The Rockstar Chapter 135

That night, Li Tiezhu once again bought a midnight discount ticket back to Shudu, the cat drove him to the airport, by the way, caught off guard shallow Grams Guldbay, Li Tiezhu red-faced dizzy boarded the plane, reminiscing.

He once again recalled the first time he ate popsicles that sunny spring, oh no summer.

[Persian cat domestication 23%]

“Li Tiezhu?”

The plane had already taken off, and a slightly hoarse voice rang out.

The beautiful reminiscence was interrupted, Li Tiezhu twisted his head to look, the night flight had very few passengers, sitting sparsely. On the left hand side, a round-faced man in his thirties greeted him.

Li Tiezhu nodded politely, “Ah! Hello.”

The man smiled and moved over to sit next to Li Tiezhu: “It’s really you! The animation of “Pursuing Dreams and Red Heart” has some ideas, and it’s also touching. The animation is done roughly, a lot of action design and sub-scenes have problems. Of course, I know that time is limited, overall very good.”

This is a Xichuan Lu city people, and Li Tiezhu’s hometown neighbouring, unique accent.

Li Tiezhu felt that this uncle was a bit enthusiastic, could it be a famous fan? He thought about it and said, “Thank you ha, or …… I will give you an autograph?”


“You don’t have a pen and paper? Doesn’t matter, I have a workbook.”


Swish swish swish ……


“Thanks, I’ll sign it for you too! Courtesy.”


Swish Swish Swish ……


“Dumpling Keli? Ha, uncle your screen name? It’s still a bit good.”

“Shout brother …… count request, I am almost twenty years older than you, shout uncle can also. This is sort of my screen name, but also a stage name.”

Li Tiezhu immediately solemn respect: “Uncle you are a singer or actor?”

Dumpling Keli: “I am a director, animation director. Have you seen ‘Playing Watermelon’? I did.”

“Oh! Qin Tao showed it to me, it’s on my mobile phone, it’s nice, it’s nice …… Hello hello hello, I’m sorry, I’ll even sign it for you, haha, sorry ……”

“Mo have things, I did not know you before, “Chasing Dreams Red Heart” in the animation circle fire up, I just know you, otherwise I can not recognise you.”

The two chatted, mainly about the song and animation problems.

Especially, Dumpling Kelley learned that Li Tiezhu wanted to make the rabbit into an animation and play it for free on the whole network, and he talked about it more intensely:

“Can can, quite can! You are smashing money yourself.”

“Is 10 million enough?”

“Enough, totally enough. I’m the one who took care of ‘Playing Watermelon’, the cost is very low, 10 million is more than enough for you. Hey, do you have that much money? You’ve only been popular for a long time?”

“Not for a while, but there’s a game soundtrack that gives quite a lot of money. Getting it is enough.”

“That’s fine, ten million could be enough to just fuck an animated film!”

“It costs a lot to make animated films, right?”

“There are high and low, a lower eighteen million can be done, a higher several hundred million, like the new film I’m preparing, it costs almost a hundred million. It’s already a blockbuster.”

“Ah, you’re awesome. When will it be released? I’ll go and support it then.”

“At least three more years.”

“That long?”

“Animated films aren’t like live-action films, they take time and effort. If you’re doing that rabbit, be prepared for it to not be easy.”

After chatting for a while more, for fear of disturbing the resting passengers, the two didn’t talk anymore, after all, …… there aren’t many common topics.

Li Tiezhu closed his eyes and rested his mind.

Returning to Shudu again has some feelings, and it is about the wonderful transformation of his own destiny.

In fact, Li Tiezhu has always been very sober, he is not a songwriting genius, he is just a “plagiarist”, the only difference is that he copied the works of another world, no one can hold him responsible.

However, Li Tiezhu’s heart was always burdened with shame and emptiness, so he took the money he earned and donated it. It looks like a fool to outsiders, and there are people who say he is pretending, but in the final analysis, it is the heart is uneasy and ashamed.

Until the song “A Diao”, set up an education fund for the girl, Li Tiezhu finally peace of mind.

His not so smart little brain, suddenly opened up.

I am a porter of another world’s excellent works, to bring that world’s works of art to this world’s people to enjoy, and use the money earned to do more meaningful things for the people of this world, in fact, is not ashamed.

Li Tiezhu open-minded, so there is a more bold idea …… to make a film.

“Uncle, uncle.”


“I want to make a film, I mean make ‘That Year That Rabbit Those Things’ into an animated film, and then set up a veterans’ fund, and all the box office will be put in the fund to help veterans in trouble.”

Dumpling Keli stared at Li Tiezhu for a long time, then firmly shook his head.

Li Tiezhu frowned: “Ah? Not enough money? Then …… eighteen million?”

Dumpling Keli still shook his head.

Li Tiezhu thought about it, “Then I’ll make more.”

“Hajir!” Dumpling Keli finally couldn’t hold back, “I didn’t believe them when they said you were naive, but now it looks like you are really naive! This fucking is not a question of money or not money, you Maos head (in the outhouse) to play a torch …… looking for death shivering?”

“An? I’m positive ah, and not to make money, not a cent.”

“Tsk! You’re working on a public service film by yourself, you think you’re Han Hong ah? Even if she’s so high up, she’s been hacked so badly, what’s the reason? Have you thought about it?”

“Just can’t figure it out, what’s wrong with those people?”

“You’re the ones with the problem! Forget it, you can’t figure it out anyway, let me be clear with you. If you want to do this, you can, but you can’t do it alone, you have to invite all the stars you know and don’t know to do it together. What the screenwriter, director, producer, producer, editing, art director, ah, all give them the name, and dubbing, soundtrack, songs, etc., all invited them to come. I’m telling you, it won’t cost you a cent, except for those who can’t get away, most of them have to come. You know what I mean? This is called …… not eat the whole fish.”

“Ah? Will this be too much trouble for them?”

“You want to piss me off? You alone to engage in a film, the box office to do funds, merit, other stars are making money to walk, a comparison, people do not day trick you doggone strange! You this does not make money, but earn a reputation, this must be shared. Understand?”

Li Tiezhu suddenly realised: “You say, I suddenly know why so many people black Han Hong aunt.”

Dumpling Keli: “I’ll invest two million, hang a screenwriter’s name, you write the story, I’ll touch up and adjust the professional mistakes for you.”


“I don’t care about other things haha, I’m busy over there too. If there’s anything you don’t understand, feel free to call.”

“Okay! Then I’ll turn around and start preparing.”

“Right, the director can hire a professional, you don’t care about the technical things, but you must be titled. This way, no matter if it’s a project or recruiting stars, it’s good to move forward.”

Li Tiezhu found that although Uncle Dumpling Keli was ugly, his heart was quite good.

He wants to be titled, of course, is not a figure of light, but to give Li Tiezhu support, with him as a big man in the industry titled, I think the project will be much easier.