The Rockstar Chapter 120

The sixteen contestants showed their skills and all brought out their best, and the first round ended with all the contestants taking the stage.

Shaohua announced, “The Super Voice Season 6 National Finals Round 4 – Resurrection Round 1 …… Voting begins! The time is five minutes, we will make a choice based on the final national vote, sixteen contestants, only eight will advance to the second round, please pick up your mobile phone ……”

Over the next five minutes, there are several plays that take turns around the country.

The middle-aged wife says to her husband, “Give me your mobile phone, what are you hiding? Did you raise a mistress? No. What are you afraid of? I’ll just vote for Li Tiezhu. Vote for what woman? Roll! Shallow!”

This is mummy fan, one of the stalwarts of Li Tiezhu’s fans.

The trembling old woman stood in front of the TV, looking contemptuously at a group of teenage grandchildren, saying, “Take out your mobile phones, edit SMS 1xxxx and vote for Li Tiezhu. You dare to vote for any young lady, you’ll see the wifey beat you to death!”

This is the grandmother’s fan, the perfect audience for Li Tiezhu’s “Royal Engine”, several songs are square dance god songs.

In junior high school and high school classmate groups, it’s usually the class flower that speaks, “@ everyone, edit SMS 1xxxx to vote for Li Tiezhu, and send a screenshot to the group after voting. Otherwise, humph ……”

This is the sister fan, not much but very iron!

Even in Huang Sanshi’s arms, Huang Shao Shao threatened many male classmates on their mobile phones that they must vote for Li Tiezhu, or else they will be cut off.

Shao Hua interviewed the four mentors, the eight advancing contestants, and the sixteen resurrection contestants once again, and five minutes passed. He also didn’t know the final results, and didn’t even have the qualifications to announce them, after all, he wasn’t as shameless as Teacher Hong Bo.

Teacher Hong Bo took the stage, holding a piece of paper, betting on a mouthful of thousand year old mountains, and the set up remained the same for years.

“The voting results of the first round of the resurrection round of the sixth season of The Super Voice, have come out, this result makes me very shocked, but …… again in the expected, many of the contestants who are favoured by everyone were eliminated, some contestants but also the results of the proud … …”

Speaking nonsense, Hong Bo is a professional.

He scanned the players on the stage and added:

“The result of this vote has set a record in the history of The Voice programme, even in the final round of the finals. It amazes me!”

The contestants fell silent, you have a fucking fart!

Hong Bo looked at the four mentors, “How many votes do the mentors think the contestant with the most votes can have?”

Han Hong: “Thirty million?”

Wang Feng: “Forty million, there were thirty million last season.”

Yehenara: “I’m guessing wildly, fifty million.”

Chen Yisen: “One hundred million! Li Tiezhu!”

Hong Bo: “……”

Yehenara gave Chen Isen a mocking look, “You’re sick in the head, aren’t you? This show’s ratings only topped out at 100 million viewers!

Director Hong, however, was shocked, you really dare to think, damn it! Don’t you give the chief director some face?

You’re damn right!

So, how high are the ratings for tonight’s match? So many people voted?


“The winner of the first place in the first round of the resurrection round is, the winner of the first place is …… He is a male contestant! He has an unrivalled voice ……”

Director Hong Bo was disgusting as always.

Li Tiezhu yawned.

Hong Bo picked up a cup of Thousand Years Old Mountain and put it down again, it was too jill hard to drink, and smiled, “Contestant Li Tiezhu, who do you think is the contestant with the highest number of votes in the first round?”

Li Tiezhu looked at the cat twisting her waist and swinging her hips in the stands to cheer him on, and couldn’t help but stiffen a little, saying, “Me. One hundred million? I believe in Teacher Ethan.”

Hong Bo: “……”


“Hong Bo has a hole in his brain, right? Still asking Li Tiezhu? Wasn’t he hurt deeply?”

“It’s obvious that Li Tiezhu is number one.”

“This song, ‘A Diao’, is unrivalled!”

“I even think that Li Tiezhu sang ‘A Diao’ too early, it’s better to sing it in the next round ……”

Li Tiezhu was straight as a horse, seeing Song Zhu’er yawning below, he knew that this so-called suspense was actually meaningless, and said to Hong Bo: “Director, announce the second place, hurry up.”

Hong Bo: “Are you that sure you’re the current number one? Well …… okay, you are ……”

He felt hurt, it’s obviously a fun game of suspense, everyone is watching Ultraman, why don’t you go along with it? The audience must be old enough to love it!

Forget it, no more fun, just announce it.

Li Tiezhu has wildly collected 100 million votes and is temporarily in first place.

Lin Xiao, 40 million votes, second.

Justin thirty-eight million votes, third.


In short, Li Tiezhu advanced, reasonable, but still let thousands of mummy fans grandmother fans rejoice, and those poor sister fans can only be suppressed, after all, parents staring at it do not dare to spread joy.

The first round of singing, sixteen players eliminated eight, followed by the second round.

Eight into four.

Li Tiezhu drew the first appearance this time.

Of course, he wasn’t scared.

“In the last song, I brought you to the fate of a girl in the mountains, the fate of one person. In this song, I want to introduce you to the fate of a group of people, rather than fate, it is …… choice.”

Li Tiezhu was so domineering that he still straddled an electric guitar even with the soundtrack accompaniment and harmonies done.

“They are very young, some of them are only one or two years older than me, but these years they have been travelling through the boundless mountains, dreams? Nobility? Devotion? It’s all too superficial, they’re simply doing something very pure.”

On the big screen, a group of Hong Fund staff members trekking through the mountains appeared, not pretentious and deliberate, they talked and laughed quite cheerfully. Despite the wind and snow, they were still smiling like flowers.

Among them, naturally, there is also the figure of Li Tiezhu, there are not enough tents, Li Tiezhu and the boys cut down the trees to build a wooden house, make a fire, cook, prevent wild animals.

“This song is called ‘Sea and Sky’.”

Li Tiezhu finished the introduction, the soundtrack sounded, but he still played the guitar, this song he had studied for a long time, from Cantonese to Mandarin, just as classic, but also daunting.

Li Tiezhu sang it with a pilgrimage mentality.

As Li Tiezhu strummed the strings, the audience on stage seemed to feel something, and stood up and applauded.

Today I

Watching snow drift by on a cold night

Drifting far away with a cooled heart.

Catching up in the wind and rain

I can’t distinguish my shadow in the fog

The sky and the sea are wide, you and I

Can we change?

Li Tiezhu singing voice slightly hoarse, looking at the screen those brothers and sisters with him in the thorns and thorns for ten days, it is inevitable that the breath shaking, but sang a different rhyme.

Some things, someone has to do, someone to say, someone to sing …… rock is the best choice, it is an attitude.

Whether it can enter the top ten, in fact, is no longer important, even if it is related to the IQ value, is not a broken system?

How many times

How many times have I faced the cold eyes and ridicule

I’ve never given up on my dream

For a moment, I was in a trance

A feeling of loss

I don’t realise it’s fading.

Love in my heart (who understands me)

Teacher Yu Qian froze for a long time, grabbed Yue Yupeng’s hand and shivered: “This …… is rock? Light rock?!”