The Rockstar Chapter 125

At this moment, on both sides of the “mv”, Li Tiezhu and Lin Xiao’s votes are still growing.

Lin Xiao: 38 million votes.

Li Tiezhu: 110 million votes.

And, as Li Tiezhu’s singing had only just begun, it was clear that the votes had already exceeded the number of live viewers, no doubt the viewers were canvassing their friends and family.

Even if you weren’t watching, you had to take out your mobile phone to vote!

After all,…… grandma powder is invincible, mum powder is overbearing, sister powder is sweet and cute!

Grandmothers have been through those turbulent times, mothers have been taught from childhood, and as for the younger sisters,…… how can heroes forget? Vote for my brother Tie Zhu! I’m not sure if you’re going to be able to do that.

The song slowly became smooth, although, everyone knew it was only a temporary illusion:

About ideals I never chose to give up

Even in the grey days

Maybe I don’t have the talent

But I have the naivety to dream

I’ll go and prove it all my life

Maybe my hands are clumsy

But I’ll keep on searching

I’ll give all my youth without regrets

On the big screen, the animation part is over for now, and real photos of the Battle of the Peninsula appear, all in black and white. However, some of the characters have been replaced with rabbits or eagle sauce, bulls, roosters, etc. ……

First photo: July 1950, 38th Parallel, South Bong side, Rice Army next to South Bong Command Post is camouflaging transport vehicles.

Song: running forward – against cold eyes and jeers!

Li Tiezhu breaks his voice!


Even though his voice has always been high, and he was able to swim in “Big Fish” and “A Diao”, even though he has learnt techniques such as falsetto and air voices, he broke his voice, so break it!

And it was this broken voice that lit up the whole scene.

Song Zhu’er and Leng Ba embraced each other, and the general audience was pretty much the same.

The second one: in November 1950, the Battle of Changjin Lake, on the side of the Chinese Support Army, in the bitterly cold environment of more than 40 degrees below zero, the soldiers repeatedly charged towards the target position.

Song: How can the expanse of life be felt without going through trials and tribulations!!!!

The voice is slightly low, Li Tiezhu is storing up his strength, everyone can feel it and look forward to it ……

Teacher Yu Qian cupped his fists and swung, his mouth softly sang along, at this moment, it no longer mattered whether the song was rock or not, of course, it was indeed rock.

“How can one feel …… Yue Yue, go buy me a bigger pair of trousers after the show!”

Xiao Yue Yue: “Oooo …… ah?”

Sheet 3: September 1950, Seoul, Rice Army clearing out the remnants of the Northern Rods.

SONG: Fate he couldn’t bring us …… to our knees!

Li Tiezhu’s voice was hoarse with an edge, thick and sharp.

Fang Bo wiped his nose and looked at Xu Shanqiang, whose eyes were red, “Don’t slaughter him, right?”

Xu Shanqian: “I’ll treat him to dinner when he comes to the show. Head round!!!”

Fourth: November 1950, Changjin Lake Battle battle front, not much of their own artillery support support support army soldiers, can only rely on flesh and blood, one side encountered rice army artillery fire, one side against the snow cold, creeping forward to be able to throw grenades in order to pick up the enemy fighting distance!

Song: even if …… blood spilled all over the embrace –

In the darkness, Li Tiezhu was on the verge of breaking his voice again, but he still didn’t try to control it.

Still free to be himself, forever singing my song.

War is a man’s romance, and a hero is a man’s ultimate dream. At this moment, Nie Yao tried to keep his eyes wide open to keep the tears from falling, and smiled forcefully, Damn! Just for these few voices of yours, what’s the harm in me giving you a lifetime of hotspots? I am Changshan Zhao Zilong!

Sheet 5: In November 1950, on the battle front of the Battle of Changjin Lake, the supporting army units are launching an attack on the encircled Mi Army units.

Song: Keep Running! With the Pride of a Red Son ……

Broken voice again!

Twice, “run” and “son”. But it was sung in such a way that everyone in the audience got up from their seats, tearing up while clapping to the beat, and some humming along in low voices.


The mentors in front of the stage and the eight contestants who had already advanced stood up and chanted along with the audience.

This song …… it’s so lit!

Sheet 6: The Battle of Changjin Lake, November 1950, Mi Marine Division 1, calling for air support to hold off a charge by supporting forces!

Song: How can the shining of life be seen without persevering to the end!

The audience, who stood up in the audience, stared intently at the picture on the big screen, and honestly, so many of them were in their thirties and forties, but it was the first time they had ever seen it.

Seventh: In November 1950, after the support army into the peninsula, the 40th Army 353rd Regiment machine gunners who launched the second battle, covering the troops to the surrounded enemy forces to charge!

Song: Instead of lingering …… let’s burn with vigour!

Singing here, Li Tiezhu is not even considered to be singing, he is roaring! In hissing …… all the skills are left behind.

Hong Bo, the general director, smashed the thousand year old mountain in his hand on the ground! Drink a gil! Laozi also want to indulge in burning!

8th, 9th, 10th ……

SONG: Someday it will sprout again-

The first chorus ended with blistering applause and not a single person sat down.

The audience watching the live stream in front of the screen, though already in tears, were not sad and full of excitement! Pride was in the air.

The interlude slowly sounded.

Deng Deng Deng ……

but slowly faded until it disappeared.

The picture on the big screen also faded ……

The audience was a bit shocked, it’s over? Obviously it’s only one verse of the song! What about the second half? Could it be another “Rolling Yangtze River” kind of song that’s only sung once?

However, soon the big screen lit up again, still …… far from over.

The song wasn’t long, average, but with the animation, it was about ten minutes long.

At the beginning, Li Tiezhu talked to the programme team and director about this matter and said that even if he couldn’t enter the final round, he would still sing this song. Hong Bo listened to the demo and agreed without hesitation.

Snap ……

Applause rang out, not enthusiastically, as it was not a cheer but a tribute.

The screen faded to light, the grass was full of ruts and craters, and the wooden sign for the 38th parallel fell to the ground in tatters.

Eagle Sauce, heavily armed, peered through binoculars from his position; the hill opposite was in tatters, but the fortifications on it were quite complete. Behind the bunker, a group of rabbits’ ears twitched, and suddenly, one rabbit sprang to its feet and pulled out a trumpet.

Rabbit little milky voice: “Eagle sauce …… you have the ability to come over and hit me a shuttle!”

Eagle Sauce was furious and took out a trumpet and disliked him back, “You cheeky one, come over here and hit me with a pike first!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

On the two neighbouring hills, Milk Tone Rabbit and Eagle Sauce went back and forth.

“Come on!”

“Just come ……”

“Come and do it!”

“Come on! Wimpy as hell.”

The tent, the sound of telegrams, the military maps, the sand table, the busy staff officers, Eagle Sauce walked into the tent.

“Gentlemen! Are you ready?”

“Yes, Brother.”

“Let’s go fuck him with a pike!”

“Big brother, where do we attack?”

Eagle Jam pointed, “Here! Showdown with Bunny here ……!”

Wooden Stick pointed to a high ground on the sandboard, labelled next to it:


Hawk Jam pulled out the picture, “my-son, I will avenge you. Next, we have Airplane and Cannon to speak!”

The cannons take their positions and the planes hover.


Heavy artillery fire poured over the tiny hills, ploughing the Shanggan Mountains over and over again.

Inside the air-raid shelter, trembling.

Milk Tone Bunny: “It’s so tiresome to hear the sound of artillery every day!”

Nurse Bunny stands up, “Then I’ll sing a song for the relatives!”

The rabbits smiled and squinted.

The song started over the sound of rolling cannons:

A big river with wide waves

The wind blows the rice flowers on both banks


I’m used to hearing the boatman’s call

I’m used to seeing the white sails on the boat

The pop-ups are unprecedentedly uniform:

“The loveliest of men!”

“The most, most, most adorable person ……”

“Salute to the loveliest!”

“I hope The Loveliest Man stays in language textbooks forever!”