The Rockstar Chapter 13

The director asked him to interview Li Tiezhu, the host had no choice but to hand the microphone to Li Tiezhu, he was now terrified of this guy, “May I ask, contestant Li Tiezhu, who has successfully progressed to the top 20 of the division, what do you have to say?”

The other players began to exit the stage, Li Tiezhu took the microphone, slightly contemplated, and said:

“Yes, thank you.”


The host subconsciously said, “That’s it?”


Li Tiezhu thought, tonight my old man may have to go to talk to Aunt Liu about work, I have to go back early to help him guard the door.

Host: “Not …… you don’t thank Chen Lao and Leng Ba? They are your precious people! At the time of the audition, it was Mr Chen Posong who let you sing your own original song, and you got his PASS card. In this one, it was Leng Ba who gave you the promotion medal regardless of previous suspicions, so you don’t have anything to show for it?”


By disregarding previous suspicions, does it mean letting Leng Ba take the popsicle?

Li Tiezhu: “Do you have bad ears? Didn’t I just say thank you to them?”

Host: “Eh…… well, that, the viewers are actually interested in you. Is it convenient to have a chat?”

“Not convenient.”

“Er …… What is your dream?”

“To be a bagman.”

“Huh? How old are you? Don’t go to school?”

“I’m seventeen, I turn eighteen next month. I’m in school, I’ll be a senior next term. Usually when I’m on holiday, I work odd jobs at my old man’s construction site to earn tuition fees, and steal some professional skills along the way. University, I want to learn surveying and mapping, plus from now on began to steal from the masonry craft, when I graduate from college, I can do their own engineering. Be a contractor for a few years, according to my old man’s idea, marry a fat wife, give birth to two or three children ……”

“No, Brother Tiezhu, you …… are now red, to be a star ……”

“What if it’s cool? My dad said, a lot of skills don’t make a difference. Let’s say my old man, he can make mud tiles, burn bricks, kill pigs, carry funerals, play suona, jump to the gods and draw talismans, make a big banquet for hundreds of people, and deliver a sow. I’m not as good as him!”

“You, your father is really great, the donkeys in the production team aren’t as versatile as he is.”

“That’s true!”

Li Tiezhu full of admiration for his old man, he has never been lucky in his life, but still raised me? Even the site of an old flower Liu Auntie, did not escape his clutches.

The host is collapsed, but the scene and watch the live audience but extraordinarily energetic, pop-ups did not stop:

“Serious Brother is amazing!”

“Serious brother’s father, really multi-talented, Li Tiezhu this is considered a famous family?”

“It’s not easy to go to school and work at a construction site at the same time.”

“He’s really a rural child, inspirational!”

“Lu Yu: I don’t believe it.”

“Fuck off if you don’t believe me, those who say his team packages, fakes and plagiarises. I’m looking forward to the next issue where Tie Zhu punches you all in the face!”

“Villainous, he didn’t rely on connections to advance?”

“A little plagiarism master!”

“This song ‘You Look Good When You Smile’ is also a copy? Please don’t go to bed tonight, Wine Pen will be working on the pictures all night.”

“I’m afraid Wine Pen won’t be able to take care of the P-drawings tonight, he’s going to write ‘Big Fish’ to redeem his honour.”

“My Serious Brother is the most grounded star ever!”

Host: “Let’s congratulate contestant Li Tiezhu and look forward to him giving us a great performance in the next instalment ……”

Li Tiezhu: “The director has raised his card, telling you to hurry up and finish, the programme is overdue.”

After saying that, Li Tiezhu turned around and walked away.

The host was confused in the wind, I fucking saw it! Only after a long time did he say, “Friends of the audience …… Let’s see you next issue ……”

The pop-up screen on the live screen whooshed and flew, and the host was heartbroken.


The first round of the main round of The Super Voice, ended.

In this match, Li Tiezhu once again became the centre of attention, and even the wonderful playing and singing of the piano goddess Zhao Liya was taken away from the limelight.

The fat assistant was extraordinarily indignant, but Zhao Liya was not dissatisfied and happily took the fat assistant to eat hot pot.

And then, the internet once again started a debate about Brother Serious, apart from plagiarism, it was more about his counter-attack in the face of accusations of plagiarism – taking shots at the nation’s composers.

It was disrespectful to the old-timers!

On Jitterbug, such an argument was less heated, but instead, the song “You Look Good When You Smile” caught fire overnight and became the most popular BGM, at one point becoming the number one god song, with countless cover singers.

After the competition, Li Tiezhu was grabbed by the programme team to register and leave his contact information, lest he couldn’t get in again for the next show.

Director Wang Zegang and mentor Chen Posong and others encouraged Li Tiezhu and asked about that challenge, Li Tiezhu was full of confidence, although they didn’t believe it, they couldn’t say anything.

Young people are crazy, when they have suffered a loss, they will know to restrain, the old few are so tolerant thought.

When Li Tiezhu walked out of the TV station, it was already very late.

Qin Tao and the real takeaway who had been outside for more than an hour in the wind excitedly hugged Li Tiezhu and congratulated him on his promotion. The takeaway clerk was a little too excited, after all, we didn’t know each other very well.

After exchanging clothes, Li Tiezhu looked at the takeout clerk suspiciously.

The takeout clerk coyly said, “Can you …… sign an autograph for me? It’s on this robe!”

So, Li Tiezhu wrote down the three words Li Tiezhu on the yellow takeaway suit with one stroke.

The takeaway clerk left cheerfully.

Qin Tao not without envy pulled with Li Tiezhu for a while, asked him about whether he could win the composing challenge, and was thrilled after getting an affirmative answer. Then, he offered to be Li Tiezhu’s agent, and naturally Li Tiezhu had no problem with it.

As long as he doesn’t raise pigs, he can do whatever he is asked to do.

Finally, the little fat man exhorted some Gou Fu Gui do not forget, they took a taxi home, first go home to find out how to be a broker.

Li Tiezhu straddled the two eight bar and couldn’t help but reveal a silly smile.

In the system, the current achievements have increased.

Music achievement: 7 points.

Variety achievement: 4 points.

Film and Television Achievement: 0 points.

Unexpectedly, after winning the next game, I’m going to become a smart person, then I’m going to become a big star, how should I spend the big money I earn in the future?

Oops, thinking about it makes my brain hurt.

The night breeze is refreshing.

Zhao Liya holding the hand of the fat assistant ready to get on the car, suddenly saw not far from the roadside, Li Tiezhu riding on an old bicycle, is towards her side of the stupid smile.

This guy, shouldn t think that he wrote a song for me and think ……

He smiles so stupidly!

Waiting for me?

He doesn’t really think I’m some kind of staff, does he?

Waiting for me, you’ve seen me, what’s the point of just giggling?

Feeling inferior?

Afraid to come over?

This guy is so simple!

Where’s the simplicity that he disliked the sky and the air on stage just now?

He’s so cute!

Right, a lot of good boys see me also like this, can not walk, can not speak …… really life is as lonely as snow ah.

Zhao Liya skimmed her mouth, stuffed the fat assistant into the car, let her wait for a while, and then boarded up her face, carrying her hand, like a proud peacock, pretending to walk towards Li Tiezhu without thinking.

For the sake of that song, go over and say hello to him, low self-esteem boys, it’s not easy, who made me so kind.


Walking two metres in front of Li Tiezhu, Zhao Liya revealed a warm smile:

“Singing tonight …….”


A gust of wind, Li Tiezhu instantly started, riding his bike swept past Zhao Liya and roared away, muttering, “Yah! I’ll get a good car when I earn the bonus.”

Zhao Liya froze in place, an extremely shameful expression on her face, “……Good job ……”

This Guapi!

He wasn’t even waiting for me? Just simply giggling and gawking ……

Zhao Liya felt like she had received a 10,000 point blitz.

It’s so humiliating.

You give me to remember! I …… will take revenge! Humph!