestants exploded, the mentors covered their foreheads, the live pop-up screen was even more windy, and Leng Ba was about to crack.

Leng Ba instantly reddened: “I …… smelled it! Don’t you slander me!”

Li Tiezhu: “I didn’t say anything.”

Leng Ba took a few deep breaths, forcibly resisted the urge to throw the promotion medal to Zheng Qian, glared at Li Tiezhu, her gaze was like a knife, “Promotion!”

And then, Chen Posong gave the last pending medal to Zheng Qian, who still had a chance to be rescued.

All the promotion and pending places were finalised, and the show entered the end.

The host hurriedly asked Li Tiezhu, “Your next song is going to challenge Wine Pen and other composers, so what are the lyrics? Give it out now?”

Li Tiezhu shook his head, “Reimburse that thousand dollars first.”

Host: “……”

The programme team responded quickly, and a staff member immediately added Qin Tao’s WeChat and transferred the money. Then, Li Tiezhu also gave the song title and lyrics:

The Big Fish.

The waves of the sea noiselessly drown the night deeply

Roaming over the corners of the sky’s end

Big fish swim through the cracks of dreams

Gazing at your sleeping silhouette

Watching the sea and the sky

Listening to the wind and rain

Holding my son’s hand and blowing away the smoky waves.

The wings of a big fish

Are already too vast

I let go of the rope of time


The lyrics of the song slowly emerged on the big screen, the audience was a little dumbfounded for a while, the lyrics …… are too powerful, right?

Chen Posong looked straight nodding, even with a leap of passion in his eyes, to not ……

Leng Ba is a little confused, that guy is really good at writing songs?

Backstage Zhao Liya eyes even flashed a trace of amazement, I knew it, I knew it ……

Coming from a musical family, she actually had a dream of being a singer since she was a child, so she usually composed songs and lyrics. It was just that she was too young, her techniques were not too mature, and her works were not quite up to scratch, but that didn’t stop her level of appreciation from being outstanding.

With the exit of the 10th group, the first round of the Western Region of The Super Voice was over, followed by the semi-finals 20 to 10 next Saturday, and the finals 10 to 5 the following week.

The show should be over, and the hosts were ready to start making their final announcements when they saw the assistant director hold up the cue board.

Me Nima?

Still coming?

This is to make things difficult for me, Fat Tiger!