The Rockstar Chapter 123

There have been several seasons of The Voice Resurrection, where the two strongest are drawn together and killed so tragically and sadly that whoever is eliminated is a tragedy.

Li Tiezhu is relaxed, no matter who is drawn, I win.

That song can be worth 7 intelligence points!

Li Tiezhu was incredibly confident, not because the melody or lyrics were so amazing, nor was it some kind of absolute divine song that would be hard to come by in a hundred years. Rather, it was because the song could shut up, completely, all the people who were trying to find ways to spray him.

But he didn’t choose this song to win, not even with the slightest distraction.

The three beside him could be nervous, everyone could see the situation today, Li Tiezhu was almost certain to advance. Even if the last song slightly pulls the crotch, the audience will use their votes to smash him into the top ten.

In other words, whoever draws Li Tiezhu is out.

Therefore, even as strong as Justin, he couldn’t help but breathe heavily, and coco’s palms were even sweating. The players from the overseas regions this season wouldn’t be reunited here, would they? That Lin Xiao was strong too!

Lin Xiao from the Western Region was calm, after all, he was older and had a stable mindset.


Li Tiezhu said casually.

Shaohua froze, then didn’t have time to speak.

Lin Xiao shook his head and smiled, coming over to give Li Tiezhu a hug, the one who drew it.

The mind …… is more fucking stable!

Draw to those two words, he still have to rack his brains board ha life, now well, no desire is just: “brother, Nu efforts to get the championship, right?”

Li Tiezhu: “Sorry, Brother Lin. I’ll treat you to a barbecue tonight.”

Lin Xiao patted Li Tiezhu’s back and separated.

Over there, Justin and coco looked at each other and realised that the other was relieved.

The outcome of the big showdown was interesting, a civil war in the Western Region and a civil war in the Overseas Region, no matter what, someone would advance and someone would be eliminated in both regions.

The show continues with Justin and coco’s group bidding first.

Voting begins when the first contestant takes the stage, and the votes received by both contestants are displayed on both sides of the big screen, updating the data in real time.

As a result, Justin qualified for the Top 10 with 50 million votes to 40 million.

Li Tiezhu and Lin Xiao were up next, with Lin Xiao taking the stage first.

He sang with his eyes closed, and it was only after he finished the song “Memories of the Mountain and the Sea”, which had a cool and ancient meaning, that he opened his eyes, looked back, and couldn’t help but smile bitterly.

Current voting data:

Lin Xiao: 32 million votes.

Li Tiezhu: 79 million votes.

Seriously, the final round of the resurrection match really isn’t about singing or anything, it’s just fucking popularity.

Li Tiezhu is also a little surprised, I haven’t sung yet, why would so many people vote? Okay, I have to sing this song properly, and I can’t let the audience down.

Shao Hua regretfully sent Lin Xiao to exit the stage and said: ”Although the competition is not over yet, I still have to say I’m sorry, Lin Xiao is a very good singer, and I personally like his singing voice very much. However, a competition is a competition, so …… let’s welcome the last competing contestant, he is ……”

The audience shouted in unison, “Li Tiezhu!”

In the cheers, Li Tiezhu slowly walked onto the stage, looked at the side of the teacher responsible for playing the “MV”, raised his hand to indicate that he first waited, and then, Li Tiezhu faced the audience:

“Er …… this song is not as well written as ‘Sea and Sky’, right? But I like it better, ‘inspired’ by a TV news story I saw four days ago, but these days, in the portals, video sites, and other TV stations, I haven’t seen any reprints or extensions of this story. I don’t think it should, so ……”

Li Tiezhu watched that news, and the fluctuation of emotions inspired the system to pop up the song.

5 points is the price to buy the song, 2 points is the price of the short film.

It was quite expensive.

Li Tiezhu didn’t hesitate for a second.

At this time, the overly serious Li Tiezhu made the audience feel surprised, and even not too …… fond of it.

Li Tiezhu also didn’t care, “So, I share this song with you today, the theme of this issue is ‘Destiny’, and I think that there is no song that is closer to this theme than this one.”

Such a big mouth?

Everyone was surprised, and some had even started to calculate how to spray this song if it was slightly more mundane.

After saying what he wanted to say, Li Tiezhu then gave an ok gesture to the side.

The lights of the scene suddenly dimmed, and the big screen slowly lit up.


The audience was even more surprised.

This mv, he’s actually an animation? It’s kinda cute yo.

Sensitive cat suddenly sour, looked at the rabbit smash sitting in front of him, and said: why is it a rabbit? Not the cat?

Song Zhu’er was happy: “Yoho! The little white rabbit is so cute.”

Cat: “Rabbit smashes aren’t cute at all.”

On the screen, two rabbits are lying in the snow with white cloaks, and one rabbit grabs a handful of snow to eat.

On the other side of the snow is a wooden sign upside down that reads:

The 38th Parallel! Don’t say it like it is – on the rabbit

The scene shows a few feet stepping over the wooden sign, and a well-equipped Bald Eagle with a bull, rooster, and stick eating canned luncheon meat.

When I saw this, the cat wasn’t jealous. It turns out there’s no doggerel hints, it’s a very proper, proper song, and the rabbit is just a coincidence, I guess. Maybe it’s an allegory that rabbits don’t speak of virtue and bite when they’re in a hurry? The cat really doesn’t fit in very well.

Song Zhu’er skimmed her lips and thought, “So it’s not a funny song! What a shame.

The audience at this time also understand who this song is sung to, indeed ah, in all fairness, there is no more appropriate to the theme of this issue, not just the fate of one person, but the fate of more than a billion people for a hundred years ……

Now that’s destiny!

The battle for the founding of the new China is even more of a battle for prestige! The air swallows ten thousand miles like a tiger!

The pop-ups are even more flamboyant:

“I don’t care what Li Tiezhu sings! Today, Li Tiezhu must be awesome!”

“Indeed …… I’ve seen that news.”

“Four days ago, CCTV.”

“Those internet media, surprisingly, not a single person said anything about it! KAM!”

“This is the most forced sentence I’ve ever seen in my life: don’t say anything!”

“The last time I heard this sentence, I was only ten years old, and I’m thirty this year!”

“The last time was given to Lee Stirrup twenty years ago.”

“I don’t know how Brother Stirrup’s transformation is going, I heard that he’s planting pike trees in the Northwest?”

“Pike trees can be okay~”


“I feel like I’m going to cry from the singing again.”

“Be confident, you might cry before you can wait for Li Tiezhu to start singing.”


“Heroes for all time! Long live China!”

On camera, the Bald Eagle suddenly collapsed, dropped his lunch meat, and howled, clutching his head, “I’ve been eating tinned lunch meat for a week …… I want barbecue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Little brother: “Boss! Calm down, calm down.”

Eagle Sauce: “Give me barbecue! Give me barbecue!”

In the snow, two pairs of rabbit ears wiggled, one rabbit drooled and the other said, “Don’t drool, the drool will freeze.”

The rabbit wiped the drool clean and nodded, “Hmmm! Hey? Kiss …… your tears freeze.”

This rabbit, with two lines of tears frozen solid, said, “Huh? Never mind the details, how long until the attack is launched?”

The slobbering rabbit looked at his watch, “Well …… there are still four hours.”

Tears Bunny: “Watch out for the lurking, it’ll get done.”

Drooling Rabbit: “Aye.”

The live audience had just reddened their eyes, but they were suddenly adorable by these two rabbits.