The Rockstar Chapter 127

At the show, Shao Hua walked up and couldn’t stop nodding his head:

“I can’t find the words to describe it anymore, this is the best live I’ve ever heard! It’s even better than Hua’s and Zhou Dong’s live, and these two such patriotic stars wouldn’t blame me at all if they knew I said that! Friends of the audience at the scene, what do you think?”


“The hero is bullish-”

“I’m going to the 38th Parallel for another wave!”

“Scared shitless!”

“The rabbit is mighty!!!”

“Mighty my great scouting company ……”

“Have the guts to come over and hit me with a pike!”

“Tears freeze too.”

The audience was talking and being extraordinarily rowdy, and it was obvious that everyone’s emotions hadn’t been stripped away from the rippling atmosphere just now.

Xu Shan contended, “Do it again!”

Nie Yao: “Yakshi!”

Fang Bo: “Our slogan is–”

Huang Sanshi: “Specialise in Eagle Sauce!”

Huang Shao Shao: “No pain, no small money money!”

Leng Ba: “Wimpy as hell! Come on!”

Song Zhu’er was flabbergasted for half a second, is it my turn? Does everyone have to say it? Shyness ……

She stood up with her hands up and yelled, “Tea eggs!”

Crowd: “……”

That kind of breaks the rhythm.

The scene boiled like a pot of boiling water, this is not just a song …… Just this extreme emotion is not something that a song can set off, the important thing is the story behind it, this is a section – a long song of history! A thousand years of song!

Teacher Yu Qian fought to push away Xiao Yue Yue who was holding him up, stood up on the chair, and climbed up to the top:

“Listen to me, Grandpa, and sing with me! Run forward–”

After howling, he still did not forget to bow his head: “Don’t forget to buy trousers! Large size. Meet the cold eyes and ……”

Xiao Yueyue: “……”

The stars were the first to follow, “Run forward, meet the cold eyes and ridicule!”

The audience was not to be outdone: “How can we feel the vastness of life without going through trials and tribulations, destiny it can’t bring us to our knees to beg for forgiveness, even if blood is spilled all over our arms ……”

The staff and runners also joined in one after another: “Keep running, with the pride of the red son, for the sake of the beauty in our hearts, without compromise until we grow old!”

Shao Hua doesn’t stop it, can’t stop it, and even wants to howl along.

The four tutors reacted differently.

Chen Yisen had long since popped down and howled wildly with the audience in the open space, Wang Feng turned his seat and sang along, and Teacher Han Hong was wiping his glasses, tears tripping from the corners of his eyes, and a smile hanging from the corners of his mouth.

And Teacher Yehnela’s smile was slightly far-fetched, gently applauding, his eyes occasionally glancing at Li Tiezhu on the stage.

In the end is the braid dynasty “royal family” ah, the crowd vote second can be reversed to get the prize “diva”, and how can look at the mud legged rabbit it? Peasants like Li Tiezhu? Joke!

Finally, the audience finished singing.

Shaohua finally opened his mouth and sang, “Uncompromising until you grow old …… Oops, Tutor Yehnela, you’re a professional and home-schooled, do you think that this song …… it… . advanced?”


Snapped ……

Nice job! True Jill is beautiful!

Sticky face dislike!

As it turned out, Shaohua had long noticed Yehnela’s expression, and although he normally had good emotional control as a host, he couldn’t tolerate this today.


You tell me is he advanced?

You fucking tell me if he’s fucking high?

Yehnela a frown, looking at Shao Hua, from the other party’s eyes surprisingly saw the teasing and mockery, she is not afraid, after all, also have no face: “Well …… quite a good song! It’s tastefully written and not stereotypically sung, just right, very good!”

Shameless people are mostly cunning, and those who know what’s good for them are good at what they do.

Shao Hua nodded, skipped the topic, and tacitly did not ask the other tutors to comment, why does this song need to be commented?

Let you speak?

That’s slapping your face not giving it to you!

Shao Hua started to interview Li Tie Zhu: “Just now, everyone listened to the high ah, but what’s the name?”

Li Tiezhu: “Chasing Dreams Red Heart.”

“Then this animation?”

“Eh …… Would you believe me if I said I dreamt it?”

“Yes. That means it’s original?”

“Why did you come up with the image of a rabbit?”

“Because it’s cute. And also because it looks weak, but it’s actually very brave, just like our forefathers.”

Shaohua nodded, “Next, please invite Teacher Hongbo to announce the final advancement spots.”

Hong Bo, who had even fallen on the Thousand Year Mountain, did not want to go on stage at all and yelled, “No need! Look at the big screen yourself.”

On the big screen:

Li Tiezhu: 160 million votes.

Lin Xiao: 41 million votes.

Shaohua smiled and congratulated Li Tiezhu: ”Congratulations! The last top ten spot goes to – Li Tiezhu! Congratulations! Next please go to the other contestant, Lin Xiao.”

Lin Xiao’s eyes were swollen when he came on stage, and as soon as he came on stage, he gave Li Tiezhu a solid hug first.

Lin Xiao didn’t take a microphone and went straight to the dialect, “Brothers cowhide! We Chuan people never fail our country! Tiezhu, I have been at the bottom of the roar with you, this Ha’er throat is still hot hot hot le, to get! Hard to get!”

Shao Hua and excessive a few sentences, and then let the four mentors to Lin Xiao comments, roughly is to eliminate the contestants cheer and so on, the programme has entered the end.

The three mentors encouraged Lin Xiao, but Yehnela gave Lin Xiao a hard lecture, almost worthless.

Lin Xiao was also “good” tempered: “Thank you! It’s my greatest honour that you don’t praise me.”

The scene was a bit awkward for a while, and the host, Shaohua, was too lazy to round up the scene and sent the two contestants off the stage for the closing session.

After this, Li Tiezhu hadn’t said a word and was lost in thought.

The system rewards arrived.

[Ding! Host completes the main mission to advance to the top ten of the Super Voice, and receives a reward of 50 points of intelligence value]

Current intelligence value: 99 points.

Remaining intelligence value: 39 points.

Music Achievement: 186 points. (Four songs in this game, a total of 79 achievement points)

Variety Achievement: 235 points. (Earned 20 achievement points for this game)

Film and TV Achievement: 5 points.

Shake fans: 13.41 million.

Cat tameness: 20%. (+1 for this game)

[Next stage of mission is loading 0.1% ……0.2 ……]

You take your time loading it, it will take a year and a half to load it.

After adding IQ points, Li Tiezhu felt chaotic cerebral melon, instantly clear a lot, revolving speed is much faster, think of things when the brain is no longer bloated and painful, and even the eyes also have a few more points of God.

He has never felt so rich!

Unfortunately, the upper limit of IQ is only 99, if you can add all the words 138, will not catch up with Einstein? That would be too much.

But raising a cat to complete it raises the ceiling by 10 points, so that …… would be a real normal person.


But then again, cat how come your tameness went up a bit watching a game? There really is no logic to this whole thing.

Li Tiezhu thought about things all the way until Qin Tao said goodbye to him and he realised that he was already out of the TV station.

Qin Tao: “Bye bye, remember to forward my summer holiday homework to my teacher, I’m going to Kyoto to worship my master. This time, I am really not raising pigs ……”

Li Tiezhu: “I’ll hand it in for you? I still have half a month here?”

“I’ll go for more than a month. There’s very little time to go back to school after that, basically only going back for exams.”

“That’s going to have to be. Hmph – your old man actually agreed?”

“No, said to come to the East China Sea to break my foot pole. It was the Little Prince of the Counterwind who took the initiative to pay a home visit, and also said that he would not change his name if he worshipped my master, so it was only because of the Little Prince of the Counterwind’s face that my old man reluctantly agreed.”

“Oh, the little prince of the contrary wind is indeed eight can.”

“By the way, you urge Ha Xiao Mao, that thing to be done urgently, and then do not do it will be eliminated.”

“What is it?”

“You just rush him is, he personally know.”

Yu Qian and Xiao Yue Yue watched from the sidelines.