The Rockstar Chapter 128

While Xiao Yueyue was happy for his idol’s advancement, he couldn’t help but ask the Grand Master for advice, “Grand Master, is Tie Zhu okay for the next round?”

Yu Qian: “Hmph! If you don’t win the championship, there’s a shady deal, even if the songs behind you are mediocrely written, the top three are still secure. This competition comes to the last two rounds, the fight is all about personal popularity and …… resources.”

Xiao Yueyue: “Grandpa, let’s say seriously.”

“It’s serious ah, the first song I do not understand not evaluate, but the ‘sea and sky’ and ‘chasing the dream red heart’, do you know what grade in the rock world?”

“I don’t know, I only know it’s good.”


“Really? Is it that exaggerated?”

“Let me put it to you this way, even if Li Tiezhu never sings rock again in his life, or even never sings again, he is this in the Chinese rock world.”

Saying this, Grandpa Yu gave a thumbs up.

Xiao Yueyue blushed with excitement.

Over there, Li Tiezhu and Qin Tao also finished saying goodbye and came over.

Li Tiezhu insisted on staying with them to have a meal together before leaving, but Teacher Yu was determined to go, but Xiao Yueyue was snickering.

Li Tiezhu then bowed towards Teacher Yu Qian: “Teacher Yu thank you! Thank you for coming to the scene, and even more thank you for taking care of Qin Tao. He is as slow as I am to learn things, so don’t mind him, in addition, he is still timid and easily nervous, and he still eats a lot ……”

Yu Qian shook his head vigorously, “No need! We all eat a lot there. I liked this kid the first time I saw him, he’s a good piece of material. I am his master, I should take care of him.”

Xiao Yueyue said, “Brother, don’t worry. I cover little Tao Tao, no one bullies him. OK, moncler outlet online there is still particularly important work to do, we will leave first.”

Li Tiezhu: “Goodbye!”

Yu Qian took Xiaoyueyue and Qin Tao away, while walking also asked Xiaoyueyue: “Did you buy the trousers? What colour?”

Xiao Yueyue: “Bought bought, let my assistant bought …… leopard print!”

“Oooh – you can really pick ah!”

“That’s right, after being with grandpa for a long time, your taste is high.”

“How do I get to the Bund?”

“Shall we take a taxi?”

“Master, what are we doing? Didn’t we say we’re flying at night?”


“Little Tao Tao, the plane is still early, let’s brother and sister to accompany your master to enjoy a wave of night scenery, hey.”

“Ah! Master is so elegant.”

“Taozi you shut up.”


When Xiao Yueyue replied live on Shake, Li Tiezhu and Qin Tao thought it was just a flirtation, but he didn’t expect that teacher Yu Qian really came to East China Sea to find Qin Tao, and Qin Tao cried at that time. He kneeled down with a bang to worship the teacher, and was stopped, which is not formal.

Qin Tao found his way, Li Tiezhu is happy for him.

After all, being an agent or something is just Qin Tao’s last stubbornness, he is not suitable at all.

After sending them off, Li Tiezhu was surrounded by another group of people, Lin Xiao, Zhou Yiran, Yi Xiaomao, Xiao Zhen, Zhao Liya, Song Zhu’er, Nie Yao, and Huang Sanshi’s father and daughter, except for Xu Shanqiang and Fang Bo, who had hurriedly left due to their busyness, all of these people stayed and asked Li Tiezhu to -invite them to a banquet. (Note: Xiao Zhuan changed his name to Xiao Zhen)

Li Tiezhu was prepared for this.

But what to eat?

Where to eat?

Li Tiezhu, who had two eyes on the East China Sea, was a little confused, and he subconsciously looked at the cat standing in the distance holding his arms.

Leng Ba obediently walked over and asked, “What to eat? I’ll take everyone there.”

Li Tiezhu: “Grilled meat.”

Leng Ba: “I know a very good barbecue restaurant, it’s just downstairs from your flat, I’ll send a locator, let’s all split up and go by car.”

Li Tiezhu: “Thanks.”

He couldn’t help but be a bit touched, Teacher Leng Ba knew that he was tired from his thousand mountain trip, and that he had been back for the past two days almost sleeplessly working on anal animation with the animation company. Therefore, she very thoughtfully picked a shop near Li Tiezhu’s flat, so that he could rest early after eating.

Zhao Liya smiled and handed over the octavo box, ”Here, Iron Tree Blossoms! You’re willing to treat yourself too?”

Li Tiezhu took it, “Thanks! Huh? It seems like you still owe me a roast!”

Zhao Liya lowered her voice: “Scram! Last time, it was fine if you brought two people, but this time you brought such a large group ……”

Li Tiezhu was just joking.

Song Zhu’er, who was stuffing chocolates into Li Tiezhu’s jacket pocket next to him, suddenly jumped up, “Everyone, feel free to order anything tonight, don’t be polite, it’s on the beauty’s treat! Thank you sister Zhao Liya! No wonder I’m affectionate when I see you! Booyah~ Come let’s take a photo, the piano princess invited me to dinner! Send a scarf to show off a wave to go.”

“Thanks Lia!”


Zhao Liya: “Oh, uh …… that what, eat and drink well …… Bamboo Sister you, uh ah ……”


Song Zhu’er: “Liya sister you are beautiful ah, is the chest is small.”

Zhao Liya: “……”

“Not afraid! You don’t need boobs, you have talent. Unlike me, all that’s left is face value …… and boobs.”


“Do you like pig’s feet?”


“What you eat makes up for what you eat, and don’t you play the piano? Fix one later, it’s good for your hands.”

“Thanks …… thanks.”

“You’re welcome, it’s all your money.”

“Fetal God …… (mouth)”

Leng Ba, who was in the process of positioning herself, suddenly laughed heartily when she saw Zhao Liya’s deflated appearance. Erha was awesome!


There was no accident, Li Tiezhu was once again hot all over the net, hotter than those previous times combined, almost all platform hotspots were all about him. From “A Diao” to “You Look Funny”, from “Sea Wide Sky” to “Chasing Dreams Red Heart”.

At the same time, there is also Hong Fund’s Thousand Mountain Journey, Shaohua’s fatal questioning of Yehenala, Wang Feng’s “honesty”, those cute and adorable and hot-blooded rabbits, Li Tiezhu’s deluxe support group, Songzhu’er’s sand sculpture choir, and Zhao Liya’s little milky voice and voice … …and Li Tiezhu’s cracked and moulted face.

But these are far from another hotspot fire …… donkey teacher wearing leopard print trousers Bund night running.

Xiao Yueyue is really the video of Yu Qian set a flag Shivering tone, everyone crazy likes at the same time, but also feel that the Yu grandfather is not so dry, who did not want to force this old artist.

But who ever thought?

A new shivering number called Yun De She Xiao Tao Tao, sent a video to honour the promise.

Caption: my master le inside like a leopard print as wild! skr~


Yu Qian teacher wearing beach trousers, even shoes are off, along the Bund a fierce run, while running also shouted: “say run, I Yu Qian is so rock and roll!”

Behind, small meatball Qin Tao holding a pile of clothes, hanging two shoes on the neck, followed by running hard, panting: “Master le …… you run slower, do not rock trousers run off da! Yue brother he can not play mosaic …… over there, the big lady guys some see you saliva a party a party le, if you bad pressed down, I am afraid it can not be oh ……”.

The video came small Yue Yue’s cheap laugh, it is obvious that the video is he shot.

This video heat instantly topped, force pressure before all the hot spots, and small Tao Tao worship Yu Qian’s news also spread throughout the country, small Tao Tao overnight countless powder.

The following comments madly call:

“Postpartum brother officially debuted! Spread flowers to celebrate!”

“Shou Shou Mou Da~”

“Qin Shou?”

“It’s impossible to raise a pig in this lifetime.”

“Donkey teacher you le rocking trousers fall.”

“Next we have postpartum brother to bring you a monologue ‘Postpartum care of sows’.”