The Rockstar Chapter 133

The TV was switched on, just at seven o’clock sharp.

As soon as News Link began, the hostess said, “…… Today’s News Link is expected to take 36 minutes ……”

The old man immediately focused, is not another big thing.

Then, the male host said, “Today’s main content has …… Last night’s end of the “Super Voice” finals resurrection round, Li Tiezhu contestant with an original song in memory of the martyrs “Chasing Dreams Red Heart”, sang hundreds of millions of viewers across the country cried to successfully advance to the top ten… …Tune in below for details ……”

Xiao Zhen was shocked, didn’t he say “Hot Interview”? How come it’s still on “News Link”?

At the same time, many viewers in front of the TV were also confused, Li Tiezhu was on the news broadcast?

This is to send ah!

And far away in Shudu a construction site canteen stealing food Li old man, choked.

Auntie Liu rushed out and thoughtfully patted Li Fugui on the back: “What’s wrong? What’s wrong? My stewed cashew soup is not good mai?”

Li old man waved his hand, pointing to the TV on the wall: “The dog said …… on TV.”

“What’s on TV?”


“Huh? Isn’t this a news programme? You’re drunk.”

“Don’t criticise the lazy lazy (Lo Pi Shao), old son of mobile phone mumble? And so ha shot a few photos, print them out, go back to burn to the column his mother, aiya ……”

“Really on the news broadcast ah? I’m going to take a few more pictures, and I’m going to do the same. I’m sure my sister will love it. ……”


Kyoto, Monolithic Music.

The shattered display was broadcasting live on News Link, which was reporting big news at the moment.

A group of shareholders were sullen and didn’t say a word, Yehnela was even pale and even shivering a little. Wang Feng’s cigar in his hand went out without noticing, he had kept this action for several minutes.

A few minutes ago, after hearing the news that Li Tiezhu was on the “news broadcast”, they called off all the actions they had prepared.

They were waiting, waiting to see how CCTV would report on Li Tiezhu.


Li Tiezhu was nibbling on a corn cob, tonight he had made a thick soup of beef bone and corn and a few dishes of small dishes, and he was eating with Miss Lengba while watching TV.

The TV was of course switched on by Leng Ba, who had also just received the news.

The cat trembled with excitement, “I’m going! You’re getting a gold plated body!”

Li Tiezhu didn’t understand, “What gold body?”

The cat was about to explain when Li Tiezhu’s phone rang, it was his old man who called.

“Missy le, you dog said on TV!”

“The old man child you how shocked wind fire pull? I’m not on TV every week?”

“You those catching chickens and chasing dogs have what to see? This time it’s different, it’s CCTV’s ‘Newscast’. You come back for a long time, we go back to your mother to burn some paper, and she also say aha.”

“I know.”


Wait and wait and wait.

Twenty-four minutes into the news streak, finally ……

The male host solemnly said, “The Super Voice is a national singing competition programme, and last night, a resurrection match became the focus of national attention ……”

Li Laohan shivered with excitement, and his mobile phone almost fell into the soup.

Aunt Liu even exaggeratedly turned on the continuous shooting mode.

On the TV, it started to play the highlights clips of Li Tiezhu’s match yesterday.

Narrator: “Li Tiezhu, a high school student from a poor background and only seventeen years old, opened the show with a great song like ‘A Diao’, a song of amazing talent and great love. Then, with a rock original “Sea and Sky”, he fully explained the noble sentiment and historical mission of the new generation of young people, who are actively involved in poverty alleviation and public welfare, without complaint or regret. Even more wonderful is the last song, “Chasing Dreams with Red Heart!”

The image of Li Tiezhu’s tanned and cracked face grimly hissing on the screen, the music sound was small.

Narrator: “This song, in the form of an animated MV, playfully and realistically depicts the heroic deeds of the martyrs of the Battle of the Peninsula Support Army, and perfectly expresses the hardship and greatness of the martyrs back then, while being close to trendy fun. The song is majestic and straight to the heart, not sung with fancy skills, but instead with sincere feelings and the most simple shouts, the fearless spirit of the heroes, sung into …… everyone’s heart.”

I le turtle son, bull batch not?

Li Laohan wiped his tears. Although he does not understand what music, also do not know what is called fearless spirit, but he knows what is called “news broadcast”.

Auntie Liu looked at Li Laohan’s eyes, glittering.

However, this is not the end.

The scene shifted to a white-haired old gentleman sitting in a rattan chair with walnuts on his plate, his face furious.

Narrator: “Regarding the singing standard and artistic value of Pursuing Dreams with Red Heart, we have specially interviewed Admiral Zhao Tianhua, the Honorary President of the Chinese Composers’ Association, senior composer of the Chinese Military Orchestra, and a former singing artist of the Supporting Army Civilian Workers’ Troupe.”

Elder Zhao shook his head slightly, “The greatest contribution of Pursuing Dreams and Red Heart is the salute to history and heroes. Secondly, it is the creation of a new style of great ingenuity, not pursuing the so-called singing skills and techniques, and moving with the heart. What’s more, it shows with its attitude that rock is not only decadent, rebellious and accusatory, but also hot-blooded and inspiring! In fact, I have listened to every song of Tie Zhu! He is a young man with great talent and loyalty and patriotism. I can’t help but wonder how such a brilliant contestant could be reduced to being eliminated. If music that inspires youngsters to remain true to their beginnings and eulogises heroes who see death as their home is not advanced music, then what is?”

Vernacular translation: ‘Teenagers’ and ‘Chasing Dreams with Red Heart’ are not advanced, but your family’s royal music is advanced?

This is already a half-named criticism, close to saying shout out the name of Yehnela, and CCTV unreservedly and uncut directly broadcast it, the official position will be quite obvious.

You think that’s the end of it?

The screen turned back to the studio, and the female host said, “Next, let’s briefly enjoy the song that sang and cried to hundreds of millions of nationals – ‘Pursuing Dreams with a Red Heart’ – and in the meantime, look back at the historic scene of the hero’s return to the country five days ago.”

Then, surprisingly, the video of The Voice competition was released, although it was only a small clip.

“We are Eastern Airlines Flight 056, transporting the remains of support army fighters to Liaoyang.”

“Welcome to the return of the Support Army’s loyal martyrs, two of our fighters have been ordered to escort you throughout the journey.”

Li Tiezhu’s song came through:

Run forward.

Facing the cold eyes and ridicule

How can you feel the vastness of life without suffering?


Instead of living, let’s burn.

For the good in your heart

Until we grow old

This is a re-edited version from CCTV, which is just over a minute long, but that’s long enough to be a luxury for Newslink.

The reports on Li Tiezhu add up to a full six minutes, the very same six extra minutes in this issue.

Originally, Li Tiezhu’s song has moved many old heroes of the support army, it was originally scheduled to be on the “news broadcast” today, expected to be less than a minute, but then heard that Li Tiezhu refused the “hot interview” interview, the station temporarily decided to add additional time length.

Li Tiezhu also, therefore, was plated with a diamond body!