The Rockstar Chapter 132

“Erha scarf changed its name, hahaha …… sand sculpture chorus leader – Songzhu’er! Can can, I’ll reply one: old driver take me I want to go to Kunming ……”

Leng Ba jacked Xiao Jiu to brush his mobile phone and get high on snacks. After thinking about it, she sent another voice:

“Bamboo child, rabbit smash is not a?”

Song Zhu’er sent a voice: “Tricked, it’s a b. Life is full of surprises. Luckily I’m better!”


“Really! Sis I’m going to board the plane, let’s have a dinner date at Hengdian sometime.”

“See you in Hendian.”

Leng Ba smacked her lips and continued to brush her mobile phone, and when she brushed a funny video, she went to bother Li Tiezhu to share it together.

“Look at this, ‘You Look Funny’ country version mv, hahaha there’s a puppy ……”

“Wow! This one is so spooky, the clip has Yehnela getting punched in the face by Shaohua.”

“So many covers of Chasing Dreams Red Heart! Ghostly.”

Li Tiezhu is a bit more frugal with his traffic, he can’t afford to swipe his mobile phone, after all, the hotspot big brother is no longer around. He took out the geography textbook to review the knowledge points, two years of high school has finished all the courses, the rest of the year is all review and sprint.

“Tie Zhu, I think you should simply withdraw from the competition, you’re moving their cake by continuing to compete. In the next two rounds, they will definitely target you, any underhand tactics are possible. You’re so popular anyway, it’s a crime!”

“Admit defeat to them? I don’t.”


“I know the show has a lot of inner workings, but I have reasons why I have to take the title.”

“What reasons?”

“Actually, the day of The Voice finale was my eighteenth birthday.”

“The cat knows.”

“Didn’t they hack me out to get a better meal? I preferred to grab a winner for my birthday present on their turf, in front of that bunch of funding bigwigs. I’m only seventeen and I’m an overnight sensation, so of course I have to be wild. Young people don’t know any better!”


Since you bullied me, you have to pay the price.

A champion?

That’s far from enough, Li Tiezhu wants much more ……

It is appropriate to chase the poor enemy, this is a habit. Since his mother passed away, Li Tiezhu has not let go of anyone who bullies him, and must fight until the other party kneels and begs for forgiveness, otherwise …… mother will worry about me being bullied.

This is in addition to taking popsicles and wearing a cat collar, Leng Ba once again saw Li Tiezhu s strong and domineering. She will not persuade, the man should be reckless, even if you lose and start over, you can not concede, especially to the bullies who bully you.

“This is awesome! Li Tiezhu you are awesome!”

Leng Ba handed over her mobile phone, which had a video with over a million likes on it:

“Last night, the Black Palace’s official website was captured by redditors, and the song ‘Chasing Dreams with Red Heart’ was played on a loop for three whole hours. Surprisingly, there are quite a few youths from the Mi Country who have fallen in love with the song and spontaneously formed Li Tiezhu’s overseas fanbase, frantically searching for Li Tiezhu’s match videos and songs on the oil cans. And, the Rice officials denigrated China for carrying out cyber attacks on them.”

“In response, our spokesperson, Ms Hua, responded: we are deeply sympathetic and strongly concerned about this matter, and with regard to the low level of your country’s cybersecurity forces, in line with our commitment to maintaining and developing friendly relations between the two sides, we are willing to provide paid technical training to the Mi side, and the Beijing West Technical School offers intermediate and advanced computer courses… …”

“Lastly, at 12:12 pm today, a civil reddit organisation calling itself ‘Red Star Rabbit’, announced that it was responsible for this incident, and submitted a detailed technical report …… listing one hundred and eighty-nine Black Palace official website bugs, and kindly attached a modification opinion. It is reported that the ‘Red Star Rabbit’ Red Guest Organisation, was officially established last night at a squid barbecue stand.”

Li Tiezhu was also …… delighted with this.

The Voice Resurrection Match ended, but the aftermath created by Li Tiezhu continued, and even had a tendency to gradually get stronger.


Kyoto, in the luxurious conference room of Monolith Music.

The big screen was shattered, and several tables were down on the floor, as well as shards of glass all over the place.


Smashing a celadon vase to pieces, Yehnela draped her hair and glared angrily at the several shareholders present, before casting her most resentful eyes at Wang Feng at the far end.

Wang Feng roasted his cigar without lifting his head: ”Spilling the beans won’t solve the problem. I’m not in favour of continuing to target Li Tiezhu, it’s not true that I appreciate his talent, but this has nothing to do with my decision. We are an interest group, we pursue interests, targeting Li Tiezhu will lead us to disaster!”

Yehenara hissed, “You softie! If he doesn’t die, we, Ju Shi, will never be able to raise our heads! Listen to me, screw Li Tiezhu once and for all!”

The rest of the shareholders looked at each other, not knowing who to believe.

A southern shareholder said: “Don’t be a kind of few la, is a bumpkin what to be afraid of? I asked the south, the meteor is also to engage Li Tiezhu’s la, they mean, we each take up two of the top five places, leaving one to the nine states, plug their mouth.”

One of the shareholders said, “Will this mess up the brand of The Voice? What if the contestants boycott in the future?”

The organiser of The Voice was Eastern TV, the co-organisers were Penguin and Jitterbug, Wang Da Shao and Kyushu Music invested the money, but the real big funders were Monolith Music and Meteor Music, and even the brand of The Super Voice was held in their hands.

Nanfang said, “How come? Next year, the dog will come back when it’s hungry. Besides, we don’t do things in The Voice, we do it outside! We have so many classic cases in Hong Kong, we can use a few tricks to make Li Tiezhu look bad.”

Another shareholder said, “My people have communicated with Wang Da Shao, and his rewarding Li Tiezhu on the last Jitterbug was just a way for us not to beat his name. In fact, he doesn’t deal with Li Tiezhu either. Meteor’s side has already taken a stance not to get involved, and I heard that the old thing was eager to join forces with us, but was persuaded by Xiao Zhen.”

Yehenara finally raised her eyebrows, “Then what are we waiting for? Get started, let’s get it done here tonight!”

After the unification of opinions, except for Wang Feng, all the other shareholders started to make phone calls and mobilise resources to make all kinds of preparations, making sure to step on Li Tiezhu once and for all, so that he would never be able to get back on his feet.


East China Sea, Blue Mountain Luxury Manor.

Xiao Zhen was diligently massaging an old man with a head full of silver hair, “Godfather, you’ve been exercising too much lately, your body won’t be able to take it in the long run.”

In the sofa, the old man laughed: “Eat eat eat eat, I make up more on the line. On the contrary, you ah, those two can move down Li Tiezhu okay, otherwise, you will not enter the top five.”

Xiao Zhen hand hard pinch shoulder: “You say it’s the voice of the fifth place has a card face, or with a CCTV “Hot Interview” singer to do ‘brother’ has a card face?”

The old man twisted his head, not press, eyes surprised: “You mean ……”

Xiao Zhen rubbed his wrist and picked up the remote control, “Turn on the TV and see if you don’t know?”