The Rockstar Chapter 121

Xiao Yueyue was a bit nervous: “Master, you are steady! Steady!”

Yu Qian stomped his foot: “Steady your sister …… old man to get high, unknowingly has faded heart love, oh ~”

Xiao Yueyue was at a loss for words: “Pay attention to the emotions, grandpa! If it is photographed can be shameful.”

Whether it is the audience on the scene, or the audience in front of the screen, they all found the difference in this song, and even the four mentors on the stage could not help but look slightly sideways.


That’s right, Li Tiezhu’s style was that he had no style, he could write and sing any song, but he had never dabbled in rock.

This one was just pop rock, light rock, but it was a rock song after all.

Wang Feng’s hand composed into a fist, the nails that hadn’t been trimmed for too long pierced into his palm, causing his face to twitch in pain as he stared at the guy on the stage dead in the face.

Rock? Rock …… rock!

The atmosphere of the scene got high, and the live streaming pop ups came in waves:

“Serious brother! Rock ‘n’ roll light!”

“Who the hell said rock is dead? Li Tiezhu told you rock is alive.”

“This …… heard my Jill weigh half a catty!”

“Wait for the chorus ……”

“Stop teasing and listen carefully to the lyrics, Li Tie Zhu is too hard.”

“Han Hong is too hard!”

“Yeah! The lyrics sing about himself and Auntie Han Hong.”

“Eliminated in disgust by The Voice mentor, and then, drifting far away with a cooled heart – a thousand hills!”

“It’s not easy for the people of Hong Foundation!”

“I think of the song ‘Junior’! Ten years of drinking ice, hot blood has not cooled!”

“Cheer up Tie Zhu! Don’t be a wimp!”

“This song is too hot-blooded ……”

“Hard to bear! Want to cry!”

Many of the audience have already covered their faces, who still remembers the original ideal ah? There is only life and the wasted years. ……

Life can be very pure, but most people live into the appearance of their own disgust.

Li Tiezhu soloed a section of electric guitar, sang soundly, sweat soaked through the t-shirt, climbed over the face, began to hiss:

Still free to be myself

I’ll always sing my song

♪ I’ve travelled thousands of miles ♪

Forgive me for my life of indulgence and freedom.

I’m afraid that one day I’ll fall

On the screen, the figures and smiles of Hong Fund’s staff travelling across the mountains and rivers were superimposed, fully illustrating the persistence of travelling thousands of miles without changing the original intention. The snow and wind seemed to cross the screen and swept over the scene, which confused the eyes of many audience.

It was not sadness, but a stirring conviction – never give up!

Han Hong smiled, relief mixed with a wave of inexplicable aggression, since doing public welfare, how much criticism and smearing she has suffered? Family history, background, hypocrisy, enrichment, showmanship …… shameless!

But in comparison, what are these trials and tribulations?

As long as all the abandoned in the corner of the world, shivering and starving in the A Diao people, can wear a knife and courage, dare to face up to the stormy life, all will be worth it.

I …… am still free to be myself and sing my song forever ……

Keeping a flat head Chen Ison, the first time I heard such a high song did not stand up and dance, deeply into the sofa of the tutor’s seat, hands crossed fingers, pursed lips, shook his head and smiled oddly.

But, a tear has slipped from the corner of his left eye, he remembered his years of struggling to survive in the music scene in Hong Kong, that is uniquely young defiant.

Yehnela iron face, eyes hesitant, this song is also very good, but does not mean flawless …… as long as ……

Wang Feng next to him nodded uncontrollably and stomped his feet after the drums, and the interests, calculations, and insiders …… were all unimportant at this moment, and after this song, Li Tiezhu could no longer be blocked.

Well sung!

“Always sing my song high!”

Life goes on!

Rock and roll never dies!

The heart of rock and roll, which has been buried by money and glitz, awakens once again.

He’s not a nice guy, but a rocker!

Fixing his eyes on the sweaty teenager on the stage, he couldn’t help but smile, there was a time when he was this passionate.

The teenager sweated and waved, his voice clear as an arrow:

For the sake of the ideal

Anyone can do it.

I’m not afraid that one day you’ll be the only one to share it with me.

Forgive me for my life of indolence and love of freedom.

I’m afraid that one day I’ll fall

For the sake of my dream.

Anyone can do it

I’m not afraid that one day you’ll be the only one to share it with me.

Wang Feng laughed, the smile is a little bleak pathos and even …… shameful, a good sentence which will be afraid of one day only you share me!

I’m not going to be able to do that!

Then how to say is also a rock man!

How can a rock musician be beaten down by reality? Bought by money? Bound by the world? No wonder even my fans say …… that rock is dead. It turns out that it’s not rock music that’s dead, but rock people!

The song has been sung to the end, Wang Feng stood up, the lyrics he was already familiar with, and the melody was deep in his heart, and he opened his voice and sang along:

For the ideal

Anyone can

The scene until a silence, even Li Tiezhu on the stage almost missed the beat, but subconsciously followed.

Only glancing at Wang Feng and meeting his eyes, Li Tiezhu just smiled slightly. His eyes under his black framed glasses, no longer have the previous days of confusion and elusiveness, Li Tiezhu is not smart, but sensitive.

Tiezhu smiled faintly and sang more aggressively, still not liking this mentor.

The audience on the stage was stumped for a while, watching the “hypocritical” tutor standing and singing along with Li Tiezhu, until he sang with red cheeks and veins bulging on his neck, then everyone was relieved and sang along with him:

I’m not afraid that one day only you and I will be together.

Forgive me for my life of uninhibited indulgence and love of freedom.

I’m afraid that one day I’ll fall

For the sake of my dream.

Anyone can do it

I’m not afraid that one day you’ll be the only one to share it with me.

This part, the whole audience almost sang it together with passion.

Li Tiezhu wiped his sweat and played the electric guitar once with the electric guitar, ready to sing the last few lines with everyone, but he saw everyone’s hands pointing at him.

Wang Feng followed the rhythmic rhythm and pointed his hands flat, and the others followed his example and pointed at Li Tiezhu.

Li Tiezhu nodded and sang the last lyrics alone:

For the sake of the ideal

Anyone can

I’m not afraid that one day you’ll be the only one to share it with me.

Sing it.

Wang Feng was the first to applaud, and the audience applauded and cheered endlessly.

Ethan Chen shrank into the sofa and burst into tears, next to him, Wang Feng stretched out his palm with an unnatural smile, Ethan glanced at him, moved over, snapped, and gave him a high five.

The whole room cheered!

On the other side, Yehenara’s eyes looked at Wang Feng with a ghostly glance, Wang Feng saw it but returned a strange smile:

One person getting scolded is better than two people stinking up the street, and besides, Li Tiezhu’s rock song is indeed extremely good.

Yehnela tasted the wonderful taste of the set.

The host Shao Hua took the stage, thanked Li Tiezhu, and then aimed at Tutor Wang Feng, whose eyes were never sharp: “Excuse me, Tutor Wang Feng, you eliminated Li Tiezhu in the last issue, and then sold out and sang with him in this issue, what do you have to say about that?”

What should come cannot be avoided!

And why do you need to hide?

Wang Feng picked up the microphone and glanced at Yehnela, who was warning him with her eyes, and raised her eyebrows:

“It wasn’t by chance that I eliminated Li Tiezhu last period, it was my selfishness that caused me to do so, he should have advanced. I have to be honest! The reason I sang with him in this issue is because …… rock! Chinese rock music is already dead in the water, but maybe this guy on stage can start a prairie fire! As a rocker, I must support him!”

Shao Hua was all confused, do you have to be so honest? What did I say?

Wang Feng added, “Li Tiezhu!”

Li Tiezhu: “Here.”

Wang Feng shook his head slightly, “I know you have a million styles, but …… please write and sing more …… rock! You’ll be a great rocker!”


Seven points of sincerity, three points of condescension!


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