The Rockstar Chapter 130

Li Tiezhu does not drink okay, once broken, that can be two fists can not beat four hands, even Song Zhu’er came with Li Tiezhu dry two two.

You say you a girl child drink what wine?

Li Tiezhu heart spit but did not dare to say, after all, people adult, and he …… is still on the verge of illegal crazy try.

The atmosphere is even higher, and it is not fun to push the cups.

Only Yi Xiaomao actually did not come to drink with Li Tiezhu, sneakily shrinking in the corner to play mobile phones, his face also showed a weird and not too healthy smile.

Looking at Li Tiezhu, who was dunked in a five-colour, the cat sighed in his heart, hey, I’m afraid that tonight is going to be bad again! Qin Tao has left, he is drunk still have to cat guard? Last time that thing, was he intentional or unintentional?

What can we do about it?

Anyway, he’s strong and the cat can’t resist. Can’t let him be drunk and alone, right? In case something happens ……

Leng Ba’s face warmed up and silently peeled a small half bowl of Mao beans for Li Tiezhu: “Don’t just drink, eat something.”

On the opposite side, Zhao Liya smiled.

Leng Ba, however, did not dare to stare, for fear of being retaliated against, the rabbit smash can be fierce and fierce.

“Tie! Look at the dart!”

Song Zhu’er struck what she thought was a handsome pose, and a bean was thrown at Zhao Liya.

Then, the bean hit Zhao Liya’s collarbone and bounced, falling into her clothes and getting stuck in a very awkward position.

Zhao Liya brushed her face and blushed, “!!!!”

Song Zhu’er made a prancing leap over and wrapped her arms around Zhao Liya’s neck, “How is it? Handsome or not? I just took on the role of a female warrior, good at using hidden weapons, I’ve been studying martial arts moves lately! Not bad, right?”

Zhao Liya pulled her legs out and ran, going to the bathroom to get rid of the beans first, beans to beans is not a thing ah.

Song Zhu’er was drunk: “Ah! Shocked by my inner strength? Ohahahahaha ……”

Leng Ba decisively applauded, “Bamboo Er is so cool!”

Song Zhu’er floated: “Eh hehehe …… everyone is so honest, make me still a little embarrassed le ……”

At one in the morning, the drinking game finally dispersed.

In the end, Li Tiezhu paid the money, can not take advantage of this.

When Nie Yao and Li Tiezhu hooked up and went out of the shop, Leng Ba came up and took Li Tiezhu’s arm and smiled at Nie Yao, “Thank you, Brother Yao, for your hard work. You go back and rest, I’ll just send him home.”

Li Tiezhu: “What are you sending me for? I and Brother Yao …… have agreed, tonight he lives in my place, we chat a lot.”

Leng Ba compensated with a smile, “He is especially heavy when he is drunk, Yao brother give me it.”

Nie Yao froze, you a girl to send him home?

What kind of behaviour is that?

What if the paparazzi catch you?

What if Li Tiezhu is drunk and disorderly?

I, Changshan Zhao Zilong, will never allow a girl to fall into such a dangerous situation. Moreover, it is likely to have a bad impact on my Tiezhu brother s icy and clean image, and I …… do not agree!

Brother s image, leave it to me to guard!

Nie Yao said decisively, “No! I’m not too drunk, I’m not drunk, I can still take care of him if I send him back. It’s inconvenient for you to be a girl.”

Leng Ba wanted to say that it’s convenient for me, but ……

Li Tiezhu added: “What are you waiting for? You see what kind of bamboo is drunk? You take her away, it’s not safe for her to be alone.”

Leng Ba did not know what to do.

Zhao Liya quietly leaned over, “Cat, do you want me to help? Create a world of two for you.”

Cat is also what you call it?

Leng Ba was furious: “Two …… Zhuo Er, Lia said it’s not safe for you to drink too much, she asked you to live in the flat she rented! Sleep in one bed!”

Zhao Liya: “I didn’t ……”

Song Zhu’er immediately hung on Zhao Liya’s back, “Jimei! I knew you couldn’t let go of me …… hiccups ~ go, go to your house, I, I’ll teach you how to self-help breast augmentation, the ancient secret recipe is very useful drops ……”

Zhao Liya gritted her teeth, “Cat! I remember you! Obviously all truce, I kindly help you, but you ……”

Leng Ba: “Bamboo, she said she wants you to help her ron!”

Song Zhu’er: “You’re so bad~ I like it so much ……”

Zhao Liya’s sweaty hairs stand on end:”……”

Leng Ba laughed wildly, rabbit smash, I can’t beat you, but I have Erha! Go on, Pi …… Husky!!!!

Song Zhu’er asked Leng Ba: “Sister, do you want to rumble? I professional manoeuvre.”

Leng Ba hit a hand knife.

Song Zhu’er: “Eh ah! Great terrific ah ……”

It’s true that when a woman gets horny, there’s nothing for a man to do.

And then, the crowd bid farewell.

Li Tiezhu drunk towards ready to take a taxi Yi Xiaomao shouted: “Hey! Xiaomao ah, Qin Tao said that you let you hurry up to do that thing, do not procrastinate ah!”

Yi Xiaomao’s mobile phone was almost scared off, clamped his legs and said, “Good good good ……”

What’s the rush?

Am I not just one step away from the final step now?

Leng Ba didn’t drink and drove the Porsche home alone, his heart empty. Nie Yao is a brown man, can he take care of him?


The next day, Li Tiezhu woke up late and his head was drowsy.

At ten o’clock, the cat came just after sending off Yao Ge, and brought a hearty breakfast. However, Teacher Lengba did not look too good, and she did not sleep well last night.


Xiao Jiu showed her teeth to Qin Tao, but she was very sticky to Leng Ba, it was clear that the two cats were only meeting for the first time in the real sense of the word, and the big one and the small one were having a great time.

Li Tiezhu was drinking congee and nibbling on doughnuts, “Teacher, aren’t you working these two days?”

Leng Ba: “That Shenglun recording went, I’m on leave.”


“Heh! Yeah, when you’re acting, you say your lines in one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, abcdefg, and you have to say the top, middle, and bottom of all three-word lines. This is still an actor! Dubbing when read according to also …… shame! It won’t take three or four days to get it right, and I’m not going to the theatre until the day after tomorrow.”

“Teacher, do you think I can take the Nortel exam? Or the Chinese Opera?”


“Last time Song Zhu’er told me, I still didn’t understand, and then, Little Prince Against the Wind also called me and said that he suggested that I go to this kind of school because my grades are too poor ……”

“Little Prince Against the Wind?”

“Oh, it’s our class teacher and maths teacher, a very good one. He is Mediterranean, and comes with the attribute of no wind and no waves, no matter where he is, he is always perfectly in the crosswinds, and a few hairs on the top of his head are always flying wild, so they call him the Little Prince of the Crosswinds, and I’m used to calling him that ……”

“Hahaha! Much better than our former exterminator, do you want to hear the truth or the lie?”

“The truth.”

“At your current level, it’s completely hopeless. However, there’s still a year left, so you can enrol in a study class to make up for it.”


The doorbell rang.

Li Tiezhu was strange, there are still people looking for me in Donghai?

Leng Ba held the cat to the door cat eye look, scared straight, turned and ran, quietly said to Li Tiezhu: “CCTV! CCTV reporter! Don’t expose me here! Ten million million! To die to die ……”

“Meow ……”

Said Leng Ba holding Xiao Jiu slipped into Li Tiezhu’s bedroom to hide.


Li Tiezhu was confused, they knocked on the wrong door, right?

Open the door and greet a reporter and a cameraman into the house, Li Tiezhu brain dizzy.

The beautiful reporter said her intention: “Hello, Li Tiezhu. I am a CCTV reporter, your game last night stirred the country, very educational! The leader specially sent word to record a special interview for you, and put it on tonight’s ‘Hot Interview’ after the ‘Newscast’. You shouldn’t be too excited, this is all what you deserve.”

Li Tiezhu: “No, I refuse.”