The Rockstar Chapter 129

It was already after zero hour, and the atmosphere in the large private room of the barbecue restaurant was exceptionally enthusiastic, even Zhou Yiran and Lin Xiao, who had been eliminated, were excited.

Chuan Renzu was so spontaneous.

Besides, although the two of them did not advance to the top ten, their singing skills were far superior to the top ten such as Cai Xukun, Xiao Zhen, Luo Fei Yan, etc., and the audience knew it. So, the two of them had already signed with Jiuzhou Music, where Xiao Zhen was from, and were considered to have a future.

On the contrary, Nie Yao, who was once one of the Four Great Little Boys, was somewhat forced to smile and was not in a high mood. He had been looking for Lin Xiao, Yi Xiaomao and the others to drink, and even when Xiao Zhen asked him for advice on acting, he was very perfunctory.

Li Tiezhu didn’t drink, it was too hard to get drunk, and besides, no one took off his trousers tonight.

He even took the time to go back to the flat in the middle to feed Xiao Jiu before he came back again.

Huang Sanshi couldn’t argue with his daughter and also participated in the gathering, but still left early, and Shao Shao even took a picture with Li Tiezhu and added each other’s WeChat before he left.

“Hahaha …… Teacher Yu is also desperate enough to help his disciple become famous! Little Tao Tao this is going to be a big hit!”

Lin Xiao suddenly swiped that night running video and couldn’t help but show it to the BBQ crowd.

Li Tiezhu immediately pulled out his mobile phone, “Brother Yao ……”

Nie Yao shook his phone, “It’s on, I know you’re going to shit as soon as you pucker your arse.”

Li Tiezhu forwarded that video as soon as he connected to the hotspot, “Let me help you increase your powder! Don’t say, Teacher Yu is still …… really white!”

“Pfft ……”

Nie Yao sprayed wine, Li Tiezhu are you the devil? I’m in the middle of a depression right now, and you’re making me laugh? It was hard to stop laughing, he touched Li Tiezhu:

“Accompany me out for a smoke.”

Li Tiezhu: “I do not smoke, smoking costs money.”

Nie Yao: “……”

Somewhat embarrassed, Nie Yao had to get up and go out by herself.

Leng Ba sat next to Li Tiezhu and whispered, “Nie Yao wants to find you for something.”

Li Tiezhu, who had a low IQ, then let out an oh and chased out to find Nie Yao, and the other party became even more embarrassed.

“Ha! It’s too stuffy inside, come out for a breath of fresh air.”

Li Tiezhu’s excuse was a bit skittish.

By the window in the corridor, Nie Yao smiled to himself and exhaled a mouthful of smoke, “Nicotine doesn’t choke?”

Li Tiezhu could only giggle.

Nie Yao said, “You know what? Brother I was at the top of my game when I debuted, as soon as I debuted I was the leading man, acting in all the big first tier dramas, winning countless awards, and even starring in many films. However, these years is very bad, because there is no relationship and resources, often be robbed of a good role, last year, but also because of the help of friends fighting, huh …… if not “Three Kingdoms” contract has long been signed, I’m afraid that can not act. Now, I’m basically almost out of theatre ……”

Li Tiezhu scratched his head, “Brother, I’m stupid, what is it that you say straight, I’m sure to help.”

Nie Yao said, “You’re right, that shot you took last time, huh …… helped me increase my powder. Plus, my performance of Zhao Yun is the most recognised in the current drama, so …… a mobile game called Dream – Three Kingdoms has approached me for endorsement.”

“Good thing! Is there a lot of money?”

“Much, twenty million, ten times the amount I made for Three Kingdoms, and there’s also follow-up income. But the most important thing is not the money, but, this is a super big production game, I’ve seen it, it’s quite …… awesome. Not only do I have to endorse it, but I also have to shoot a promotional film, and I even have to guest star as an NPC in the game, and there will be a series of game tournaments …… in the future In short, there are a lot of opportunities to show my face. This is a good opportunity for me to fight a turnaround!”

“Then take it!”

“The one they are most optimistic about is me! Next is the one who stole my role as Yang. I want to take it, but they have a condition.”

“What condition?”

“I’m looking for you, aren’t I?”

“What’s it to me?”

“They want to hire you to make game music for them. Although they didn’t say it explicitly, I know that if I didn’t get you there, the endorsement would be Fang Daming’s, that’s how it was last time, and he’s got a lot of resource power. I’ve been in a bad mood for the past two days because I met that guy again.”

“Eh …… I haven’t done game music ah, I don’t even play games.”

Li Tiezhu was a little confused, how to look at me? So many good musicians in the country don’t look for, look for a newcomer like me?

Could it be because of Rolling Yangtze River East Passing Water?

However, a search in the system, there really is, and …… quite a lot.

Nie Yao put out the cigarette: “It’s not difficult for you, it’s just a question, if you can, you can, if you can’t. Brother is not a person who can not think, the big deal …… is that I will shoot another idol drama to go, not what toil is not good but also not profitable power faction.”

Li Tiezhu: “Well well. I still have to go to school, next year will be the college entrance examination. Besides, I kind of want to make the rabbit’s story into an animation, and I have absolutely no time.”

“That’s okay! I heard you’re going to act in a film?”

“Teacher Xu Shanqiang promoted me to run a drag queen.”

The two walked all the way back.

“Okay! Act well.”

“How much?”

“Ah, it’s a good meal.”

“Ask how much if you make music.”

The corner of Nie Yao’s mouth hooked up, I knew this kid couldn’t hold steady, hey! If you don’t ask, I won’t say! If you ask, I won’t say.

Nie Yao said, “That company is quite rich, and extremely picky about music, they’ve already passed on a stick musician. Besides, you surely don’t care about that little bit of money, how can art be measured in terms of money?”

Li Tiezhu pursued, “Is there two million?”

“How can it be so little?”

“Ah? Five million?”


“Gulp …… eight million? Ahem …… that ah! Hey, like this …… carry forward the traditional culture, create a national style of competitive games, or to support a little bit, can not be all what Europe and the United States and the stick of the game ah, serious impact on the growth of young people. I promised to go and compose music for them.”

“Oh, then look forward to your masterpiece.”

“How much is it in the end?”

“Another pig’s feet no? Smells good!”


The two had reached the door of the private room and stopped at the same time, in silence.

Li Tiezhu looked at Nie Yao angrily.

Nie Yao smiled lewdly.

Only after a long time did Nie Yao reach out and compare it to a yeah.

Li Tiezhu lowered his voice and said excitedly, ”Shit! Brother! You’re my own brother! Turn around and I’ll have my dad accept you as his godson ……”

Nie Yao: “……”

It seemed like Nie Yao was begging Li Tiezhu, but at the same time, he was also helping him.

Back to the private room, Li Tiezhu first found a corner to transfer the money to raise cats, otherwise later on, I guess I will faint, can’t the money to raise cats be in arrears?

After that, Li Tiezhu, without saying a word, poured himself a glass of white wine and drank it towards Nie Yao:

“Brother! It’s all in the wine again!”

Nie Yao returned a glass, “It’s all in the wine.”

That’s 20 million!

Donate eighteen, keep two hundred for yourself, be selfish this time. In the future, if the old man remarries, he may have to have a second child, after all, he is less than forty years old, although his waist is not working, his kidneys are still quite good ……