The Rockstar Chapter 134

The silence in Monolith Music’s plush conference room was terrifying.

Yehnela, who was “criticised by name”, was sweating coldly, although it was only the old spitfire Zhao Tianhua who criticised him, but after all, CCTV had broadcast it! What does this mean? Not to say blocked, at least she must come up with an attitude.

On the other side, Wang Feng lit his cigar again, I really had the foresight, otherwise even I would have to suffer.

That woman is so fucking stupid!

The rest of the shareholders gnashed their teeth, but they can only be impotent and furious, Li Tiezhu can t be moved. Whoever hacks him at this time is the same as hitting the face of the official media, it is the old man who drank arsenic and hanged himself.

“How is this? Rotten! In our Xiangjiang, back in the day, it was all about capital ……”

The southerner asked.

Wang Feng, who had invested most of his fortune, couldn’t help but burst out, “I’ll go to your father’s capital, is the Governor of Hong Kong your real father? The Queen of England is not your own master? And also fucking capital said. Have you ever had a hard time?”

Southie: “……”

Wang Feng gulped down clouds, “Also, this is Kyoto! It’s China! And, your fucking Xiangjiang is also China’s now. Have you grown any brains?”

Confederate: “You’re yelling at Sammo! Isn’t the entertainment industry in Hong Kong in decline now.”

Wang Feng disliked: “Don’t you know why it’s gone?”

Nanfang: “Say something… ……”

Another shareholder said, “This thing can only be tolerated! Li Tiezhu wants to be in the top ten in the top ten, to be in the top five in the top five, to win the championship ……”

Wang Feng: “If he has enough votes, let’s admit it, the Kyushu side will not give the quota is.”

The shareholder nodded: “That’s what I mean, this way we have the least amount of losses.”

The Southerner didn’t say anything, although he was not happy in his heart.

Yehenara’s face twisted, “If we shrink this time, will we still be in the circle in the future? Penguin and Kyushu will just step on our heads!”

Wang Feng said, “So what? The most important thing now is not who is stepping on our heads, not whether we mix well or not, but, do we still have a chance to mix alive? You’re spilling your guts here now? Who the hell let you propose to eliminate Li Tiezhu in the first place? This kind of person …… is insane!”

Yehnela was speechless.

The end is clear, boulder music can only choose to hold back, otherwise it is to burst and die.


Newslink is over.

Xiao Zhen sat in the sofa and crossed his legs, with a smug look on his face. He was transmitting the video he had just shot of Li Tiezhu on News Continuous to Jieyin, with a text:

Brother, you’re on TV! Real name envy! @LiTieZhu

Dabble when you can, it’s healthier to dabble!

He Jiuzhou, the big boss of Jiuzhou Music, staggered for a good half a day before he came back to his senses and looked at Xiao Zhen: ”Kid can ah! If you do not persuade me, I also with those two families together, only afraid of the next they have to be ruthless out of some blood. How do you know Li Tiezhu on CCTV?”

Xiao Zhen: “Luck, a network platform asked me to help Li Tiezhu to do an interview, I sent him a message, he returned to me: I even “Hot Interview” reporter have driven away, but also take a small platform interview? He this person will not lie, and I got someone to ask the security guard of his flat to confirm that there really is a CCTV reporter came. Hey ……”

“Does he have a hole in his brain? Refusing The Hot Interview …… Oh, right! How could he refuse? Just casually pretending to be a bully, right?”

“Of course. Who would turn down The Hot Interview? I just didn’t realise that he was even on News Link.”

He Jiuzhou nodded and added: “Recently, the company has a drama called ‘The Magic Road’, the initial investment is 200 million, now, the investment is another 50 million, you go to act as the male first. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t acted before, just learn. By the way, the Li Tiezhu invited to casually act some what, write some songs, the price …… to high to give. He this line, you have to catch dead, you and he rumoured male to male gossip does not matter.”

Xiao Zhen was so excited that he blushed, “He, he, he …… although he bullied me, but it is all in the past, at the beginning I was afraid of him, and then I used him, now I really want to make friends with him, that is, I reckon that he can’t see it. Anyway, godfather, I now really want to wash my heart, before is in order to get to the top have no choice, do everything, but now …… I want to be a good idol.”

He Jiuzhou looked disgusted: “Damn which idol is clean ……”

“Welcome to this issue of hot interview, originally this issue we are going to interview Li Tiezhu who sings ‘Chasing Dreams Red Heart’.”

The TV, which was not switched off, suddenly interrupted He Jiuzhou’s words as the host Hou Feng said:

“But …… Li Tiezhu refused our interview.”

He Jiuzhou and Xiao Zhen froze, and really fucking refused ah? And, having been rejected, the host made a point of saying it? What the hell!

The screen turned, it was Li Tiezhu cleaning up his breakfast at home, he was holding the leftover food and napkins from breakfast, his expression was extraordinarily serious:

“Just because I sang a song for the heroes? One song? Isn’t that what it’s supposed to be? What’s so praiseworthy …… I can’t understand why you guys are interviewing me! You went to cover the war! You go and find and interview those heroes! I don’t know what you’re talking about.

“The current generation of young people is not a beatnik generation, and do not need you so deliberately to force instilled, ear to ear, as long as the country and the nation need, I and my peers, absolutely the first to come forward, liver and brain!”

These words, so that the television set in front of the teenagers forced to watch the news broadcast with their dad’s blood surging:

We are not the Beat Generation!!!!

Li Tiezhu saw this scene but a look of said dog’s expression, central mother you are really slut, this is considered a sneak peek it ……

Li Tiezhu is very short, the screen time is only more than half a minute.

Cut back to the programme site, hostess Lao Qiuyan said: “Good sentence you go to find and interview those heroes ah! What a good sentence The current young people are not a beatnik generation!”

Hou Feng continued, “Just like the eighties back then, they were also called the Beat Generation, but in the year zero-eight they proved themselves with their bloodshed, every generation of rabbits is good!”

Lao Qiuyan said, “Yes, just as what Li Tiezhu did and said in general! Every generation of Chinese youth is a proud generation, and this programme, will bring us the generation of youth we are most proud of. Let’s take a look at how the young people of more than sixty years ago, practised their fervour and loyalty ……”

The programme continues as the veterans take viewers back to the Peninsula sixty years ago, smiling in the sand after a hundred battles! Crossing swords Middy you bite me!

While Li Tiezhu in front of the TV was thinking about a question:

“Cat ah! You say …… do an animation of more than ten episodes? How much does it cost? Is ten million enough?”

Leng Ba was clipping Li Tiezhu’s fingernails, and raised her head curiously at the words with a smile, “Animation? You want to make a rabbit animation? I guess it’ll almost work!”

Li Tiezhu nodded, anyway, not trying to make money, the whole network is free to broadcast.

In fact, the two people alone quite also simple, in addition to Li Tiezhu drunk that time …… nest, the rest of the time, Li Tiezhu did not out of the ordinary actions, but the cat is more aggressive.


After watching the Hot Interview, He Jiuzhou shrewdly said, “Be a good idol with Li Tiezhu? This can have …… since it is a good idol, then the two new hometowns of Li Tiezhu signed by our company, you bring them along, right?”

Xiao Zhen: “Of course!”

It is true that Li Tiezhu is a man of the world! There is a mess with Li Tiezhu forcing himself to be a brother!