The Rockstar Chapter 122

Tutor Wang Feng’s change was so abrupt that although Li Tiezhu could see that it was not a disguise, it was difficult to change his attitude for a while.

Li Tiezhu said perfunctorily, “Music is more than rock, I prefer ballads. I’m not a rock person either!”

Wang Feng laughed awkwardly and didn’t say anything else.

On the side, Yehnela laughed, “Just write what you like, Li Tiezhu is not a god, can he save the entire music scene? Besides, writing a good song depends on luck, can you write a good rock song just by saying so?”

Li Tiezhu smiled: “It is possible to write a song just by saying it! Is it hard? Moreover, my next song is still a rock song! It’s even more bloodthirsty than this one!”

Yehenara: “……”

It was Wang Feng’s turn to smile, “Thank you, well …… thank you for writing me the song, I like it a lot.”

Li Tiezhu: “The next song is not for you.”

Wang Feng: “I mean that old driver song, it’s quite funny.”

Li Tiezhu: “I’ll …… if you like it.”

Wang Feng hurriedly waved his hand, “Enough! Enough!”

The audience bursts into joy, another Royal Engine?

Wang Feng’s face turned green with fear!

Song Zhu’er doesn’t care what the grudge is, when she heard this inspiration, she jumped up and was a voice: “Old driver take me with you ……”

In her “command”, a small poke Li Tiezhu iron powder again sang up.

On the stage of the Shaohua are confused, it is not easy for people to make up, you are there arching fire do what ah? Especially you Songzhu’er, is it too long for you to be scolded on the hot search idle? What if they fight? How can I control the scene?

Yehnela sneered, “Wang Feng, do you see them giving you face?

Wang Feng was really relaxed and even waved his hand towards the group of singing fans to show that he received them. Speaking of which, the last time he eliminated Li Tiezhu, it was also Yeh Nara who forced him to do it, he didn’t feel a guilty conscience, but he preferred not to be hooted at.

The pop-ups also started praising Wang Feng on rare occasions, at least he was standing upright when he was beaten.

Shaohua was relieved and hurriedly asked the mentors to comment on Li Tiezhu’s “Sea and Sky”, anyway, just to praise it.

This song can still be black?

Yehnela also dare not black, not black but also did not praise.

Under the stage, the audience is talking a lot, this “sea and sky” is already enough to be called a classic, Li Tiezhu can write a better song than this? And, still rock!

Yu Qian finally sat down, just howled his face red, now some panting: “This trip is worth it, this trip is worth it ……”

Xiao Yueyue was proud of him, “My idol is domineering, right? Haha!”

Yu Qian: “Grandpa I also powder! Shit, what kind of bullshit rock is this group of people singing now, this is fucking rock! Li Tiezhu’s next song, and then this level, even if it’s close to this level, I’ll just bare …… it, no way!”

“I’m telling you, sir, if Li Tiezhu says the next song is better, it’s definitely better!”

“Go go go, you don’t understand! This song ‘Sea and Sky’ will seal the god in the rock circle, not good to surpass, even if it’s himself.”

“It’s okay, Li Tiezhu’s powerful you can’t imagine, so you boldly set a FLAG, you just bare what?”

“I’ll gongs and drums and firecrackers, I’ll set off 100,000 fireworks for him.”

“Huh …… no fun. Grandpa you don’t rock at all!”

“How come I don’t rock? Laozi is the president of the Rock and Roll Association! I, I …… he next song can catch up with ‘Sea and Sky’, I’ll go to the Bund and run naked!”

“Okay, it’s all recorded, well …… send a jitterbug video.”

“What did you record it for? Deleted deleted! Give me your mobile phone, Sun Thief ……”

Next to him, Huang Sanshi silently covered Shao’s ears, Teacher Donkey you old shameless! Come sit in the mushroom house sometime, let me cook and poison you.

Leng Ba asked Song Zhu Er, “Erha …… No, Zhu Er, so what, what do you think is a better gift for a boy if he has an eighteenth birthday?”

Song Zhu Er shook his head and shook the old: “The old driver took me I want to go to Kunming ……”

“Don’t sing!”

Leng Ba is another hand knife, she is now completely not worried about Li Tiezhu being black, just by my master this strength, superstar of the statue ah! So, after relaxing, she remembered that Li Tiezhu was about to celebrate his birthday, what day is the lunar calendar converted into the Gregorian calendar?

“Let me ask you, what’s a good gift for a boy’s eighteenth birthday?”

Song Zhu’er looked Leng Ba up and down, “Sister if you were fatter, you wouldn’t have to obsess about what to give.”

Leng Ba: “Huh?”

Cats can’t get any fatter, the owner likes petite cats, right? Shouldn’t he? Rabbit Smash is petite enough, cut! Aerodrome!

Song Zhu’er: “Apart from this, how do I know what Li Tiezhu likes? Just ask him yourself.”

“Besides which one? Not Li Tiezhu, a friend of mine ……”

“You do not just in the mobile phone Baidu Li Tiezhu birthday? I saw it all.”

“Er ……”

A handsome guy next to him poked his head out, “What day is his birthday? I’ll make him bleed for a big dinner.”

Leng Ba looked at the unsuspecting Nie Yao, “Ah! Next week, next week, it happens to be the day of The Voice finals.”

Nie Yao grinned, “That’s just right! Next time we’ll come back together to cheer him on, and rub in a super deluxe meal on the way! How about doubling it if we win the title?”

Song Zhu’er: “I want a banana boat!”

Leng Ba is not happy, there are always a lot of people who want to harm my master. Still banana boat, banana eating or not?

Fang Bo twisted his head to look at Xu Shanqian, Xu Shanqian shook his head, he couldn’t come then, the film was on.

“Go to the film crew to slaughter him.”

“Makes sense.”

Soon Li Tiezhu retired, the competition continued, with Li Tiezhu Zhuyu in front, the back of the contestants are Alexander, there is an unlucky egg even sang the wrong words.

Blame it on Benzema, no, blame it on Li Tiezhu!

The second round of all the competitions are over, another intense and intense voting session, in the Hongbo teacher’s desire to say a word under the power of the magic, hard to hold up a full fifteen minutes of the programme length.

Eight into four list out:

First, Li Tiezhu. Eighty-one million votes.

Second, Justin. 52 million votes.

Third, Lin Xiao. Thirty-seven million votes.

Fourth, coco. 33 million votes.

This season’s overseas group was really miserable, there was not a single one that had advanced to the top ten yet, and the division winners and runners-up were all still struggling in the resurrection round. However, once they saw that Li Tiezhu was also in the resurrection match, it balanced out quite a bit.

After Shaohua sent the verbose director off the stage, he felt refreshed and said, “Congratulations to the four contestants for advancing to the final round of the resurrection match! According to the programme’s rules for the tournament, the final round is – the big showdown.”

Li Tiezhu and the other four stood in a row, and apart from Li Tiezhu, the remaining three were a little nervous. Because, the final round needed a billion points of luck, there were too many fiascoes in the previous seasons.

“According to the usual practice, the temporarily ranked number one contestant, Li Tiezhu, comes out and picks your opponent on the big screen. Tie Zhu, just shout stop!”

Shaohua pointed to the big screen behind him, on which were the pictures of the other three contestants that were changing rapidly.

Li Tiezhu picked up the microphone.