The Rockstar Chapter 131

The beautiful reporter smiled and said, “Okay, so are we interviewing at home or going to some other …… place? Huh? What did you just say?”

I must have misheard you, right?

How could anyone possibly turn down a CCTV interview? It’s still a feature on Hot Interviews! Something must have gone wrong ……

The reporter’s expression was embarrassed, “I’m sorry, say that again? I’m afraid I heard wrong.”

Li Tiezhu: “I said, I refuse an exclusive interview.”

It wasn’t that he couldn’t accept the interview, he just didn’t think it was necessary or desirable.

“Not …… did you not understand what I just said? Or, do you doubt my identity? Then …… this is my ID, take a look.”

“Don’t look at it, I know you are really CCTV reporters, I don’t want to be interviewed.”

“Eh ……”

The female reporter looked at the camera uncle, both of them looked like they had seen the world, completely baffled, never encountered this situation ah!

It is not polite to block people at the door, Li Tiezhu still let the two people in and poured water for them with a paper cup.

The female reporter nodded towards the cameraman, who opened the camera.

In the sofa, the female reporter asked, “It is not impossible to refuse the exclusive interview ……, but I need to know the reason for your refusal.”

Then, Li Tiezhu packed his breakfast while saying, “Then can I know your reason for interviewing me?”

“Because of your song ‘Chasing Dreams and Red Heart’ last night!”

“It’s just a song.”

“It’s not just a song! Rather, it’s a piece of history, a stirring heroic epic! Your song is eulogising war heroes, it’s promoting the spirit of patriotism to children nowadays, transmitting positive energy, and it’s more of the correct values and noble feelings of an idol of the new era. So, we have to interview you.”

The female reporter was firm, and her eyes even revealed a hint of fervour.

Li Tiezhu was suddenly a little bit confused and scratched his head.

The female reporter added: ”Now, your song ‘Chasing Dreams and Red Heart’ is sought after by almost all the teenagers, so of course it should be pushed to make people understand you better! Praise you! By the way, you can also promote the patriotic feelings and fighting spirit of the older generation. So that the beatnik generation, the 90s and 00s, can receive proper guidance ……”

Good point!

Li Tiezhu didn’t know why, but a nameless fire suddenly leaped up inside him and exclaimed:

“Just because I sang a song for the heroes? One song? Isn’t that what it should be? What’s there to praise? This …… doesn’t make sense! In addition to you, there are many TV stations and online platforms want to interview me, my agent sent me a message, I refused. I just can’t understand, you interview me for what? You went to cover the war! You go and find and interview those heroes! Ball Mo Mingtang!”

The female reporter was confused.

Li Tiezhu did not stop: “This matter is nothing to deliberately boast about! The current generation of young people is not a collapsed generation, and do not need you so deliberately to force instilled, ear to ear, as long as the country and the nation need, I and my peers, absolutely the first to step forward, liver and brain!”

The female reporter said, “Er …… you really don’t want to accept the interview, then I’ll make a phone call first to ask for instructions from the station. Sorry.”

Li Tiezhu also did not care about them, began to give Xiao Jiu with warm water to soak cat food, it has not eaten anything today, soak and pour the water, put it in the food bowl. Then, went into the bedroom and took Xiao Jiu from teacher Leng Ba.

Leng Ba lowered her voice: ”I asked you to take them to another place for an exclusive interview, why did you refuse? Such a good thing! Are you stupid?”

Li Tiezhu: “I am stupid, but this has nothing to do with you.”

Xiaojiu: “Meow~”

Li Tiezhu held Xiaojiu out to eat, then warmed up milk for it in the thermostatic kettle, Xiaojiu drank milk without any diarrhoea at all, and was as healthy as a horse.

“Li Tiezhu, our leader said that we won’t interview you, thank you.”

The female reporter was a little embarrassed.

Li Tiezhu shook his head, “I’m sorry for affecting my sister’s work. I just don’t like to be on CCTV because of this kind of thing, the merits and history belong to the heroes, I’m just an exponent, I don’t deserve and can’t accept this exclusive interview.”

Because of Li Tiezhu’s refusal to co-operate, “Hot Spot Interview” interview failed, the reporter had no choice but to leave.

Cat complained about this for a long time Li Tiezhu, Li Tiezhu still the same.

Not long after, the agent Zhang Xiaomeng also arrived, followed by the open door Li Tiezhu barged into the kitchen is a complaint: “You said you …… what are you doing ah? Other television stations and network platforms interview you, you do not agree to even if, why CCTV also do not agree? That is ‘Hot Interview’ ah!”

Li Tiezhu was making lunch at this time, preparing a fish-flavoured aubergine and slippery meat soup.

Zhang Xiaomeng was about to crack, “Big brother ah!!!”

Li Tiezhu muffled, “CCTV interviews don’t pay.”

Zhang Xiaomeng cracked: “Other TV stations and online platforms give ah, give more, why don’t you take it?”

“Using this matter on CCTV and making money is shameful, I don’t do it.”

“Then how do you …… still think that CCTV does not give money?”

“Spit on their unprofessional ah.”

“You ……”

Li Tiezhu was as stubborn as a donkey, and Zhang Xiaomeng really had no choice but to go to the living room to pour herself a glass of water, and was surprised to find that the living room was also sitting on a woman playing with a cat, and was startled.

Zhang Xiaomeng: “Leng …… Lengba teacher? You also came to scold Li Tiezhu, right? Right? Look at him, he obviously has a good opportunity and does not know to grasp …… it.”

Just now, Leng Ba did complain as well, but to outsiders, cats should never tear down.

Does the cat breeder’s poker face even matter anymore?

Leng Ba: ”Tie Zhu is right, how can you use a hero as a gimmick? Disrespectful! I’m in support of Li Tiezhu, it’s understandable for you as an agent to take jobs for artists, but you have to have a bottom line, you can’t have no principles in order to make money.”

Zhang Xiaomeng coldly sweated, “Yes yes yes …… you are right ……”

Li Tiezhu brought out the fish-flavoured aubergines, “Brother Meng, don’t be anxious, Brother Nie Yao Yao helped me to take a job as a game composer, and you should be contacted in the next two days. It says it’s 20 million, so you help fling the band for the soundtrack and the recording studio or something.”

Zhang Xiaomeng was overjoyed and didn’t stay for dinner, pulling his legs and running.

Li Tiezhu and Leng Ba ate dinner, gave Xiao Jiu a bath, lying on the balcony lounge chair blowing the wind, rare leisure.


Kyoto, in the trouser building, an office.

Li Ding, the supervising producer of Hot Interview, received a report from his staff that several groups of reporters urgently deployed had already interviewed a dozen or so old heroes of the Battle of Changjin Lake, covering a very wide range of areas and digging at a deep enough level to hold up the programme.

Host Hou Feng said: ”I always feel that it’s almost interesting without Li Tiezhu’s exclusive interview. Yes, history is the most profound meaning, but after all, he and that song are the hot spots.”

Li Ding did not raise his head as he looked at the information, “Who told you there is no Li Tiezhu? This programme, if he says he won’t be on it, he won’t be on it, ah? I’m not going to tell him the rules on this matter! I’m telling you, this is called a mistake! I’m telling you, this is called a mistake with a wrong move, maybe the effect is better than an exclusive interview.”

Hou Feng froze: “This …… is okay?”