The Rockstar Chapter 124

Xu Shanqiang said to Fang Bo: “Hey, this rabbit is fun! It’s similar to Pleasant Goat, did Li Tiezhu come up with it himself? I didn’t see it, he knows this trick.”

Fang Bo: “It’s quite good! Maybe he can be a director in the future.”

Xu Shanqian: “That’s not possible, he might be good at acting.”

Nie Yao, who is not too familiar with the two of them, couldn’t help herself, “Shanqian, you …… have to be mentally prepared.”

Xu Shanqian: “Ah? I don’t think so. I see you two acted quite well last time ah!”

Nie Yao’s expression is subtle: “……”

On the other side, Song Zhu’er smiled, “Ohhh, this animation is so well behaved! Huh? Sis, did you get a brick in your eye?”

Leng Ba: “Oooh, don’t you feel sorry for me? Bunnies don’t have lunch meat to eat.”

Song Zhu’er smiles brightly, “It’s pathetic, but this isn’t the place for tears, you can cry later, pay attention to keep up with my rhythm or it’s unprofessional.”

Xiao Yueyue looked to the side of the moncler outlet online, “This is so touching, but …… so serious, can rock and roll? The animation is still so dorky ……”

Yu Qian was also grave: “Wait and see!”

Huang Sanshi said to his daughter, “Know which battle this is? Lake Nagatsu. The Rice Army tonkatsu lunch meat, coffee and coke, even threatened a quick victory to go back for Christmas, while the support army a handful of fried noodles and a handful of snow! After listening to the song go back and look up this history and learn, your idol is great!”

Live pop-up:

“Just tearful, but you made me laugh! What do you mean?”

“Me too, it’s hard to brew up emotions ……”

“The animation is original, right?”

“Li Tiezhu is talented!”

“How much you laugh now, how much you cry later! I know Li Tiezhu’s routine.”

“The truth is upstairs, I’ll go prepare tissues.”

“I was going to say something flirty, but held back, this paragraph shouldn’t be! Salute!”

“Ten year veteran, salute through the screen! The seniors are awesome!”

“I know, the rabbit will freeze to death.”

“Huh? No?”

“Yes, the Battle of Lake Nagatsu, freezing to death so many heroes ……”

On the big screen, the wind and snow were blowing, and the two rabbits were gradually covered in white snow, leaving only two pairs of ears exposed to the snow.

Suddenly, the drooling rabbit’s ears moved, and then the round head emerged. The slobbering rabbit looked at his watch and reached out to pick at the tearful rabbit next to him, “Mmm! Mmm! Kiss, time’s up, let’s get on.”

Tears Bunny didn’t respond.

The slobbering rabbit twisted his head around and shook the other man so hard that a pile of snow rolled off the tears rabbit’s head, but he still didn’t move, and the slobbering rabbit froze.

“Kiss, kiss ……”

Leng Ba gripped his heart and looked at the screen, forcibly held back from crying, crying but also pay attention to the rhythm? What is the rhythm ah?

“Ow …… wow ……”

Cold not a throat, Song Zhuer howled shockingly tearing heart and lungs.

Leng Ba startled, you he meow this called rhythm?

On the screen, the slobbering rabbit bowed its head and cried repressively, leaving behind two lines of tears, then quickly wiped them away again, gritting its teeth, “Tears can freeze, too.”

The slobbering rabbit stands up, eyes determined.

Piano music follows.

Deng Deng Deng ……

The keys seemed to strike the listener’s heart with each stroke, one that hurt more than the other, one that was heavier than the other.

The screen is dark, and in big, bright red letters: thank you for everything you’ve given

At once, almost everyone’s scalp went numb, these words, too solid.

The camera shows a rabbit hand picking up a worn trumpet in the snow.

Black screen in red letters: we

Looking up, a rabbit blows a loud and clear charge.

Doodle Doodle Doodle Doodle Doodle Doodle Doodle Doodle Doodle ……

Black screen with red letters: happiness

Bunny blows the punchline as the camera pans up.

Doodle Doodle Doodle Doodle Doodle Doodle Doodle Doodle Doodle ……

Black screen with red letters: and grateful

The familiar, yet unfamiliar, shrill trumpet sound that had once resounded across the Peninsula, in this moment, across thousands of miles of distance and sixty years of age, wailed right into the soul.

It is like a long nail, hammer after hammer, into your beating heart.

In an instant, the audience on the spot simultaneously burst into tears, hard to breathe, and the ancient blood that has flowed in the bones for five thousand years …… is burning! In boiling!

Soon, the charge ended.

The camera cuts to a snowy field, and countless rabbits raise their heads from the snow pack.

Li Tiezhu stood on the dark stage, and had told the programme team that for this song, without a spotlight, only the screen was lit in the whole room.

At this time, Li Tiezhu sang his song:

Where on earth is the world full of flowers

If it really exists then I will definitely go

A group of rabbits, weapons at the ready, crossed over the remains of their companions and charged in a determined three by three formation towards the enemy.

Slobbering Rabbit: “What’s our motto, folks?”

Group Rabbit: “Specialise in Eagle Sauce, no pain, no chump change!”

The rabbits charged and killed, Hawk Sauce Bull Cock and Stick fled in panic: “It’s the rabbits!!!”

Many of the audience broke into tears, then cried even harder.

The song was warbling too:

I want to stand on the highest mountain there

I don’t care if it’s a cliff

I want to live and love with all my might

I don’t want anyone to be happy, just myself.

The camera pans out and Hawk Jam leaves on a ship with a resigned look on her face, damn rabbit.

On the shore, the rabbits are also quite upset, don’t run away if you dare!


“Cowpies!!! Break the sound!”

“What’s this? Straight up beat the Yanks away?”

“The battle at Lake Nagatsu nearly wiped out the Yonaguni army, and their naval emergency support withdrew the Yonaguni army, and the rabbits …… don’t have a navy ……”

“If the Mi Army doesn’t withdraw from the sea, not a single one can escape!”

“This is the first round, there are still many fierce battles to come!”

“Crap! It’s really amazing!”

“The Chinese Support Army is the king of night battles! Invincible in land warfare!”

“The old generation is really fierce, look at these foreign-fawning publicist dogs now, hey!”

“The 90s are in tears!”

“Post 00s cry until they break ……”

“Kids are patriotic, it’s the media that are manipulated by capital that don’t pass on this history to them ……”

“Right! Four days ago, another batch of heroic skeletons returned to the country, and surprisingly, only CCTV reported it.”

“This is the original intention of Li Tiezhu to sing this song!”

“Li Tiezhu is also remarkable!”

“The braided dynasty’s brocade clothes were trampled on by the Allied Forces of the Eight Countries in the capital, and the Support Army’s fried noodles with snow dried up the Allied Forces of the Sixteen Countries! Double! Fierce!”

“Heaven has a good turn, who has been spared by the heavens?”

“Don’t say what you don’t mean!!!”

Tutor seat, Chen Isen has guessed, but he is not good at history, and, when he went to school, it was still the British Hong Kong period, and the Hong Kong government was very secretive about that period of history …… After all, the bull was also beaten by the rabbit to the nose.

Ethan turned his head and asked Wang Feng with red eyes, “This is?”

Wang Feng was also a bit confused, he knew that this was the Battle of the Peninsula, but the specifics were not so clear.

At the far end, Han Hong, who had long been in tears, said towards Chen Ethan, “The Battle of the Peninsula, the Battle of Lake Changjin.”

Chen Isen nodded and made a note, ready to go back and read the paragraph.

In front of the computer screen, Red Guest Zhang Jianjun cried and laughed, “I knew it! I knew it! It’s true that I didn’t fan the wrong person, no, how can I not let the Rice Guy, no, how can I not let Eagle Sauce share such a good song? I’ll contact my good friends! I’ll contact my good friends and put this song on the front page of the Black Palace website …… tonight!”

In Chang’an, a certain old man surnamed Zhao spilled the flower eagle in his hand and lamented, “It’s a good thing I didn’t spray him last time! Otherwise the evening is not guaranteed wow. This little thing …… old men who sang in the peninsula back then were not as lit as you! If this song came out sixty years earlier how good! But …… it’s not too late now.”