The Rockstar Chapter 126

When the melody of “My Motherland” rang out, everyone at the scene, almost subconsciously, sang along, with supreme honour and gratitude on their faces.

Now, this is no longer a game, it is a …… pilgrimage to history and heroes.

A rabbit ran in from the air raid shelter, “Kisses, the artillery fire is over.”

Stirring music played.

“Eagle sauce is coming up!”

“Battle ready!”

“Kinsmen, follow me!!!”

The camera panned out, smoke filled the air, and both Eagle Sauce and Bunny were covered in blood, yet both were defiant.

Bunny wipes the blood from his face, “More?”

Hawk Jam looks at the twitching bulls, big white chickens, and sticks on the ground, his face twitching as he takes two heartfelt steps back.

Under the blood-like evening sun, a tufted wooden sign on the 38th parallel stood up, reading:

The 38th Parallel! Don’t say it like that – Rabbit on the

Just then, the stirring music came to an abrupt halt, as if it had been cut raw.

A transparent rabbit sits with its back to the camera in a pure white background.

Boo choo boo choo~

The transparent rabbit blinks, looks back hopefully, and then turns its head back, lost, and looks down.


A voice suddenly rang out.

Transparent Rabbit shuddered and twisted his head to see a Grandfather Rabbit covered in medals, smiling and waving at him.

The grandfather rabbit leaned over, “How are you?”

The grandfather rabbit sat down and lamented, “Hey …… it’s been a long time since we’ve sat down and nattered together. Hahaha ……”

Transparent Rabbit squints and smiles.

Grandpa Rabbit: “You know what? Nowadays, the dry food, have become strange self-heating dry food, adding water will become hot, so amazing! On top of that, there’s meat in it, too~ Heh heh heh …… Oops, it’s saltier than seized meat, though. Hi! Last time the grandson they red meat sour, I quietly clamped the cake to eat, they all thought they threw it away, heh heh heh ……”

The transparent rabbit did not speak, just smiled and listened.

Grandpa Rabbit smiled and laughed and suddenly gave a thumbs up, “Hmph! Bravo to my great scouting company! Eh? By the way, do you remember the Iron Turtle that we messed around with back in the day, we’ve seen it during the 70th parade! I’ll go! So big! It’s awesome! So cool! It’s just like the ones we had back then, even if it’s 10 metres high, it might not be able to penetrate it! When we got to the anti-tank, Wang and I couldn’t help but salute! It’s so refreshing! Yakshi!”

Transparent rabbit blinking eyes, a face of curiosity.

Grandpa Rabbit suddenly began to spit, “But now these boys, they actually have so little confidence in messing with winning Eagle Sauce. Think about how the old men, back then, had to fight hard against others.


Grandpa Rabbit jumped up in excitement, ”Shit! Give me another brick, and I’ll go to the 38th Parallel to make waves again. Back then, there was no iron tortoise, no grey plane, I wasn’t even afraid. You say now afraid of an egg ah?”


“The 90s are not afraid!”

“The 00s are not afraid!!!”

“Veterans born in ’93. If there is a war! The call will return!”

“If there’s a war, call back!”

“Boys of ’01, want to join the army!”

“I’ll go with you!”

“The boys will never disgrace you!”


At that moment, Grandpa Rabbit sat down abruptly, lowered his head, and sighed:

“Hey hey ……”

Transparent Rabbit looked on curiously, still not saying a word; he could never speak again.

Grandpa Rabbit tilted his head, “Not only can we afford to eat tea eggs now, we can basically afford to eat meat three meals a day, but ……”

Grandpa Rabbit suddenly burst into tears, “But, Kiss ah, I miss you so much ……”

Transparent Rabbit stood up and reached out to calm Grandpa Rabbit, handing out a green tin with his other hand.

On the can was written, Eagle Sauce 8th Group Army.

Grandpa Rabbit turns his back to the camera and wipes his tears, “Yeah, it’s a happy day.”

Grandpa Rabbit turns back and holds out his hand, smiling, “Kisses, let’s go home!”

Transparent Rabbit extends his hand as well.

Deng Deng Deng ……

The familiar piano intro plays again.

The camera panned, and the screen suddenly cut to the CCTV news footage from four days ago.

A domineering Y20 cut through the sky.

“We are Eastern Airlines Flight 056, transporting the remains of support army fighters to Liaoyang.”

Two j20 heavy stealth fighters accompanied the flight.

“Welcome the Support Army’s loyal martyrs back home, two of our fighters have been ordered to escort you throughout the journey.”

Clap Clap Clap ……

A mountain of applause came from the scene.

Li Tiezhu’s song came:

The fascinating splendour of the future is always calling to me

Even if there is only pain, I must go forward.

I want to set sail on the bluest sea there.

I don’t care if I can’t come back.

On the screen, at the airport, majestic warriors walk over in neat, orderly steps to retrieve the heroes from the Southpaw soldiers. Each wooden crate is covered with a bright red flag, meticulously neat.

After that, came the footage from that newscast.

At that time, some may have slightly sighed, but many may have had no inner turmoil, but at this time with Li Tiezhu’s song, no one could not be moved.

Depressed after failure

That’s the behaviour of a coward.

Hold your fists as long as you live.

Before the dawn breaks

We’ll be braver than ever

Waiting for the brightest moment at sunrise

At that moment, the unfinished news footage suddenly ended.

In its place, blurry black and white images, this time not photos …… but videos. Some were old film footage and some were actual documentary images of the Battle of the Peninsula.

Charging support army soldiers.

The moment the MiB tanks were blown up on the road.

Two Mi fighters swept over the position.

Supporting army fighters moving quickly in the trenches amidst the gunfire.

Running forward.

Against cold eyes and jeers

How can you feel the vastness of life without suffering?

Fate can’t bring us to our knees.

Even if blood is spilled in our arms.

Keep running.

With the pride of a son.

The scene cuts back to the news footage once again, neatly organised soldiers, bright red flags, it’s a sacred ceremony.

How can you see life shine unless you see it through to the end?

It’s better to burn than to die.

For the sake of the good in your heart

Until we grow old

The song is finally over, for real this time.

But the picture continues with the music.

The animation reappears.

A uniformed rabbit stands upright in the wind and snow.

“We are here to eat fried noodles with snow for the sake of our relatives in the motherland, so that we can battle for ten pages for sweet and salty tofu brains.”

“We are here to drill air-raid shelters, for the sake of our relatives in the motherland who don’t have to drill air-raid shelters.”

“Kinsmen, your dreams, leave them to me to guard!”

The screen is dark, a few big words: happy and grateful.

The subtitles slowly disappeared, and another line appeared: There’s no such thing as a peaceful time. It’s just someone carrying the weight for you!

The music stops and the lights come on.

On the stage, Li Tiezhu holds the microphone in both hands, facing the screen with his back to the audience, he is singing for the rabbits.

After taking several deep breaths, Li Tiezhu turned around and faced the audience directly: “Kiss ah, welcome home!”

Almost everyone in the room, from the audience to the stars, from the contestants to the tutors, from the hosts to the staff, all stood and watched the whole thing.

At this moment, everyone followed and shouted, “Welcome home!”

The tens of thousands of pop-ups did the same, in an incomparably uniform format:

“Welcome home!”

“Welcome home!”

“Welcome home!”

“Welcome home!”

“Welcome home!”